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Academic Bundle

Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers. As a company born out of a University, we take it upon ourselves to create opportunities that will help in the growth and development of the student engineering community.

The Rocscience Academic Bundle has been created with the needs of Educational Institutes, Professors, and the Students in mind. The Bundle includes all 18 full version programs in a single pack – priced at a fraction of the commercial cost.

The Benefits

Price Advantage
Pay just $1,000/year for all 18 software.
Unlimited number of users
At no additional cost
Course advantage
Save up to 50% on all Rocscience courses.

What's Included in the Bundle?

  • 18 Rocscience Software
  • Commercial version licenses
  • Access to all latest features


Who can subscribe?

Any accredited university or institution offering geotechnical courses and agreeing to provide a secure environment for the software and to use the software only for educational purposes.

Subscription Options

Educational Institutes can choose from the following two subscription options:

1-year subscription

5-year subscription

Save 20% on the total cost of the bundle.

How do I subscribe to the Academic Bundle?

If you are interested in subscribing to the Academic Bundle, please fill in the form below:

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The Rocscience Academic Bundle subscription runs on one of two subscription periods:

  • January 1st – December 31st
  • July 1st – June 30th

Depending on the school term, you can choose from one of the above-mentioned periods. However, should you subscribe after the start-date or your preferred period, the first year will keep its finite expiry date. We do not offer pro-rated subscription periods.

Every Rocscience Academic Bundle subscription comes with 19 complimentary Education Individual Licenses (EILs) to graduate students/faculty members. After 19, an administrative fee of $500 will be charged for a set of 50 EILs or $1000 for a set of 100 EILs.

The Rocscience Academic Bundle subscription can be renewed at the end of the Academic Year for another 1 year or 5 years.

If the subscription to the Rocscience Academic Bundle is not renewed in time, the license expires, and the instructors and students will no longer be able to continue using the Rocscience software.

No. The Rocscience Academic Bundle subscription renewals are for a minimum of 12 months. We do not offer pro-rated subscription periods.

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