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RS3 Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 4.031 - February 12 2024 [Download]

  1. NEW Hybrid Mesh
  2. NEW Deformed configuration
  3. NEW Import quick slope data
  4. NEW Cancel button for DFN operation
  5. NEW Editing the location of SSR/Plastic/Hybrid regions
  6. NEW Groundwater Verification
  7. NEW Consolidation Verification
  8. NEW Theory Manual for Hybrid Mesh
  9. NEW Hybrid Mesh Example
  10. NEW DFN Example
  11. NEW Documentation for the result’s legend
  12. FIXED Accounting for the defined cut-off pore pressure applied to the joint
  13. FIXED Issue with Importing material properties from a model with tunnel designer
  14. FIXED Issue with the SaveAs on the models with DFN and Tunnel Designer
  15. FIXED Bug on importing dynamic loads as CSV
  16. FIXED Controlling the visibility of wick drains from the visibility tree
  17. FIXED Bugs on the dynamic query lines and plotting them
  18. FIXED Bug for exporting plots to Excel

Version 4.030 - September 14 2023 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Improved message for Maintenance+ subscription

Version 4.029 - August 30 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Discrete Fracture Network (DFN)
  2. NEW Recovery the analysis if the computation is canceled midway through
  3. NEW Advanced bolt selection tool for bolt results
  4. NEW Copy joint data within the joint property dialog
  5. NEW DFN tutorial
  6. NEW Bolt results documentation
  7. CHANGED Performance improvement to load the bolt results
  8. CHANGED Performance improvement to load the seepage results when Ru is used to define pore pressure
  9. CHANGED Dynamic analysis tutorial
  10. CHANGED Wick Drain tutorial
  11. CHANGED Geometry clean-up tutorial
  12. CHANGED 3D geometry import tutorial
  13. CHANGED Documentation for Define Hydraulic (Transient Analysis)
  14. CHANGED UI update for the selection tab

Version 4.028 - June 6 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Plastic Region
  2. NEW Adding the option to show the contours passing the min/max limit
  3. NEW Checkbox to use unsaturated shear strength
  4. NEW Example manual-ReliefWell
  5. NEW Help page for strength factor calculation
  6. CHANGED Documentation for composite liner
  7. CHANGED Documentation for stress ribbon
  8. CHANGED Groundwater Seepage Analysis Tutorial
  9. CHANGED Unnecessary entry parameter for datum-dependent material is removed
  10. CHANGED Ponded water was removed from the projected load
  11. CHANGED Faster meshing when joints are attached to the liner in multi-staged models.
  12. FIXED Issue in saving the input parameters for jointed Mohr-Coulomb materials
  13. FIXED Crash for “Groundwater analysis only” for models with liner local coordinate by going to the result’s tab
  14. FIXED Crash in material dialog, entering “-“ character for permeability input
  15. FIXED Error in saving the model with SSR region that contains the excavated geometry
  16. FIXED Crash caused in the material dialog if stage factor was selected but the stage tab was set to empty
  17. FIXED Inconsistency of showing SSR check box for joints
  18. FIXED Linking to the strength properties page

Version 4.027 - January 30 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Updating liner properties based on installed stage
  2. NEW SSR option for Barton-Bandis and Geosynthetic Hyperbolic joint slip criterion
  3. NEW Importing Sysdam data
  4. NEW “Open File Location” option is added to File Menu
  5. NEW Tunnel Designer help page
  6. NEW Joint Verification
  7. CHANGED Stress Verification
  8. CHANGED Removing Lining Interface Results from visibility tree for non-composite liners
  9. CHANGED Remove redundant prefix from chart query label
  10. FIXED Slow start of meshing process due to recent windows update
  11. FIXED Crash for importing Slide3 model containing Slide2 section
  12. FIXED Issue for saving models with jointed Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria
  13. FIXED Issue in displaying ponded water load
  14. FIXED Crash the program by clicking cancel on repair process
  15. FIXED Display discharge velocity flow if only groundwater analysis is used
  16. FIXED Issue related to drawing dynamic liner query
  17. FIXED Minor issues with contour options dialog
  18. FIXED Bug for loading joint results after exporting joint data by stages
  19. FIXED Pressure head and total head units in define water pressure grid dialog
  20. FIXED View setup resets after going into display options dialog

Version 4.026 - October 31 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Plotting line query based on stage number and stage time
  2. NEW Exporting plotted curve directly to Excel
  3. NEW Copy and past functionality for “time” column in staging tab in project setting
  4. NEW Data grid to assign prescribed displacement in multi staged model
  5. NEW Search bar in RS3
  6. CHANGED Updated UI for Defined Material window
  7. CHANGED Manufactured library for bolts has been updated
  8. CHANGED Performance improvement on geometry selection
  9. CHANGED Help page for add Restrains/Displacement
  10. CHANGED Help Page update for sensor data import
  11. CHANGED Updating the parameter name for out-of-plane direction in Transversely Isotropic materials
  12. CHANGED The order of strength parameters of Hoek-Brown criteria in staging tab has been updated
  13. CHANGED Minor UI change on “Auto Range” display in contour option
  14. FIXED Fixing the node numbering issue in some cases where seepage boundary conditions (pore pressure, total head, pressure head, nodal flow, infiltration, and unknown boundary condition) were attached to joint surface
  15. FIXED Fixing the node numbering issue in some cases where prescribed displacement is attached to joint surface
  16. FIXED Updating node numbering when unknown BC, or Infiltration that are attached to joints is removed from the model
  17. FIXED Visualization of load direction created by tunnel designer
  18. FIXED Tunnel Designer crash in models created from RS2 import
  19. FIXED Fixing the issue of displaying jointed material’s orientation in dark mode

Version 4.025 - August 12 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Preview button to display loads before they are applied
  2. CHANGED Accelerated result loading for models with large number of bolts
  3. CHANGED Speed up in process of importing material from a different RS3 project
  4. CHANGED Orthotropic and transversely isotropic options are added to the hydraulic property window
  5. CHANGED Geo-grid checkbox is removed from liner property dialog
  6. CHANGED “Attached To” section is removed from the apply load window
  7. FIXED Not displaying element results encapsulated between joint and excavation
  8. FIXED Bug in the engine to do seepage analysis when joints are connected to excavation
  9. FIXED Bug in the engine dealing with tie-back elements attached to liners connected to excavation
  10. FIXED Materials copy with incorrect units from RSData to RS3
  11. FIXED Bug in switching data types in results tab in the presence of fluid flow lines
  12. FIXED Modeler crash when importing old Slide3 models to RS3
  13. FIXED Inconsistency between (GSI, mi, d) and (mb, s, a) parameters for GHB material
  14. FIXED Modeler crash when assigning materials using cutting plane for multi-staged models
  15. FIXED In the define plane window, dip and dip-direction values are reset to zero when the plane is moved

Version 4.024 - June 7 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Display failure of all joints for generalized anisotropic materials.
  2. FIXED Load applied to surface was not drawn correctly.
  3. FIXED Double-click to open a RS3 file in Windows Explorer could crash the program.
  4. FIXED Discontinuity in visualizing the failure of of generalized anisotropic material.
  5. FIXED Issue in the visualization of bolt failure in compression.
  6. FIXED Selected entities, faces, edges or vertices are not highlighted in the viewport.
  7. FIXED Repairing null geometry causes crash.
  8. FIXED Improvement of generalized anisotropic model to handle elastic base material when A and B parameters are not zero.
  9. FIXED Using material filter without any assigned materials to geometry will cause crash.
  10. FIXED Model cannot save if there is pre-defined selection group.
  11. FIXED Residual tensile and compressive strength of supports was allowed to be greater than peak strengths.
  12. FIXED User cannot preview transformations on imported geometry.

Version 4.023 - April 5 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Pile connection to liner can be selected as assigned to first layer or all layers
  2. NEW Accelerated convergence criteria for faster analysis
  3. NEW Visualization of tensile failure in beams and liners
  4. NEW Dip/Dip Direction option to define joint orientation for Jointed Mohr Coulomb and Jointed Generalized Hoek-Brown materials
  5. CHANGED Compute icon
  6. CHANGED 3D view zoom scale is preserved when drawing query lines
  7. FIXED Bug in importing materials with shear normal function from Slide3 to RS3
  8. FIXED Bug in importing pressure head from a csv file using the Define Water Pressure Grid option
  9. FIXED Bug in the connectivity of rotations between rigid piles and liner
  10. FIXED Bug in the calculation of the Biot coefficient for different units
  11. FIXED Improvement in RS2 section creator for jointed materials
  12. FIXED Import GroundProbe data did not accept CSV file
  13. FIXED Bug in compute file writer for Soft Soil Creep
  14. FIXED Stability of code for loading line query results
  15. FIXED Crash for Barton-Bandis failure criteria on SSR analysis with joints
  16. FIXED Improvement in managing the input parameters for the Tunnel Shape option
  17. FIXED Bug in displaying the color of entities in the Visibility Pane tooltip
  18. FIXED Prevent indefinitely many automatic additions to entity names

Version 4.022 - February 11 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Define liner local coordinates for contouring and querying liner results
  2. NEW Save option with file size optimization in history cleaning process (to reduce file size)
  3. NEW Lasso selection mode when using the mouse
  4. NEW Visibility Pane Selection Tab for saving the selection of multiple volumes, faces, edges and vertices
  5. CHANGED Improved options for viewport layout customization
  6. CHANGED Update in viewport selection icons
  7. FIXED Yielded element results can crash model in fast rendering
  8. FIXED Faster Slide3 to RS3 import
  9. FIXED Anisotropic materials do not correctly set properties when a SSR region is present
  10. FIXED Using the change plot data option when graphing SRF data gives incorrect results
  11. FIXED Geometry role is blank after using clear external on imported RS2 project
  12. FIXED User data type names are not present when charting
  13. FIXED Add Line Query to Surface does not stop when using some defective geometry
  14. FIXED Improvement in the tunnel designer to more accurately assign supports on the correct edge of closely spaced boundaries

Version 4.021 – December 1 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Incorrectly Imported Sensor Data Resulted in Crash
  2. FIXED Overlay Table Supports Only One Row Change at a Time
  3. FIXED New Non-construction Geometry Invalidates Results
  4. FIXED Unexpected Vector Results on Geometry
  5. FIXED Some Results Entities Require Geometry Loading
  6. FIXED Field Stress UI issue when changing units
  7. FIXED Contour Geometry Needs to Include More Faces
  8. FIXED Discharge Velocity Vectors Aren't Loaded
  9. FIXED Polyline Table Overflow
  10. FIXED Snowden Anisotropic Linear Function Shear/Normal Has Wrong Columns
  11. FIXED Bug where themes were being associated with files
  12. FIXED Edit Discrete Function dialog is missing Import Export Options
  13. FIXED Disable Apply SSR checkbox for Selected Joint Materials
  14. FIXED Remove obsolete data of removed projected loads/bolts
  15. FIXED System Units Change Warning is Misleading
  16. FIXED Joint stiffness units are incorrect
  17. FIXED The overhang removal method could cause problems in Auto-restraint
  18. FIXED Invalid field stress construct when importing a model from RS2 to RS3
  19. FIXED Custom TitleBlock Print Issue
  20. FIXED Importing a blank CSV file would crash the program
  21. FIXED Surface joint materials do not correctly set properties when a SSR region is present
  22. FIXED SSR region set onto volume causes error in saving compute file
  23. FIXED Jointed Generalized Hoek-Brown and Mohr-Coulomb joint properties do not save when switching joint tabs
  24. FIXED SSR results do not load after computation
  25. FIXED Add anisotropic surface by location
  26. FIXED Reinforcement database units for moment of inertia are incorrect
  27. FIXED Reinforced concrete common types button causes crash
  28. FIXED Deleting water surface assigned to ponded water load causes crash
  29. FIXED Geosynthetic Hyperbolic Joint Property minor UI Issues
  30. FIXED Import Generalized Anisotropic Model with Anisotropic Surface into RS3 issue
  31. FIXED Liner peak strength must be greater than or equal to residual not checked
  32. FIXED Updating Boundary Condition Type more than twice doesn't update its corresponding icon under the visibility tree properly
  33. FIXED Fix in compute file writer for fluid phase
  34. FIXED Bolts with faceplates may not compute when they are partially removed due to excavation
  35. FIXED Discharge Velocity Vectors Legend and Glyphs
  36. FIXED Progress bar in compute window
  37. FIXED Normal restraint does not work with supports
  38. FIXED Fix in Absolut Energy criterion for coupled analysis
  39. FIXED Joints with SSR do not reset properly after each SRF
  40. FIXED update in user defined material to prevent engine crash
  41. FIXED SRF factor applied incorrectly in joint materials for Mohr Coulomb type
  42. FIXED Fixing the bug for critical SRF changes depending on selected initial SRF
  43. FIXED Bug in penalization of SSR calculating is fixed
  44. FIXED Bug Fix in Absorb Dynamic BC
  45. FIXED Bug fix in dynamic compliant load
  46. FIXED Bug fix in Transmit BC
  47. FIXED Fix updating stress for Geosynthetic liners

Version 4.020 – November 5 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Improvement in time stepping scheme for seepage analysis
  2. FIXED Yielded Elements Aren't Removed
  3. FIXED Incorrect units for load stage factors
  4. FIXED Joint yield symbols are shown incorrectly
  5. FIXED Inputted joint options not saved when hitting enter key
  6. FIXED Unhandled error from printer setup
  7. FIXED Pile Multilinear Skin Resistance Properties UI bug (Table column header unit changes)
  8. FIXED Showing wrong windows version in tech support window
  9. FIXED Adding a row in dynamic load when toggling on and off Chart view closes the program
  10. FIXED Copy Paste Shear Normal Function in txt format doesn't work
  11. FIXED Removing newly added Discrete New Function crashes the program
  12. FIXED Entering Shear Normal Material Strengths Issues
  13. FIXED Joint tractions missing when stage factors are not defined
  14. FIXED Material stage factors sometimes add above last row
  15. FIXED Incorrect transient groundwater boundary condition units for pore pressure and pressure head types
  16. FIXED Transient boundary conditions can have time in descending order entered
  17. FIXED Add Hydraulic Parameter UI issue
  18. FIXED Hydraulic models list of values display issue
  19. FIXED Vectors in property grids weren't displaying correctly or editable
  20. FIXED Missing or incorrect pore pressures for multi-stage models with varying installation of supports
  21. FIXED Improved performance on reading and several operations when project has many items
  22. FIXED Groundwater project settings UI bug: unit changes when re-open
  23. FIXED Show Material Table crashes when Generalized Anisotropic Material is used in the model
  24. FIXED Missing or incorrect pore pressures for multi-stage models with varying installation of supports
  25. FIXED Different exported data points for export contour surface option
  26. FIXED Report generator crashes the program when Generalized Anisotropic Material is used in the model
  27. FIXED Can't Delete Discrete Strength Function

Version 4.019 – July 9 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Changing Joint Surface Installation Stage after Divide All issue
  2. CHANGED Improvements to csv importer
  3. FIXED Incomplete list of view options
  4. FIXED Material behaviour for hydraulic staging does not save
  5. FIXED Pore pressures from water surface not generated when some external volumes are set to construction role
  6. FIXED Cancelling 'Draw Polyline' operation sets top left view to 'Front'
  7. FIXED Zooming Issue in the Viewport

Version 4.018 – June 7 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Isosurface causing exception
  2. FIXED External volume from intersected geometry did not generate initial stresses
  3. FIXED Materials sometimes set to undrained when no groundwater is present
  4. FIXED Fatal error crash when filename has space at end and RS2 section exported

Version 4.017 – May 5 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Clean Geometry History Removes Model
  2. FIXED Import Slide3 to RS3 crash
  3. FIXED Transient infiltration applied correctly in multi-stage model
  4. FIXED Entities disappeared after clear external
  5. FIXED Multi-Sections Path Table Paste
  6. FIXED Fit Plane to Selected while selecting an entity crashes the program
  7. FIXED Clean Geometry History Should Preserve Grouping
  8. FIXED Clean Geometry History With External Siblings
  9. FIXED Clean Geometry History Needs to Load Geometry
  10. FIXED Mesh saving error
  11. FIXED Save As to Path Without Drive Letter
  12. FIXED Derived Material in Report Generator
  13. FIXED Program crashes when constructing an elevation map due to floating external pieces
  14. FIXED Import RS3 Property File doesn't work

Version 4.016 – April 1 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Viewport Grid Options Modification
  2. FIXED Removing a property while its table is present issue when saving and reopening the model
  3. FIXED Traction arrow drawing on tiny geometry
  4. FIXED Printing Stopped the Program
  5. FIXED Coordinates on Chart Axes Stops the Program
  6. FIXED Pore Pressure Interpolation in Compute File
  7. FIXED Assign Water To Materials Check All Icon is missing

Version 4.015 – March 9 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Mesh saving without updating joint elements
  2. FIXED Load external on demand reading legacy files
  3. FIXED Error reading a newly saved RS3 file if the model used Add To External
  4. FIXED Enabling Allow Slip Starting from Stage option in Joint Properties disables saving joint properties
  5. FIXED Incorrect element node ordering when writing fluid flux
  6. FIXED Fatal Error Importing RS2 File
  7. FIXED Duplicate SRF value causes modeler to stop
  8. FIXED View Engine Log File Crash

Version 4.014 – February 17 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Using SQLite database to store and retrieve geometry in a fast and efficient way
  2. NEW Import Maptek Data
  3. NEW Add new regions of interest to RS3 that allow rapid results viewing similar to EX3
  4. NEW Ability to view discharge velocity vectors
  5. NEW Ability to rapidly preview isosurfaces bound to regions of interest in RS3 similar to EX3
  6. NEW Ability to define the Generalized Hoek-Brown failure criterion using GSI, mi and D
  7. FIXED Slide Transparency Option Flipped
  8. FIXED Show Yielded Elements Doesn't Update View correctly
  9. FIXED Repair Crashes for Import Geometry
  10. FIXED Pretensioning force in a bolt was applied incorrectly when the bolt is attached to a liner
  11. FIXED History Removal causes the removal of projected load/bolts to undo divide
  12. FIXED Graph Lining Result Data Crash
  13. FIXED Empty Query Line Crashes Meshing
  14. CHANGED Performance Issue with reading Point Cloud Data when adding a surface from points
  15. CHANGED Missing selectable faces if the entire surface mesh is extremely smooth
  16. CHANGED Sensor data import improvement

Version 4.013 – January 12 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Unknown boundary condition elements used to be automatically removed as soon as one of the adjacent solid elements becomes excavated. This has been changed to have the elements persist through excavation and their removal solely depend on the removal stage specified by the user.

Version 4.012 – January 11 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED RS3 Crashing at startup
  2. FIXED RS3 opens RS2 2019 (version 10) instead of the latest M+ version 11

Version 4.011 – December 15 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW New viewport layouts
  2. NEW Spring Loads
  3. NEW Pore pressure grid visualization by value
  4. NEW Reutech Sensor Data import
  5. NEW 3vGeomatics Data import
  6. NEW Ability to define the removal stage of a joint surface in RS3
  7. NEW Align Camera with plane
  8. NEW Normal and Shear Stresses from a Plane
  9. NEW Add change nodes section using the whole set of the new nodes
  10. NEW New Stress Ribbon
  11. NEW Grouping option in properties pane
  12. CHANGED Improved performance, reduced memory leaks
  13. CHANGED Right click property table tools (Improved annotation tool)
  14. CHANGED Improved Primitive Plane Manipulator
  15. CHANGED Computing A value from GSI value
  16. FIXED Exporting section cut as geometry crashes the program
  17. FIXED Viewport Contour Options should be enabled in the Interpret menu when having stress ribbons
  18. FIXED Zoomfit view issue after split for models with global offset
  19. FIXED Borehole Water Level Overlap Material Name
  20. FIXED Retriangulate View Shift
  21. FIXED Exception thrown from Zoomfit while loading entities in during geometry import

Version 4.010 – October 31 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED RS3 crash with Anisotropic surfaces.
  2. FIXED Crash when pasting into vector field in Generating Property Grid.
  3. FIXED Axis in power spectrum chart.

Version 4.009 – October 15 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Bug where creating a surface from an imported point cloud can crash the program.
  2. FIXED Bug where an edge case with projected load can crash the program.

Version 4.008 – September 28 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Restoring node numbers of solid elements when removing joints from joint surfaces.
  2. FIXED Engine crash due to error in bolt numbering.

Version 4.007 – August 12 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW RS2 projects can now be imported into RS3.
  2. NEW A Legend now describes the failure modes associated with failed / yielded elements.
  3. NEW Surfaces can now be restrained in their Normal direction.
  4. Fix crash in computing model with joint in dynamic analysis
  5. Improvement on cable bolts when the model crash or did not converged with small changes in stresses.
  6. Generating surfaces from points now warns of invalid point sets.
  7. Transforming a Discharge Section caused the program to stop when loading results; fixed.
  8. Lines can now be rendered between colours on contour surfaces.
  9. Some Liner Interface bugs were fixed.
  10. Some Pore Pressure compute file writing bugs were fixed.
  11. Some compute file writing bugs related to Pore Pressures and Restraints with Joints were fixed.
  12. A Staging date / time validation failure message was missing; fixed.
  13. The new contour rendering method was causing issues for some hardware; it is now off by default. It can be turned on in View > Display Options > Advanced.
  14. Meshing now warns about undivided geometry in the project.
  15. Some Tieback Bolt bugs were fixed.
  16. Support results charts were incorrectly including Reference Stage information; fixed.
  17. A Constant Field Stress and Pore Pressure bug was fixed.
  18. A Bolt deleting bug was fixed.
  19. Some Wick Drain bugs were fixed.
  20. The Extrude tool now warns about zero-length extrusion.
  21. Some Import Tool bugs were fixed.
  22. A User Data "pi" bug was fixed.
  23. Some Viewport viewing options were added to the Window menu.
  24. A sensor data import bug was fixed.
  25. View > Align Camera with Selected Plane or Face will now make the camera perpendicular to a selected plane or face.
  26. The Slide3 import process has been improved.
  27. Interpret > Queries > Add Line Query to Surface now allows line queries to be created on geometry surfaces.

Version 4.006 – June 24 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW: Texture Mapping Renderer
  2. NEW: Toggle option to switch between old and new renderer to see the results.
  3. Ponded water load error when saving compute file
  4. Graph Data Crashes When No Stages Is Selected in Change Plot Data
  5. RS3 Section with Anisotropic Surface Crashes Opening with RS2 Modeler
  6. RS2 Section Export Error at writing piezo lines
  7. Cancelling Dynamic Time Query Crash
  8. Contour Mesh Visibility Control in Old Rendering Method
  9. Multiple fixes in calculation and writing of joint tractions in compute file
  10. Joint Yielded Elements Crash
  11. Issue with joint elements that were incorrectly discarded
  12. Joints Shear Normal/Shear Stress Results Visibility Issue
  13. Joint Results Load Crash
  14. Define Joint Property dialog does not allow entry of stiffness
  15. Dividing with external pieces set as construction role
  16. Liner Displacements Not Loading
  17. Chart Label with Reference Stage
  18. Floating surface patches from Auto Restraint Surface option
  19. Too strict of validation on the initial element mapping routine

Version 4.005 – May 20 2020 [Download]

  1. Tunnel designer
  2. Performance improvements with Divide all, Add to external, Segmenter, Volume meshing
  3. EX3 Import to RS3
  4. Discharge Section Information in Properties Pane
  5. Add Line Query at Intersection
  6. Labels on Line Queries
  7. More common support types have been added.
  8. X and Y coordinates were being read in the opposite order from DTM files; fixed.
  9. Some old files behaved unexpectedly after Clear External; fixed.
  10. An Applied Property picker bug was fixed.
  11. A Joint property editing bug was fixed.
  12. A Mesh Refinement Region creation bug was fixed.
  13. A property tooltip bug was fixed.
  14. A Project Settings Stage dialog bug was fixed.
  15. Some Section Cut visual bugs were fixed.
  16. Joint surfaces can now be assigned a Role of Construction.
  17. SSR can now be applied to Joint surfaces.
  18. A Dynamic Load dialog paste bug was fixed.
  19. Some RS2 Section export bugs were fixed.
  20. Some Discharge Section bugs were fixed.
  21. There are now more options when defining boxes (Box Primitive, Create External Box, Mesh Refinement Region, etc.).
  22. Divide All Geometry is now more robust.
  23. Using the Dark Preset in the CAD View Themes now changes the main interface to a Dark theme.
  24. Creating geometry after importing another project didn't correctly set the Material; fixed.
  25. Old files containing a saved Mesh Quality entity didn't correctly read all the entities in the file; fixed.
  26. Importing Geosynthetics from Slide3 now imports Weathering.
  27. A Report tool header / footer bug was fixed.
  28. Creating a Joint surface after importing a Slide3 project sometimes didn't work correctly; fixed.
  29. Form Closed Triangulation can now operate on individual entities.
  30. The mouse coordinate labels in the CAD views now behave better.
  31. Imported ellipses and elliptic arcs weren't being saved correctly; fixed.
  32. The Repair tool was sometimes operating on invalid entities; fixed.
  33. A Dynamic Boundary Condition application check was fixed.
  34. An Unknown Boundary Condition bug was fixed.
  35. A Time Query charting bug was fixed.
  36. Exposed Joint surfaces caused issues during finite element meshing; fixed.
  37. Line Queries could cause a project to open incorrectly; fixed.
  38. Some clipboard operations in grids were stopping the program; fixed.
  39. The Report tool sometimes caused Charts to close incorrectly; fixed.
  40. Some Material compute file bugs were fixed.
  41. Joint surfaces now do not have to be part of a Divide All Geometry operation.
  42. The finite element meshing is now more robust.
  43. The Contour Legend now doesn't change size so much while loading results.

Version 4.004 – April 8 2020 [Download]

  1. A borehole water settings bug was fixed.
  2. The program can now show value or location labels on line queries and linear support contours.
  3. Opening a file saved with imported arcs could cause the program to stop; fixed.
  4. Dynamically editing geometry sometimes caused the view to change; fixed.
  5. Pasting data into some grids sometimes behaved unexpectedly; fixed.
  6. Joint elements are now correctly being removed adjacent to excavated solids.
  7. The program now warns of incorrectly overlapping joints.
  8. Bolts could sometimes produce zero-length elements when interacting with the finite element mesh; fixed.
  9. Older projects could contain empty boreholes; these are now ignored.
  10. Some wick drain bugs were fixed.

Version 4.003 – March 23 2020 [Download]

  1. Improved error handling and feedback with liner interface elements.
  2. Fixed an issue in viewing of construction geometries in mining coordinates.
  3. Fixed an issue with Collapse Material Boundary that crashes the program.
  4. Updates to common property types between RS3 and Slide3 programs.

Version 4.002 – March 19 2020 [Download]

  1. Maintenance+ version released.

Version 2019.009 – November 14 2019 [Download]

  1. Entities sometimes became visible when they should not; fixed.
  2. "Import RS3 Property File" could duplicate properties; fixed.
  3. The Add Bolts window now has more validation of user-entered data.
  4. The user can now specify a Merge Tolerance in the "Divide All Geometry" operation.
  5. A load orientation-flipping bug was fixed.
  6. The radar / sensor data import process had a selection bug in the table of values; fixed.
  7. Editing a primitive sometimes changed its coordinates; fixed.
  8. Trying to view Displacement Vectors or Deformations on certain entities stopped the program; fixed.
  9. Multiple disconnected beam sets defined in a single application only showed results on one connected component; fixed.

Version 2019.008 – October 2 2019

  1. New option for the maximum negative pore pressure cut-off has been added. The option and value are set in the Project Settings->Groundwater Analysis, and this will be considered in the calculations of Effective Stresses preventing evaluation of unreasonably high effective stresses in unsaturated zones.
  2. The interaction between the supports / boundary conditions, the finite element mesh, and the results is more robust.
  3. A Material dialog bug was fixed.
  4. The Borehole Manager now warns of coincident boreholes.
  5. Some Bolt / Load applications didn't interact well with the model geometry; this now fails gracefully.
  6. The pencil button in the Properties pane now allows you to edit Isosurfaces.
  7. A Borehole Manager visual bug was fixed.
  8. Using unexpected geometry with Contour Geometry could stop the program; fixed.
  9. Drawing a polyline sometimes changed the upper-left CAD view; fixed.
  10. Finite element meshing was failing with very large element counts; fixed.
  11. Joints were sometimes interacting incorrectly with groundwater in the compute file; fixed.
  12. The Mesh Settings dialog now includes Advanced Graded meshing parameters: element sizes and gradation values.
  13. A Joint results bug was fixed.
  14. Material-dependent joints can not exist simultaneously with User-defined materials.

Version 2019.007 – September 12 2019

  1. Improvement in calculating Phi B used in unsaturated soil.
  2. A Slide3 import bug was fixed.
  3. Some 3D viewport issues were fixed.
  4. After opening a file with a support pattern, the pattern could be un-editable; fixed.
  5. A borehole manager bug was fixed.
  6. Finite element meshing is now more robust, and has more detailed error reporting.
  7. The geometry import tool is now faster.
  8. Liner data is now averaged across liners with opposite orientations.
  9. A chart viewer bug was fixed.
  10. An initial pore water pressure bug was fixed.
  11. An interaction between the finite element mesh and sweep operations slowed down file reading; fixed.
  12. Changing the materials of multiple entities is now faster.
  13. A compute file writing bug was fixed.
  14. In rare cases, the first two elements of a bolt could be swapped when displaying results; fixed.
  15. Opening a file with an isosurface of user-defined data caused the program to stop; fixed.
  16. Groundwater settings now include a Negative Pore Pressure Cutoff.
  17. A load bug was fixed.
  18. A material dialog bug was fixed.

Version 2019.006 – August 13 2019

  1. Mesh Refinement is now possible with a Uniform finite element mesh.
  2. The Pile / Forepole Properties dialog was displaying incorrect units for Normal and Shear Stiffness; fixed.
  3. The Geometry Repair tool sometimes did not recognize surface entities; fixed.
  4. The Properties pane sometimes displayed incorrect coordinates for single bolts, piles, or forepoles; fixed.
  5. Undoing a Delete operation could add multiple copies of the deleted entities; fixed.
  6. The Copy operation was incorrectly copying some entities; fixed.
  7. Auto Restrain (Surface) was sometimes applying incorrect restraints; fixed.
  8. Bolts sometimes incorrectly remained hidden in the Support workflow tab; fixed.
  9. The Material Properties dialog did not allow changes to User-defined properties; fixed.
  10. Export Data at All Nodes, and Export Pore Water Pressure to Slide3, were sometimes outputting incorrect coordinates; fixed.
  11. The toolbar and menu items sometimes did not update after changing document windows; fixed.
  12. When viewing Dynamic Query Charts, Change Plot Data sometimes stopped the program; fixed.
  13. When editing values in the Add Bolts dialog, the program sometimes drew a copy of the previous version of the supports; fixed.
  14. Some Save dialog bugs were fixed.
  15. Some Ponded Water Load bugs were fixed.
  16. Borehole surfaces sometimes incorrectly interacted with the External volume; fixed.
  17. A Theme editing bug was fixed.
  18. A Custom Contour Interval editing bug was fixed.
  19. Improve the convergence for model that has cable bolts
  20. Fix the bugs with queen bolt when the units in the model are different than MPa

Version 2019.005 – July 4 2019

  1. Some Plane Primitive window bugs were fixed.
  2. Some Pore Pressure Grid interpolation bugs were fixed.
  3. The SSR [Exclusion] Area tool sometimes used an undesirable initial location; fixed.
  4. Importing RS2 or RS3 properties did not correctly list all used properties; fixed.
  5. Importing a Slide3 project sometimes did not correctly set the cohesion; fixed.
  6. While drawing a polyline, clicking on the space between viewports no longer adds vertices.
  7. An entity highlighting bug was fixed.
  8. Some toolbars were incorrectly visible for non-CAD views; fixed.
  9. A Lining Composition dialog bug was fixed.
  10. Adding or editing Bolts sometimes displayed incorrect coordinates; fixed.
  11. The program stopped when exporting Line Query data to a file open in another program; fixed.
  12. A valid finite element Mesh was sometimes not successfully added to the model; fixed.
  13. A Bolt Pattern bug was fixed.

Version 2019.001 – April 18 2019

  1. The dynamic queries now have better charts.
  2. Some point cloud data import dialog bugs were fixed.
  3. A Contour Geometry and Deformation bug was fixed.
  4. A Clear External bug was fixed.
  5. Some grid copy & paste bugs were fixed.
  6. A Contour Plane bug was fixed.
  7. A Beam dialog bug was fixed.
  8. When the vertical stress is plunging at an angle other than 90 degrees, the field stress was incorrect; fixed.
  9. Some Section Tool bugs were fixed.
  10. Some notifications were causing a crash; fixed.
  11. The Loft operation sometimes moved the model out of view; fixed.
  12. A CAD view selection bug was fixed.

April 8 2019

  1. Beta release.

Version 2.022 – June 14 2019 [Download]

  1. A pore pressure bug was fixed.
  2. A bolt bug was fixed.

Version 2.021 – April 18 2019

  1. Surface Reconstruction From File was not recognizing lower-case extensions; fixed.
  2. A Staged Phreatic Condition bug was fixed.
  3. A Sweep bug was fixed.
  4. A Beam file loading bug was fixed.
  5. For Constant Field Stress, when the vertical stress is plunging at an angle other than 90 degrees, the field stress was incorrect; fixed.

Version 2.019 – January 18 2019

  1. A certain sequence of operations lead to pieces of the External volume not being labelled as such; fixed.
  2. A mesh refinement bug was fixed.
  3. A dynamic pre-compute bug was fixed.
  4. The graph's vertical axis was mislabelled in the Define Dynamic Load Force window.
  5. Charts of User-defined results were not using the correct data type name; fixed.
  6. The Borehole Manager can now be used to inspect the borehole data without resetting the geometry.

Version 2.018 – November 9 2018

  1. A bolt orientation bug was fixed.
  2. An annotation-related file reading bug was fixed.
  3. The finite element mesher is now capable of more mesh nodes and elements.
  4. Manzari and Dafalias stiffness values now have correct bounds.
  5. Pile and forepole shear stiffness and normal stiffness was displaying incorrect units.

Version 2.017 – September 27 2018

  1. Fixed a bug in reading dynamic function.
  2. Bolt orientation and end-points were sometimes incorrect; fixed.
  3. Supports now render more clearly.
  4. Old files were incorrectly handling transformed boreholes; fixed.
  5. "Add to External" is now more flexible.
  6. Single boreholes now produce better quality surfaces.
  7. A support pattern bug was fixed.
  8. Some GSI calculator bugs were fixed.
  9. Highlighting a face, edge, or vertex did not work for certain graphics hardware; fixed.
  10. Vertex imprinting now works better.
  11. When printing, the chosen logo image file is now more centered.
  12. Some conflicting menu shortcuts were fixed.
  13. The RS2 section tool is now more accurate.
  14. Some tetrahedral meshing bugs were fixed.
  15. A geosynthetic liner units bug was fixed.
  16. Contour planes were sometimes not updating properly; fixed.
  17. The Info Viewer was displaying an incorrect calculation abortion message; fixed.
  18. Support results now load faster.
  19. Some support property dialog messages were incorrect; fixed.
  20. A property import bug was fixed.

Version 2.016 – July 17 2018

  1. The Geometry Import validator now identifies more relevant problems.
  2. A Copy Geometry Array bug was fixed.
  3. Some Section Viewer and Cutting Plane bugs were fixed.
  4. The Section Viewer and Cutting Plane tools now perform faster.
  5. Some failed Boolean operations stopped the program, or modified the original geometry; fixed.
  6. Some geometry selection bugs were fixed.
  7. Geometry selection speed was improved.
  8. An Extrude bug was fixed.
  9. A point cloud import bug was fixed.
  10. Bolts sometimes caused slowness in the modeler; fixed.
  11. Some Meshing and Mesh Refinement bugs were fixed.
  12. The Segmenter tool was improved.
  13. Exporting to RS2 is now more robust.
  14. A PWP Point Set visibility bug was fixed.
  15. A borehole Water Table bug was fixed.
  16. Improved viewing of the finite element mesh on individual entities.
  17. Importing RS3 1.0 files with large stage times caused the program to stop; fixed.
  18. A groundwater entity sometimes caused slowness in the modeler; fixed.
  19. The Refresh Results buttons are now updated when changing to the Results workflow tab.
  20. Some Save Compute File bugs were fixed.
  21. The Material Joint Options weren't displaying the correct units; fixed.
  22. Show Excavated Geometry Only was not behaving as intended; fixed.

Version 2.015 – May 24 2018

  1. Several improvements have been made to memory usage and speed; see below for more details, and further improvements.
  2. Imprinting is now more robust.
  3. A surface reconstruction bug was fixed.
  4. Some geometry processing speed improvements were made.
  5. The visibility tree is now faster.
  6. A geometry file writing bug was fixed.
  7. The program sometimes crashed when creating new documents too quickly; fixed.
  8. Vertex, edge, and face selection is now faster.
  9. Some texture drawing bugs were fixed.
  10. Projects now consume less memory.
  11. Opening, saving, and closing projects is now faster.
  12. The Divide All Geometry operation is now more efficient.
  13. More operations are now allowed on pieces of the External volume.
  14. Entities were sometimes drawn with an incorrect selection state; fixed.
  15. There was a problem reading certain geometry in older files; fixed.
  16. A support pattern bug was fixed.
  17. Contour planes weren't being updating while being dragged; fixed.
  18. Some symbols in the 3D view weren't being updated correctly when switching workflow tabs; fixed.
  19. A restraint editing bug was fixed.
  20. Importing a RS3 1.0 file stopped the program; fixed.
  21. The finite element mesh now consumes less memory.
  22. Material-specific field stress settings were being incorrectly written to the compute file; fixed.
  23. A Contour Geometry bug was fixed.
  24. Section Export to RS2 is now more robust.
  25. The Applied Property picker was sometimes incorrect; fixed.
  26. Bolt Orientation can now be Radial.
  27. Examine3D GEO files can now be exported.
  28. User-defined material models are now supported.
  29. The Mesh Plane is now faster and more robust.

Version 2.014 – April 3 2018

  1. Polyline imprinting is now more robust.
  2. Updates to the 3D views are now faster.
  3. The selection state was sometimes incorrectly drawn in the 3D views. Fixed.
  4. A geometry import tool bug was fixed.
  5. A Sweep operation bug was fixed.
  6. Exporting Autodesk files is now more robust.
  7. Liner elements were sometimes incorrectly uninstalled. Fixed.

Version 2.013 – March 21 2018

  1. Some geometry import tool bugs were fixed.
  2. Rendering the 3D views is now faster.
  3. Some face, edge, and vertex selections bugs were fixed.
  4. A texture bug was fixed.
  5. The program now uses less RAM.
  6. Transparency can now be controlled without selecting any entities.
  7. Saving large files sometimes stopped the program; fixed.
  8. Several operations are now faster.
  9. DTM files can now be imported.
  10. Boundary condition symbols are now placed more uniformly, and can be increased or decreased in count.
  11. Contour planes now follow the mouse when dragging.
  12. Contour surfaces were being updated too often; fixed.
  13. Some liner property editing bugs were fixed.
  14. Tetrahedral mesh generation is now more robust.
  15. Some results export bugs were fixed.
  16. Boundary condition names now include "vertex", "face", or "edge".
  17. "Show Excavated Geometry Only" was skipping the last stage; fixed.
  18. The pile properties window was showing incorrect displacement units.
  19. A polyline drawing bug was fixed.

Version 2.012 – January 31 2018

  1. The freehand manipulation tool is now more stable.
  2. A support pattern bug was fixed.
  3. The geometry import tool can now be resized more easily.
  4. A Query Line bug was fixed.

Version 2.011 – January 24 2018

  1. The geometry import tool now evaluates the quality of the imported geometry.
  2. The drawing guides were updated.
  3. Some Visibility pane bugs were fixed.
  4. Boolean operations can now be performed in more cases.
  5. The last saved location is now the same as the last open location.
  6. More entities can now be assigned the Construction Role.
  7. Polylines can now be attached to form longer polylines.
  8. Geometry creation and processing should now be faster.
  9. Extrusion and Sweeping now creates a closed volume by default, when possible.
  10. Primitive geometry creation windows now indicate when their parameters have changed.
  11. A Polyline Imprinting bug was fixed.
  12. The Project Summary window is now more appropriately sized.
  13. Geometry can now be copied without any history.
  14. A Copy Material bug was fixed.
  15. The Mesh Plane now uses Material colours.
  16. A Bolt Pattern bug was fixed.
  17. The program no longer crashes if attempting to open a non-installed RocData.
  18. Some Slide3 import bugs were fixed.
  19. Surface meshes can now be simplified during importing.
  20. Query data was incorrectly being exported with digit grouping delimiters.
  21. Some Compute File bugs were fixed.
  22. A Load Stage Factor bug was fixed.
  23. A Liner Geometry bug was fixed.
  24. A Bolt results bug was fixed.

Version 2.010 – November 24 2017

  1. Bolt patterns are now more robust.
  2. A liner results loading bug was fixed.
  3. The program sometimes stopped working when copying a material - fixed.
  4. Some Dynamics bugs were fixed.
  5. A cutting plane material assignment bug was fixed.
  6. A Slide3 import bug was fixed.
  7. A material dialog was fixed.

Version 2.009 – October 20 2017

  1. Improvements to: UI responsiveness, geometry selection, borehole surface generation, tunnel profiler orientation, 2D section tool, imprinting, results loading, liner result fixes, mesh file loading, reading older model files.
  2. Fixed bug where absorb boundary condition was nullified when the reaction force was assigned.
  3. Some improvement for automatic time-step calculation for dynamic simulation.
  4. Improved geotextile selection performance.
  5. Changed the way geotextile bolts are delivered to Section viewer.
  6. Borehole setter in Project Settings corrected.
  7. Hide rotate tool button in viewport.
  8. Set horizontal ruler to be at bottom of viewport.
  9. Changed wording of profile center.
  10. Fix for Project Summary not working in RS3.
  11. Fix for borehole surface role error.
  12. Borehole updates: UI - text boxes, top/bottom surface correction, set top portion to construction role. Final construction volumes set to geology.
  13. Bug fix on partitioning the two sides of the imprinted path.
  14. Update liner results units.
  15. Fix interface jointing.
  16. Assign material by section dialog: added ability to change materials for current stage and all following stages.
  17. Specifying orientations is now more robust.
  18. Geodesic polylines now work better.
  19. Some finite element mesh file reading bugs were fixed.
  20. Some geometry creation and importing bugs were fixed.

Version 2.008 – September 26 2017

  1. An Export Query Data bug was fixed.
  2. Some contour surface bugs were fixed.
  3. The Yielded Element entity now only gets created when turned on.
  4. The Visibility Tree was slowing down some operations; the Tree is now faster.
  5. Old results are now deleted upon saving a compute file.
  6. A Stage tab bug was fixed.
  7. The Field Stress dialog was improved.
  8. Import RS3 Property File was not working correctly; fixed.
  9. Excess Pore Pressure was computed incorrectly for Dynamic models; fixed.
  10. Saving the project now removes an invalid compute file.
  11. An Automatic Software Update Check bug was fixed.
  12. Bolts should now draw faster by default.
  13. Compute file writing now fails more gracefully.
  14. A compute file bug was fixed.
  15. The ruler and axes settings were improved.
  16. Some dialog layout problems were fixed.
  17. The meshing dialog was improved.
  18. Mesh refinement was improved.
  19. The default Material was sometimes incorrectly assigned; fixed.
  20. An Info Viewer bug was fixed.
  21. Save As was improved.
  22. More grids now have consistent import / export functionality.
  23. Some polyline drawing bugs were fixed.
  24. Some geometry import bugs were fixed.
  25. Some liner drawing bugs were fixed.
  26. Saving in a location that becomes unavailable caused crashing when saving again; fixed.
  27. Some bolt bugs were fixed.
  28. A Slide3 import bug was fixed.
  29. The tunnel profile tool was improved.
  30. The chart view now allows custom axis ranges.
  31. Boreholes can now be edited after defining the External volume.

Version 2.007 – August 24 2017

  1. Non-uniform loads can now be applied to edges.
  2. A multi-layered, staged, liner bug was fixed.
  3. Some contour surface bugs were fixed.
  4. A Set External bug was fixed.
  5. Some bolt and bolt pattern bugs were fixed.
  6. A point-set import bug was fixed.
  7. Data grid entry was improved.
  8. User-defined results are selectable for Export Data at All Nodes.
  9. Project files can now be saved as a single compressed file.

Version 2.006 – June 22 2017

  1. A line query bug was fixed.
  2. A meshing bug was fixed.
  3. Importing vertex data is more flexible.
  4. Dynamics and power spectrum improvements.
  5. Geometry importer improvements.
  6. Improvements when the system language is not English.
  7. Materials can now be assigned from a planar section.
  8. Some deleted liners continued to be drawn; fixed.
  9. Deleting now works better.
  10. Unit weight was sometimes computed incorrectly; fixed.
  11. Saving an existing file sometimes stopped the program; fixed.
  12. Pore pressures were sometimes computed incorrectly; fixed.
  13. Defining a box is now more interactive.
  14. Loading results sometimes caused the camera to zoom out; fixed.
  15. A bolt element bug was fixed.

Version 2.005 – May 16 2017

  1. The visibility tree's speed and correctness was improved.
  2. Importing csv files is now more flexible.
  3. The auto-restrain tool was improved.
  4. Support, groundwater, and boundary condition drawing was improved.
  5. Slide3 models can now be imported.
  6. A finite element meshing-related bug that affected 10-noded elements was fixed.
  7. Results loading and contouring speeds were improved.
  8. A decimal symbol bug was fixed.
  9. The beam data type list was missing moments.
  10. Some staging and undo/redo bugs were fixed.
  11. A contour range dialog bug was fixed.
  12. A liner orientation bug was fixed.
  13. .off files can now be imported.
  14. A geometry import bug was fixed.
  15. Interacting with the finite element mesh is now faster.
  16. Material dialog bugs were fixed.
  17. A liner dialog bug was fixed.
  18. Support patterns should now work better.
  19. Imprinting should now work better.
  20. Mesh refinement should now work better.
  21. User data should now work better.

Version 2.004 – April 6 2017

  1. Auto-restrain options have been improved.
  2. Some support and boundary condition bugs were fixed.
  3. Material dialog bugs were fixed.
  4. Interpret-related operations now have some speed improvements.
  5. Some compute file-related bugs were fixed.
  6. A file reading bug was fixed.
  7. Revolve now works with planar surfaces.
  8. Results data types are now categorized.
  9. Some mesh-related bugs were fixed.
  10. A pore water pressure interpolation surface bug was fixed.
  11. Results files were sometimes being deleted incorrectly: fixed.
  12. The default polyline drawing plane is now XZ.
  13. The default extrusion direction for the Y axis is now positive Y.
  14. Some keyboard shortcut editor bugs were fixed.
  15. The New Window command caused a selection bug: fixed.
  16. A results-related context menu bug was fixed.
  17. A surface import bug was fixed.
  18. Geometry can now be exported to OFF files.
  19. Accurate transparency is now on when exporting an image in Show All Edges mode.
  20. A Dynamic load dialog bug was fixed.
  21. SSR volumes are now transformable.
  22. The Geometry Import dialog now preserves more information from dxf files.
  23. Some support pattern bugs were fixed, and functionality improved.
  24. Some number format bugs were fixed.
  25. Material and support properties can now be imported from RS2 files.

Version 2.003 – February 6 2017

  1. Commercial release.

Version 2.002 - December 20 2016

  1. Beta 2 release.

Version 2.001 - November 8 2016

  1. Beta 1 release.

Version 1.024 – August 24 2017 [Download]

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 1.023 – July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 1.022 – February 6 2017

  1. Bolts were not correctly interacting with structural interfaces. Fixed.
  2. Improved accuracy of pile multilinear traction function (piece-wise linear interpolation).

Version 1.021 – August 17 2016

  1. The system default browser now opens the Help.
  2. Minor unit changes (bolt constant shear stiffness now in force/length, spring units now force and force/length).
  3. Sequence designer updates.

Version 1.020 – May 26 2016

  1. Fix for launching RocData v5.0 from material properties dialog.
  2. Sequence designer was creating thin geometry for certain spacing values. Fixed.

Version 1.019 – May 2 2016

  1. The force on a pile spring element was incorrectly incorporated into the minimum and maximum values for the pile interface data. Fixed.
  2. The liner data was using inconsistent coordinate system. Fixed.
  3. A very small beam element was inconsistently assumed to be too small. Fixed.
  4. The liner displacements were incorrectly using the reference stage. Fixed.
  5. Epsilon issues for sequenced support. Fixed.
  6. Slice depth calculation in sequence designer was causing epsilon error. Fixed.
  7. Bug fix for sequence designer creating very thin slice (epsilon check).
  8. Fixed error in water grid node query.
  9. Fix for groundwater units not changing defaults appropriately when units changed.

Version 1.018 – January 21 2016

  1. Export Data at All Nodes now allows export to xlsx files, to overcome the limit of 65000 rows in xls files.
  2. Fixed bug with deleting multiple tools by selection.
  3. Default fluid bulk modulus now updates properly on unit change.

Version 1.017 – November 25 2015

  1. The Strength Factor was not being computed properly in certain situations. Fixed.
  2. Initial stress was not being computed correctly in certain situations. Fixed.
  3. Delete tool bug fix.
  4. Added consistent clipping of Strength Factor values.
  5. The software now looks for all usable licenses on all usable license servers.

Version 1.016 – September 14 2015

  1. Fixed a bug in forming the stiffness matrix of Jointed Material models. The bug affected simulations that have more than 2 stages.
  2. Minor fix in display options dialog.
  3. Fix for orthogonal vectors in field stress dialog. If the vectors were not exactly orthogonal a warning would pop up. Now a 5 degree tolerance is in place.

Version 1.015 – August 7 2015

  1. Fix for sequencer designer support - on 'undo/redo', duplicate support items were sometimes being created.

Version 1.014 – July 31 2015

  1. Minor fix in the plasticity algorithm and the return of the stress state on the yield surface.
  2. Bug fix in creating initial state for distribution of pore water pressure.
  3. Bug fix in copying solid materials in the engine.
  4. Structural interface correction which affects 10-noded mesh. Mid-side nodes in adjacent slices are connected properly.
  5. Liner displacement orientation correction. Sign is flipped.
  6. Liner and Structural Interface intersection is handled. Liner gets nodes from Structural Interface's liner.
  7. Structural Interface's liner is never removed, even if both joint are.
  8. Composite element correction. If composite is removed, composite's joint is removed as well.
  9. The yield surface was fixed. It was incorrect in the presence of structural interfaces.
  10. When importing Phase2 files, some properties were not being reset properly if the units were different from the default.
  11. Graphed data did not use reference stage. Fixed.

Version 1.013 – June 15 2015

  1. Structural interface - Node numbering correction.
  2. Sequence designer - GW, loads, displacements, and restraints were added.
  3. Phase2 import - Some properties' defaults weren't being set correctly with different default unit systems. Fixed.
  4. Yield Surface with Structural Interfaces – was incorrect with structural interfaces. Fixed.
  5. Piles min/max direction vector wasn't being set properly if it was set to 'Normal to Orientation'. Fixed.
  6. Setting default for sequenced end bolts, piles, liners on back instead of front.
  7. Fix for inconsistent interpolation of sample values in graph and 3D view.
  8. Bug fix for display bug with support manually added in sequenced slices.
  9. Fix for reference stage data defaulting to Zero

Version 1.012 – April 10 2015

  1. Added structural interfaces.
  2. Convention sign of normal joint stress is now positive if the joint is in compression and negative if the joint is in tension.
  3. Improved stability of accelerated stiffness with bolts.
  4. Bug in datum material. Fixed.
  5. Pre-meshing geometry bug caused meshing to fail. Fixed.
  6. "Show yielded elements" only enabled for plastic or jointed solid materials; it incorrectly ignored the presence of supports. Fixed.
  7. Mesh was incorrectly not being invalidated after some operations. Fixed.
  8. Graded meshing crashed after Geometry Cleanup. Fixed.
  9. Negative sign not fully visible in value labels on query lines. Fixed.
  10. Reversing the orientation on multiple liners did not work. Fixed.
  11. Meshed model can now be exported as an .ex3 file for Examine3D. (File > Export).
  12. Results data on all nodes and elements can now be exported to a .xls file. (File > Export).
  13. The hoop and longitudinal directions on liner contours can now be drawn. (Display Options > 3D View).
  14. Updated Generalized Hoek Brown parameter calculator dialog to match the latest from RS2.
  15. Added export mesh to a text file option.

Version 1.011 – October 3 2014

  1. Spring element direction for Kx, Ky, Kz was not correct in the compute file. Fixed.
  2. Clicking "Show Yield Surface" after it has been turned on does not remove the yield surface. Fixed.
  3. Improved performance of bolt with composite liner when excessive failure occurs in the model.
  4. Convergence type always set to absolute force and energy. Fixed.
  5. Stress trajectories are visible as in Examine3D.

Version 1.010 – August 12 2014

  1. In the case of constant field stresses and gravitational field stresses using total stress ratios, defined using trend and plunge, shear stresses in the XZ and YZ extrusion direction had the wrong sign. Fixed. Files need to be resaved and recomputed.
  2. Undo and Redo buttons in Results mode gave false impression that Interpret operations cannot be undone. Fixed.
  3. Geometry cleanup fails when piezo line defined. Fixed.

Version 1.009 – July 22 2014

  1. Right-clicking in a dialog chart (ie. Hydraulic Properties) crashed the program. Fixed.
  2. Remove option to “Auto-remove in excavated volume” in Add Bolt Pattern dialog. Fixed.
  3. Not able to draw excavated regions in Results. Fixed.
  4. Initial Pore Pressure incorrectly non-zero. Fixed.
  5. When importing Phase2 models, groundwater material method is now set to Transversely Isotropic if K2/K1 ratio is not 1.
  6. Tetrahedral mesh elements alignment causing initial stress computation crash in some cases. Fixed.
  7. Plane-hidden contours hide the mesh. Fixed.
  8. Adaptive load control is only applied when the model does not have any excessive failure.

Version 1.008 – March 28 2014

  1. Joint tension failure symbol: decreased in size, symbols put in contour legend.
  2. Materials mesh crashing under certain conditions. Fixed.
  3. End liner put of back of slice when automatic uninstallation option was selected. Fixed.
  4. Displacement vectors colored using the legend. Changed.
  5. Sequenced end liners not automatically uninstalled, even with option checked. Fixed.
  6. End Liner/Bolt in Sequence Designer with custom sequence or multiple backfill were all installed in stage 1. Fixed.
  7. Bug with liner results display. Fixed.
  8. Liner selection and viewing bug with all 3D slices turned off. Fixed.
  9. Added camera-dependent sorting after user interaction.

Version 1.007 – December 4 2013

  1. Isosurfaces Progress Bar - a progress bar while creating isosurfaces.
  2. Contours & Vectors - It should be possible to see contours and vectors at the same time.
  3. Cutting Plane Should Cut More - A contour plane that hides results on one side should also hide yield points, isosurfaces, and vectors.
  4. Reset Displacement - The user can now reset the displacements at a set of stages.
  5. Material Contour Options Mode - When the Contour Options Mode is Off, draw the material colour.
  6. Inconvenient Mesh Quality Icons - The Show / Hide Bad Elements icon is inconveniently placed.
  7. Custom Mesh Icon Alignment - The custom mesh parameters icons are not lined up.
  8. Cutting Deformed Mesh - A contour plane that cuts other contours now also cuts the deformed mesh.
  9. Turning Off Contour Plane Outlines - The user is now able to turn off contour plane outlines.
  10. Yielded Element / Surface Buttons with Elastic Material - The Yielded Elements and Yield Surface buttons should be disabled when there are no plastic materials
  11. Connected Beam Data - Beams are being connected incorrectly to display results. See Tutorial 4.
  12. End & Extruded Liners Together - Bug when end and extruded liners occur in the same model.
  13. Slow Interpret Context Menu - The context menu takes a long time to pop up in Results mode.
  14. Query Liner From Contour Plane - Contour planes are incorrectly unselectable in Liner / Interface mode, so the user can not create line queries from the intersection of the plane with liners or interfaces.
  15. Not able to customize mesh on Sequencer generated geometry
  16. Material Colours on Deformed Mesh - The colours on the deformed mesh should be a combination of the material on either side.
  17. Contours on XY-Regions and Extruded Polylines - After showing the solid contour on an xy-region or extruded polyline, the context menu no longer becomes available on these objects.
  18. Rotation restraints - restrain x,y,z should be different symbols (or colors).
  19. End Supports in 2D View - Switching between Front and Back doesn't seem to change the 2D view, even when only one side has end bolts or end liners.
  20. Exterior Contour Blocking Contour Planes - Sometimes the exterior contour prevents contour planes from being selected.
  21. Edit Displacements – if stage factors was checked but not defined in the ‘Edit Displacements’ dialog, the program would crash.
  22. GSI calculator – in the material properties dialog, you residual Young’s modulus wasn’t being pasted from the GSI calculator.

Version 1.006 – November 6 2013

  1. Slice Thickness & Check Model - Include a slice thickness check in Check Model. Run Check Model, instead of the geometry cleanup check, before meshing.
  2. Mesh View Plane Toolbar Dropdown - The three mesh view planes are now available from a drop-down menu in the toolbar.
  3. When entering a grid, add an option to pick points in 3D and define the total head at those points.
  4. Parallelize RecreateMaterialsMesh so as to improve speed.
  5. Dip/Dip Direction for Jointed Materials - Added option to define joints with dip and dip direction, rather than just a vector.
  6. Speed improvements, optimization - Miscellaneous updates to drawing and interaction to speed up entire program.
  7. Yield Points on Plane Always Displaced - Yield points on a contour plane are always displaced, regardless of whether the contours are deformed.
  8. Fixed bug in elevation status bar text in vertical mode when hovering in 3D.
  9. Fixed bug in copy material properties.
  10. Add ability to assign end patterns with a 'relative' offset.
  11. Add ability to move end patterns (piles, bolts) after they are installed.
  12. Ponded water drawing issues.
  13. Advanced groundwater dialog wasn't handling the 'auto' case properly for time steps.

Version 1.005 – October 9 2013

  1. Customer Release.

Version 1.0 – May 5 2013

  1. Beta release.
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