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Advanced Bolt Selection

Advanced Selection is a feature to address difficulties in tracking down the bolt information and manually selecting the bolts that are of interest; and even assist in efficient data retrieval. This can be accessed by selecting any Bolt Result entity and clicking the Advanced Selection button under Properties pane. This feature is also accessible from Interpret>Advanced Bolt Selection.

The Advanced Selection tab appears with a table that shows a list of all bolts in the model with the location of bolt head, the name of assigned material properties, installation and removal stage, and bolt type. Based on these items, users can control bolt result visualization and conduct data analysis on bolt behaviour through selecting/filtering the bolt result entities in forms of manual selection or conditional statements.

Sorting, Grouping, Choosing, and Fitting

Advanced Selection table can be edited in many ways. By right clicking on a column users can sort, group, hide/unhide columns, and fit the columns by the length of text. Sorting can be used to sort by ascending or descending order and also be cleared by again right clicking a selecting Clear Sorting.

Grouping refers to categorization of bolt data within the table generated under Advanced Selection tab. It can be done by Group By This Column function or drag-and-dropping the column after enabling Show Group Panel. To remove a grouping click Show Panel and remove all columns. The group panel can be hidden by right clicking and selecting Hide Group Panel.


Certain columns can be hidden through the Column Chooser. Right click on a column and select Show Column Chooser. A Column Chooser dialog box will appear. To hide columns, uncheck the tick boxes to the left of the column items.

Column Chooser

The spacing of the columns can be controlled manually by hovering of the edge of a column. By right clicking on a column users can choose to Best Fit a certain column or to Best Fit (all columns)


A filter icon filter icon appears from hovering over a column title. Clicking the icon provides users basic filtering conditions. There are two basic forms of filter: Filter Values and Filter Rules. To create more advanced filtering conditions the Filter Editor can be used. Previously applied filters can also be found from Filter History.

Filter Values


Filter Values allows users to select specific bolt result entities paired with the data entered under that column. It can be done by typing in the search box or scrolling from the ordered list. To clear the filter, click clear filter button Clear Filter.


Filter Rules option has a range of operators to choose from depending on the type of data (numerical or non-numerical) stored under the chosen column. Filtering is applied that satisfies a rule defined by an operator and operand. For example, one can create a filter rule to show the bolt result data for those bolts with x coordinate location equal to 0.

Filter Rules


To open the Filter Editor, right click on a column and select the Filter Editor icon filter editor icon. With respect to the selected Boolean expression, wherein And is set as a default, different forms of conditions can be added to filter the bolt result entities. Conditions can be added by clicking the drop down beside the add condition button. It provides options to Add Condition, Add Group, or Add Custom Expression. The simplest form of condition is formed by a line of conditional statement, which can be generated by Add Condition or simply clicking the add condition button. To define the Condition:

  • Select the Column Name (e.g., Installation Stage) to query
  • Select the Operator (e.g., Is less than)
  • Select the Operand (e.g., 1)
If no more than one line of condition is added, the Boolean expression casts no impact to the filter.

Add Group function provides an option to form a group of several conditional statements satisfied by a Boolean expression.

Add Custom Expression function provides a more flexible option to generate a conditional statement, which allows to add mathematical functions and constants to the conditional statement. Clicking the Enter Expression box will navigate the user to Expression Editor dialog, where the user can type the equations or construct one from the tabs available.

Let us create an example to only filter bolts with an installation stage equal to 1 and an x coordinate either between 0 to 3 or 6 to 10.

  1. Clear all filters such that only a red And box is shown
  2. Select the upside-down triangle, click on Add Group, set Group = Or clicking on the red box
  3. Beside the red And box select the upside-down triangle, click on Add Custom Expression
    1. Click on the Enter Expression box and write the following “[Installation Stage] = 1”
    2. Click OK
  4. Beside the red Or box select the upside-down triangle, click on Add Condition
    1. Click the orange box and set the column to X
    2. Click the blue box and set the operator to Is between
    3. Click the first green box and set the first constant to 0, set the second constant to 3
  5. Beside the red Or box select the upside-down triangle, click on Add Condition
    1. Click the orange box and set the column to X
    2. Click the blue box and set the operator to Is between
    3. Click the first green box and set the first constant to 6, set the second constant to 10
  6. Click the Apply button

Filter Editor


To return to a previous executed filter condition, click on the Filter History button Filter History. This will display any previously run filters and can be reselected by clicking on them.

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