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Summary of Error Codes

When a safety factor cannot be calculated for a slip surface, Slide3 will write an error code to the output file, rather than a safety factor. These error codes are NEGATIVE numbers such as –101, -102, -103 etc. The figure below shows an example of some of the error codes you may encounter while running the analysis.

Error Codes Dialog
Error Codes Dialog

These error codes are displayed when you select Interpret > Show Error Codes.

The meaning of these error codes are summarized below.

Error Code



Factor of safety is out of valid range set by user.


Slip surface intersects through an infinite strength material.


Safety factor equation did not converge.


Surface intersects outside search limits.


Surface with reverse curvature.


Surface depth is not within the user-defined min/max values.


Concave failure surface. Only convex slip surfaces are allowed.


Weight of slipping mass is not within the user-defined min/max values.


Volume of slipping mass is not within the user-defined min/max values.


Columns fall outside of the search limits.


Too many failed attempts to create a valid surface. To see most common error types check Interpret>Show Error Codes.


One or more columns had base points that were not within the soil model.


Error in discretization - No active columns.


Error in discretization - Too few active columns.


Can not interpolate discrete strength function.


Surface elevation violates the user-defined cutoff(s).


Axis of symmetry is not passing through search limits.


Non-spherical Auto-Refine Search not supported. Change the Surface Type to Spheres in the Slip Surface.


None of the grid points in Auto Refine Search produced a valid slip surface. To see a list of error codes check Interpret > Show Error Codes.


Surface elevation below external geometry. You may try external geometry composite surface option.


Wedge persistence exceeding the user-defined limit.


Failed to form a valid wedge slip surface.


No search planes defined for multi-planar search.


Failure mass has invalid boundary columns.


Surface intersects outside search limits (gridpoint discretization)."); } break;


Surface does not intersect specified Intersects search limit."); } break;


Surface intersects outside search limits (edge of slip surface)."); } break;


Surface touches the edge of model limits."); } break;


Factor of Safety <= min iteration value. Could mean 0 Normal/Shear resistance along part of the slip surface.


Unable to compute factor of safety due to symmetric forces/moments cancelling out each other along X/Y axes.


Could not compute initial failure direction, possibly flat ground surface.


Computed lambda values outside the specified range in the advanced project settings.


Nonlinear equation solver failed to find a solution.


Failed to compute factor of safety.


Iteration of the intercolumn lambda value failed to find a solution.


Iteration of the failure direction failed to find a solution.


Failed to compute a shear force given a normal force.


Computing a negative factor of safety.


Too much tension, amount of tension exceeds the limit defined in the advanced options.


Iteration of Ky did not converge.


A column base angle exceeds the limit in the advanced project settings.


Surface Altering Optimization failed to converge.


Not enough memory available to perform the computation.


Failed to successfully extract external boundary polyline. This indicates likelihood of invalid computation


3D geology structure with zero volume detected.


Non-manifold 3D geology structure (open polyhedron) detected.


No valid slip surfaces generated to compute factor of safety. Check Interpret>Show Error Codes dialog for further details.


User aborted computation.


Unknown error

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