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Plans & Pricing

Choosing your software is just the first step of the process. Now it’s time to choose a license that meets your needs: Use this guide to help you understand your software usage needs and the plan type that’s right for you.

Usage: Personal

or Flexible

We offer two usage options for customers, the Personal license or the Flexible license. You’ll know which option is right for you based on the size of your business and the number of users that will need to have access to the software.

Software Usage Comparison

The Personal license is the best choice for a small office where your software needs to be used on only one computer. The Personal license is node-locked and can be installed on just one device, and cannot be accessed through a remote desktop connection.

The Flexible license is best for a larger office or for companies that have multiple users sharing software licensing through their server. The software can be installed on any number of computers and the number of concurrent users is respective to the number of licenses purchased. The users access the license file on the server, but the software runs from the user’s computer.

Personal Flexible
Best for small offices
Install software on one computer
Best for larger companies
Install software on a server
Allow access for multiple users

Remote Access

If you often connect to your computer remotely, please note:

  • Personal licenses cannot be accessed remotely.
  • Flexible licenses which are server-based can be accessed remotely.
  • Flexible licenses which are hardlock-based cannot be accessed remotely.

Plans: Annual Lease

or Perpetual

To own or to lease? The question is for more than just cars. We’re happy to offer both Perpetual and Lease plans for your software. Learn more about the differences and benefits of each plan while you sort out which one is right for you.

Software Plans Comparison

Perpetual is our most popular plan: it’s the one we’ve offered since the very first software we ever sold. With Perpetual, you’ll purchase your software outright and you’ll own that version of your license in perpetuity, even if you stop subscribing to Maintenance+. To keep your software up to date with continuous new features and with technical support, we highly recommend pairing your Perpetual plan with Maintenance+ to get the most value out of your investment. All new Perpetual licenses include the first year of Maintenance+.

When you Lease your software, you're subscribing to use the software on an annual basis. You’ll have full access to the software, technical support, and continuous new features, all for much less than the cost of a Perpetual license. However, once you stop paying for your lease, you won’t have access to the software anymore.

Perpetual Annual Lease
Annual Lease
Own your license in perpetuity
Get ongoing bug fixes & continuous new features
Maintenance+ subscription included:
  • Continuous new features added
  • Unlimited technical support

Maintenance+ subscription (included in 1st year) (included)
Anticipate what you’ll spend annually on your tools


With Maintenance+ you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re always working with the latest version of your software. That’s because with Maintenance+ Continuous Software you get access to all feature releases, enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes as soon as they’re available and without the need for upgrades. You’ll also have access to convenient License Services, the support of our experts, plus exclusive learning offerings to keep you ahead of the curve.

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