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In most cases clients require a copy of the geotechnical / environmental report once the project is completed. However, some clients who have their own boreholes database and GIS system ask for the complete dataset of boreholes to be handed over to them. RSLog has streamlined the transfer of project data between two RSLog accounts by Project Transfer feature.

Initiate a Project Transfer

In order to initiate a project transfer, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Projects page from the left navigation panel,
  2. Select desired project(s) from the list in the Current tab, by selecting the checkbox on the left of corresponding row(s),
  3. from the toolbar at the top of the table click on Transfer button,
  4. This will open a dialog box

Transfer Options

The following options are available in the Project Transfer dialog box:

  • Company Code of Destination RSLog Account: Each RSLog account has a unique Company Code. You need to contact the recipient RSLog account and ask for their Company Code.
  • Authorization: Please select this checkbox to authorize project transfer. By doing this you acknowledge that you have the authority to transfer a copy of boreholes data to the recipient RSLog account.
  • Transfer Data as Read-Only: If selected, the data will be transferred to the destination RSLog account in read-only i.e. they will not be able to edit data. If the destination account is in fact the owner of the project (e.g. a Department of Transportation) you may not want to transfer data in read-only format.
  • Lock Project Data in My Database: to prevent inconsistencies between the source copy (yours) of data with the transferred copy, you can lock this project in your database.
  • Notes: add any additional information such as contract ID, reason for transfer, etc as required.

When the form is filled, click on OK button to initiate project transfer.

Transferred tab

When a transfer is initiated, an entry will be added to the list on Transferred tab. As shown in the screenshot below, project transfers are grouped into two types:

  • Incoming: These are the transfers initiated by another RSLog account, sending projects to your account. You can accept or decline an incoming transfer.
  • Outgoing: These are the transfers initiated by you, sending project data to another RSLog account. You can cancel an active transfer as long as it is not accepted or rejected by the recipient.
List of transferred projects
List of transferred projects

Each transfer record is presented in the list by multiple rows:

  • The first row shows information about the transfer itself:
    • The Status column determines at what stage the project transfer is.
    • The orange dot at the right end of the row indicates that you need to take an action to accept or decline this transfer.
  • The row(s) below the transfer information show the list of projects (title and number) that are included in this transfer. Please note that multiple projects could be included in the same transfer.

Responding to a Transfer

By clicking on the orange dot at the end of the row for an incoming transfer (see above), you can Accept or Reject the transfer.

  • Accept: in this case, RSLog starts the transfer process immediately. It make take a minute or two for the transfer to complete. RSLog will notify you once the transfer is completed.
  • Reject: in this case, the source account will be notified that you have rejected the transfer request.
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