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Excavation Design

Virtually any type of underground or surface excavation can be modeled using Rocscience software, including excavations in civil, geotechnical, and mining applications. Our suite of software for excavation design analyzes stress, stability, and groundwater flow, and can design and model excavation supports – all in either soil or rock.

RS2 is used for the analysis and design of excavations and tunnels in soil and rock. Multi-stage analysis and advanced support design tools simplify the design of excavation support systems

RS3 is a general-purpose 3D finite element program for civil and mining applications and can be used to model surface and underground excavations in both soil and rock.

RocSupport is used for estimating deformation in circular or near circular excavations in weak rock and visualization of the tunnel interaction with various support systems.

EX3 is a 3D boundary element stress analysis program that is used for the stress analysis of tunnels, mine excavations, caverns, and other underground structures.

UnWedge is used to determine the stability of rock wedges formed by the intersection of structural discontinuities with underground tunnels, excavations and caverns.

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