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What's New

The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest Maintenance + release of RS3.

For a list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of, RS3 see the RS3 Update History page.

Version 4.031

Version 4.029

Version 4.028

Version 4.027

Version 4.026

  • Plotting line query based on stage number and stage time
  • Exporting plotted curve directly to Excel
  • Copy and past functionality for “time” column in staging tab in project setting
  • Data grid to assign prescribed displacement in multi staged model
  • Search bar in RS3

Version 4.025

  • Preview button to display loads before they are applied

Version 4.024

  • Display failure of all joints for generalized anisotropic materials.

Version 4.023

Version 4.022

Version 4.014

  • Using SQLite database to store and retrieve geometry in a fast and efficient way
  • Import Maptek Data
  • Add new regions of interest to RS3 that allow rapid results viewing similar to EX3
  • Ability to view discharge velocity vectors
  • Ability to rapidly preview isosurfaces bound to regions of interest in RS3 similar to EX3
  • Ability to define the Generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion using GSI, mi and D

    Version 4.011



    Sensor data import

    Version 4.007

    Version 4.005

    • Tunnel Designer and tutorials
    • Performance improvements with the following features:
      • The following problems have been addressed:
      • Divide all, Add to external, Segmenter
        • Improved material assignments to ensure that the new external pieces inherit from the correct parent pieces.
        • Efforts have been made to identify the boundaries of the solid pieces in cases where highly complex and poorly intersected geometries present in the process.
        • Fewer sliver or high aspect ratio pieces.
      • Volume meshing
        • Improved speed and accuracy in determining the material assignment of solid elements.
        • Feedback with greater detail has been added to inform the user of problems with geometries.
    • EX3 Import to RS3
    • Discharge Section Information in Properties Pane
      Having a model with discharge sections, user should be able to select a discharge section to see the direction and magnitude of the vector in the properties pane.
    • Add Line Query at Intersection
      In case of defined a contour plane that has some geometry intersecting it, user can create a query line at the intersection of the contour plane with the geometry.
    • Labels on Line Queries
      Having a line query, user can now see the locations and data values at each sample. Selecting a polyline, bolt, beam, pile, or forepole query, the properties pane now has four additional checkboxes:
      • Show Sample Value - off by default
      • Show Sample Positions - off by default
      • Show Sample Nodes - show dots at the sample points; on by default (documented in another Task)
      • Show Contour - draw the contour colour; on by default (documented in another Task)
    • New tutorial: Discharge sections - Additional Exercise in Relief Well tutorial.

    Version 4.002

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