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Support Policy

Technical Support is intended to provide our customers with help with the use of the supported versions of our software. The supported version of each program is the currently distributed version as noted on the Program Downloads page. You must be a current subscriber of Maintenance+ to receive Technical Support over email. Please see the Maintenance+ page for details on this subscription.

Note on Confidentiality: It is often necessary for customers to send their models to us in order to receive support. Be assured that Rocscience does not share customer models without permission.

Note on Turnaround Time: At Rocscience we strive to get a response to you within 24 hours. However, this is not a guarantee as turnaround time does depend on model complexity, query complexity, and overall technical support load.

What’s Covered Under

Technical Support

  • Installation
  • Questions pertaining to the use of the program, including:
    • Program features.
      • Example: Can program X be used to model Y?
    • Modeling questions specific to the program.
      • Example: Which option should I use to model a specific type of support / GW boundary / boundary condition / etc. in X?
      • Example: Is what I have modeled in X sufficient to capture Y phenomenon?
    • Program capabilities / functionality.
      • Example: How can X be used to model Y?
      • Example: Can I get Y result out of X?

What’s NOT Covered

Under Technical Support

Geotechnical analysis requires detailed knowledge of a given project and its geometry, material properties, site history, etc. Technical Support can help you solve problems you may face in the creation or analysis of a model, but it cannot be used to help you make critical design-related decisions. Below are examples of items that are outside the scope of Technical Support:

  • Questions regarding the use of third-party software.
  • Explanations on the principles underlying geotechnical analysis, design, and engineering.
  • Explanations on the principles underlying finite element analysis.
    • We can't comment on the suitability of a mesh or how to determine the appropriate mesh for your particular project.
  • Project-specific modeling.
    • We can't modify your model based on diagrams / schematics that you send us.
    • We can't modify a file to represent a described construction sequence.
    • We can't "approve" your model or its components.
  • Determination of material properties or other input parameters.
    • We can't suggest or recommend material properties or constitutive models for your model based on information you send us.
    • We can't approve a material model choice for your project.
  • Results interpretation.
    • We can't tell you if, for example, 1.24 is a realistic factor of safety for your Slide2 model. We can check if the program is functioning as expected. Program results may not be as expected if there are issues with the input data, so it is not possible for us to comment on whether or not a particular result is reasonable or realistic.

For queries that fall outside the scope of our Technical Support, we offer Rocscience Expert Modeling as part of our Professional Development programs. Please contact for further details.

Appending a Model

to Your Technical Support Query

If you DO have Maintenance+

If you send us a model and you have an active Maintenance+ subscription, we may send a revised model back, depending on the question. Any model(s) we send back will conform to our technical support policy.

Note that we have found that in some cases customers require detailed assistance that goes beyond what is covered under our technical support policy. In these situations, the customer typically needs to send us several consecutive emails asking about different aspects of the same model. Technical Support is intended to provide limited guidance on the modeling of a particular problem in one of our programs, and is not intended to provide assistance in the progressive building or refining of a project-specific model. For customers requiring this level of support, we offer Rocscience Expert Modeling at an hourly fee (minimum number of hours applies).

If you do NOT have Maintenance+

Without Maintenance+, technical support is available ONLY through the online help resources. If you send us a file with a bug report, we will investigate and let you know the result.

Phone Technical Support

Technical support over the phone is intended to be for questions pertaining to program features or capabilities, or to supplement a response previously provided via email. Phone technical support is not meant to be a primary method of technical support.

Note that phone technical support does not include a fresh viewing of a model over the phone - to make a call effective we need to have sufficient time to review any relevant models.

Technical Support

for Academic Bundle

Masters/PhD students submitting technical support questions must include, in their email, comments from their supervisor. The supervisor must also be cc'd on the support email. To expedite support, please also include your technical support information. Emails without this information will receive a response requesting it. The tech support info can be accessed by selecting Help > Technical Support in the program you’re using. Copy the information in the Tech Support dialog, and paste it into your email.

Please keep in mind that commercial customers with an active Maintenance+ subscription have priority with regards to technical support. As such, we cannot guarantee a response within a specific time-frame.