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RocNews is our monthly newsletter that provides you with content focused on the topics that matter to you in your everyday life as an engineer. The information is designed to help you navigate routine challenges through geotechnical analysis and keep you up to date with our latest software, features releases, upcoming courses, webinars and events.

What you will receive

Case Studies

Our case studies highlight examples of how engineers are using Rocscience software for their real-world projects. These case studies include topics such as slope stability analysis, excavations and tunnel design to name a few, helping you understand more about how Rocscience software can be used to model and analyze your geotechnical projects.


Keeping you up to date with new software launches and their latest features, these articles cover how our line of geotechnical tools is continuously adding new functionalities and integrations that can help improve your analyses throughout the lifecycle of your projects.


As a part of RocNews, you will also receive occasional invitations to our events. To further expand our efforts towards helping you learn Rocscience Software, we regularly host webinars and courses through which our engineering experts showcase how our suite of software can be used for your daily analyses.

Content from previous issues

Have a look below to see what was covered in the last quarter of RocNews.

January 2023

Slide3's New Search Surface Type and Fast Weak Layer Algorithm

Get the most out of your Piezometric Data with RS3's New SYSDAM Data Import

RS3's 3D Finite Element Modeling at the Sugar Lake Dam

EV's: Driving Demand for Lithium

December 2022

Rocscience International Conference 2023

Rocscience's 2022 Year in Review

November 2022

RSLog now integrates with Slide2 and Settle3

Christmas is Coming Early for RocFall2 and RocFall3 users

Settle3 is set to unveil new features New Features and Enhanced User Experience

Slope Stability Analysis of an Open Pit with Weak Layers, Using RS3 and Slide3

October 2022

Improved Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Piles in RSPile


September 2022

Shear Strength Reduction Analysis - the Gift that Keeps Giving

Finite Element Analysis in Verifying Stability of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel

Izmir Metro Tunnel: How Geological Factors Can Impact Your Tunnel Construction

Offline Data Entry in RSLog

August 2022

Introducing Thermal Module in RS2

Settle3's New Section Designer

Growing our Slide2 Manufacturer Library with Synteen Geogrids

Slope Stability Analysis using Finite Element Method: Key Takeaways from an Open Pit Mine Design

July 2022

Slide2 and RS2: The Ultimate Slope Stability Analysis Verification Tool

Why Should You Consider Probabilistic Analysis with Spatial Variability

How Geotech’s can overcome time crunch: UAV Photogrammetry and 3D LEM Analysis

Settle3 Tutorial - Multiple Load Import

June 2022

Who Said Elastic Models are not Useful?

Pile Capacity Table Generator – A new feature in RSPile

Methodological Aspects of 3D Numerical Analysis on Cavern Complex in Difficult Conditions

Tunnel Designer in RS3 | Feature Highlight

May 2022

3D Finite Element Analysis of a Deep Excavation & Ground Response Evaluation

On the comparison of 2D and 3D stability analyses of an anisotropic slope

Design Challenges, Disasters and Lessons in Rock Engineering

The new Terrain Generator in RocFall3

April 2022

The Definitive Guide to Rocscience's Geotechnical Software Integrations

'Open Secrets' Advantages of the Shear Strength Reduction Approach in Slope Stability Analysis

Introducing RocFall3 - Features and Applications

Using Slide3 to analyse the stability of an old Welsh coal tip

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