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Data Contour

You can select a Data Contour with the dropdown menu data contour on the Legend pane. The available Data Contour options are determined by the chosen Result Type, as listed in this topic below. Note that:

  1. You can visualize the contour of a plane by creating a Contour Plane with the Show Data on Plane b_contour plane_XZ options from the Interpret menu.
  2. All Data Contour results can be plotted and exported. Select the Graph Data b_graph data option or the Graph Data (Multiple Panes) b_graph multiple panes option from the Interpret menu, the selected Data Contour of the Result Type will be plotted in a new tab. To further customize the chart, see the Chart Options topic for details.

The Solids Data Contours are the most common ones, including principal stresses, displacements, strength factor, strain, and etc., as listed below. They are available after a RS3 stress analysis.


  • Solid Effective Stress
    • Sigma 1 Effective
    • Sigma 2 Effective
    • Sigma 3 Effective
    • Mean Stress Effective
    • Von Mises Stress Effective
    • Sigma XX Effective
    • Sigma YY Effective
    • Sigma ZZ Effective
    • Sigma YZ Effective
    • Sigma XZ Effective
    • Sigma XY Effective
  • Solid Total Stress
    • Sigma 1 Total
    • Sigma 2 Total
    • Sigma 3 Total
    • Mean Stress Total
    • Sigma XX Total
    • Sigma YY Total
    • Sigma ZZ Total
  • Yielded Elements
  • Solid Displacement
    • X Displacement
    • Y Displacement
    • Z Displacement
    • Total Displacement
  • Strength Factor
  • Solid Strain
    • Volumetric Strain
    • Max Shear Strain
    • Major Principal Strain
    • Mean Principal Strain
    • Minor Principal Strain
    • Strain XX
    • Strain YY
    • Strain ZZ
    • Strain YZ
    • Strain XZ
    • Strain XY
  • Seepage
    • Excess Pore Water Pressure
    • Total Pore Water Pressure
    • Pressure Head
    • Total Head
    • X Discharge Velocity
    • Y Discharge Velocity
    • Z Discharge Velocity
    • Total Discharge Velocity
    • X Hydraulic Gradient
    • Y Hydraulic Gradient
    • Z Hydraulic Gradient
    • Total Hydraulic Gradient


    • Axial Force
    • Axial Stress
    • Bolt X Displacement
    • Bolt Y Displacement
    • Bolt Z Displacement
    • Bolt Total Displacement
    • X Displacement
    • Y Displacement
    • Z Displacement
    • Total Displacement
    • Interface Shear Force

    See the Bolt Results Overview topic for more details.

    Beams & Piles

    • Beam X Displacement
    • Beam Y Displacement
    • Beam Z Displacement
    • Beam Total Displacement
    • Axial Force
    • Shear Force (Min Axis)
    • Shear Force (Max Axis)
    • Moment (Min Axis)
    • Moment (Max Axis)
    • X Displacement
    • Y Displacement
    • Z Displacement
    • Total Displacement
    • Interface Shear Force
    • Interface Normal Force (Min Axis)
    • Interface Normal Force (Max Axis)
    • Confining Stress


    • X Displacement
    • Y Displacement
    • Z Displacement
    • Total Displacement
    • Normal Displacement
    • Axial Force X
    • Axial Force Y
    • Axial Force Z
    • Shear Force YZ
    • Shear Force XZ
    • Shear Force XY
    • Moment X
    • Moment Y
    • Moment Z
    • Moment YZ
    • Moment XZ
    • Moment XY

    For liners, the global or local (if defined) coordinate frame can be selected. See the Liner Contour Results topic for more details about liner results.

    Interfaces & Joints

    • Relative X Displacement
    • Relative Y Displacement
    • Relative Z Displacement
    • Relative Normal Displacement
    • Relative Shear Displacement
    • Normal Stress
    • Shear Stress
    • Plastic Strain


    • Force X
    • Force Y
    • Force Z
    • Total Force
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