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Support Policy

Technical Support is intended to provide our customers help with use of the supported versions of our software. The supported version of each program is the currently distributed version as noted in the table below. When a new version is released, support for the most recent previous version is only offered for a period of six months. If you want to continue to receive support after the six-month period, you must upgrade your license to the current version and purchase a subscription to our annual Maintenance Plan.

For programs that have the option of annual maintenance, you must be a current subscriber to the Rocscience Maintenance Plan to receive email or phone Technical Support. Please see the Maintenance Plan page for details on this subscription.

Note on Confidentiality: It is often necessary for customers to send their models to us in order to receive support. Be assured that Rocscience does not share customer models without permission.

What’s Covered Under

Technical Support

  • Installation
  • Questions pertaining to the use of the program
    • Program features
    • Modeling questions specific to the program
    • Program capabilities / functionality

What’s NOT Covered

Under Technical Support

  • Questions regarding the use of third-party software
  • Explanations on the principles underlying geotechnical analysis, design, and engineering
  • Project-specific modeling
  • Determination of material properties or other input parameters
  • Results interpretation

For queries that fall outside the scope of our Technical Support, we offer Rocscience Expert Modeling as part of our Professional Development programs. Please contact for further details.

Supported Versions

Supported Versions

Program Release Date
CPillar v4.0 September 2015
Dips v7.0 February 2016
Examine v4.0
RocData v5.0 July 2014
RocFall 2019 September 2018
RocPlane v3.0 March 2014
RocSupport v4.0 January 2015
RocTopple v1.0 February 2013
RSPile 2018 April 2018
RS2 2019 December 2018
RS3 v2.0 January 2017
Settle v4.0 November 2016
Slide2 2018 March 2018
Slide3 2019 February 2019
SWedge v6.0 March 2014
UnWedge v4.0 January 2015