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This page is used by the Administrator of your RSLog account to manage the list of users. The maximum number of users added to your RSLog account is determined by your license and your subscription plan.

To access this page:

Go to the left-hand navigation menu and select Account > User Management > Users.

The page should appear as follows:

User Management
User Management

Creating a User

To add a user, click + New button from the toolbar on top of the table. This opens a new dialog and loads the User Information tab:

  1. Enter user information such as First Name, Last Name, etc. The Username must be unique within your RSLog account.
  2. Select a password; The new user can change the password after their first login to RSLog.
  3. By default, the role ‘Engineer’ is assigned to all new users. You can change this on the Roles tab of the dialog. Please read more about roles.
  4. Click Save.
Passwords must be at least 6 characters, have at least one non-alphanumeric character, at least one number (i.e. 0 to 9), and at least one uppercase (e.g. A to Z).

Importing Users from CSV

In order to import list of users from a CSV file, click on the down arrow on + New button and select Import CSV File (read additional help on importing from CSV file). The following columns will be imported from the CSV file:

  • First Name and Last Name: The first and last name of the user.
  • Username: the usernames must be unique in your RSLog account.
  • Email Address: the email address of the user (must be unique).
  • Phone Number: is not required but can be imported if this data is available in the CSV file.
  • Role: should match with the list of roles defined in your RSLog account. If a role is not specified, the default role will be assigned.

User Status

Once a user is added to the list of RSLog users, a Status of Active will be assigned to the user which means that the user can access RSLog. The users in the list that go beyond the number of your licensed users will be automatically Suspended (i.e. will not be able to access RSLog).

Number of Users

The maximum number of active users that can be added to your RSLog account is determined based on your license. You can always add more users to your RSLog account by contacting us.

Free Viewer Users

For each RSLog user that you purchase, you will also receive one Viewer user free of charge. Viewer users are suitable for managers, external consultants, and contractors whose use of RSLog is limited to viewing data and generating reports. You can add Viewer users by assigning a Viewer role to them.

The 'admin' User

When you register an account on RSLog website, your account is created with a default admin user with full permissions defined by the Admin role (i.e. full access to all pages and all features in RSLog). To prevent lockout, the admin user is read-only and it cannot be edited/deleted.

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