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Analysis Results Overview

This section summarizes the analysis results and options available in RSPile.

Analysis Data

The current analysis data that you are viewing is indicated in the toolbar at the top of the screen, and in the Contour Legend in the sidebar.

To change the results which are displayed, select the data type that you wish to view from the drop-list in the Results tab.

The following analysis results are computed by RSPile:

  • Pore Water Pressure
  • Displacement X
  • Displacement Y
  • Displacement Z
  • Rotation X
  • Rotation Y
  • Rotation Z

Axially Loaded

  • Displacement Z
  • Beam Axial Force (i.e., Z')
  • Soil Reaction Force Z'
  • Soil Stiffness Z'
  • Skin Friction
  • End Bearing

Laterally Loaded (or Axially / Laterally Loaded, or Grouped)

  • Displacement X
  • Displacement Y
  • Displacement Z
  • Rotation X
  • Rotation Y
  • Rotation Z
  • Beam Shear Force X'
  • Beam Shear Force Y'
  • Beam Axial Force
  • Beam Moment X'Z'
  • Beam Moment Y'Z'
  • Soil Reaction Force X'
  • Soil Reaction Force Y'
  • Soil Reaction Force Z'
  • Soil Stiffness X'
  • Soil Stiffness Y'
  • Soil Stiffness Z'
  • Skin Friction
  • End Bearing
NOTE: Displacement X, Displacement Y, Displacement Z, Rotation X, Rotation Y, and Rotation Z are relative to the global X, Y, Z axes. Values along the pile's local axes are denoted by "X'", "Y'", and "Z'".

Pile Capacity


  • Skin Friction Capacity
  • End Bearing Capacity
  • Ultimate Capacity
  • Unit Skin Friction
  • Unit End Bearing


  • Restrike (Total)
  • Driving (Total)
  • Ultimate (Total)
  • Total
  • Restrike (Skin Friction)
  • Driving (Skin Friction)
  • Ultimate (Skin Friction)
  • Skin Friction
  • Restrike (End Bearing)
  • Driving (End Bearing)
  • Ultimate (End Bearing)
  • End Bearing
  • Restrike (Unit Skin Friction)
  • Driving (Unit Skin Friction)
  • Ultimate (Unit Skin Friction)
  • Unit Skin Friction
  • Restrike (Unit End Bearing)
  • Driving (Unit End Bearing)
  • Ultimate (Unit End Bearing)
  • Unit End Bearing

Advanced Analysis

  • Pile Head Deflection X
  • Pile Head Deflection Y
  • Max Abs Beam Shear Force X
  • Max Abs Beam Shear Force Y
  • Max Abs Beam Moment XY
  • Max Abs Beam Moment YZ

Axial Resistance Graph (Axially Loaded)

  • Axial Resistance
  • Sliding Depth

Lateral Resistance Graph (Laterally Loaded)

  • Lateral Resistance
  • Sliding Depth

Resistance Graph (Axially / Laterally Loaded)

  • Resistance Analysis
  • Sliding Depth

Pushover Analysis

  • Top Deflection X
  • Top Deflection Y
  • Shear Force X'
  • Shear Force Y'
  • Max Moment Z'Y'
  • Max Moment Z'X'
  • Max Shear X'
  • Max Shear Y'
  • Depth Max Moment Z'Y'
  • Depth Max Moment Z'X'
  • Depth Max Shear X'
  • Depth Max Shear Y'

Stiffness Matrix Calculator

  • Top Deflection X
  • Top Deflection Y
  • Top Rotation X
  • Top Rotation Y
  • K22
  • K33
  • K44
  • K55
  • K25
  • K52
  • K34
  • K43
  • Stiffness Matrix K22
  • Stiffness Matrix K33
  • Stiffness Matrix K44
  • Stiffness Matrix K55
  • Stiffness Matrix K25
  • Stiffness Matrix K52
  • Stiffness Matrix K34
  • Stiffness Matrix K43

Length Analysis

  • Displacement Z


  • PY Curve
  • Load Intensity p
  • Lateral Deflection on X' axis
  • TZ Curve
  • Load Intensity T
  • Axial Deflection Z

See the Analysis Data topic for further information.

Analysis Options

Analysis results can be obtained in three different ways in RSPile:

  • Graph Pile
  • Graph Resistance
  • Graph Pile Length
  • Graph Pile Pushover
  • Graph Pile Stiffness
  • Graph Pile Interface Curve

Results can be viewed directly on the model, graphed and exported. See the above links for further information.

Export Data to Excel

Analysis results can be exported to Excel with the Export Data to Excel option. This option is available from the Export submenu of the File menu, while in a graph view.

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