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What's New

The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest Maintenance + release of RS2.

For a list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of, RS2 see the RS2 Update History page.

Version 11.023

Version 11.022

Version 11.020

Version 11.019

Version 11.018

Version 11.017

Version 11.016

Version 11.014

Version 11.013

Version 11.012

  • Interval time frequency
  • Query points on joint intersection
  • Time query line: plot raw data
  • Improve Stress Path option

Version 11.011

  • Use Legacy Automatic Liner Removal
  • New Piled Raft Foundation tutorial
  • Pile modelling using new pile elements
  • Additional SSR option for Hoek Brown Material

Version 11.010

  • Degree of Saturation added to User Data options

Version 11.008

  • Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)
  • Add a separate suction cut off for unsaturated strength
  • New options addded for Seepage Face Condition
  • New Tutorial: Applications of Joint Networks (with XFEM)
  • New Tutorial: Conversion to XFEM

Version 11.006

  • Stress plotting for Dynamic Time Query has been split into Total Stress and Effective Stress
  • Option added to apply Constant Ground Water Boundary Conditions
  • Option added to apply Constant Restraint
  • New Dynamic Theory Manual

Version 11.005

  • Wavin added to library of Geosynthetic support products

Version 11.004

  • User can assign anisotropic surface for anisotropic permeability
  • Restrain excess pore pressure from undrained material option
  • Assign Boundary Condition to selected side of Joint
  • Additional pressure in joint can be assigned by selecting piezometric line

Version 11.003

  • Strain Softening for Joints

Version 11.002

  • Dynamic Data Analysis tutorial
  • Comprehensive convergence check
  • Dynamic boundary condition: Hydromass / nodal mass
  • New dynamic verification models (FLAC, Hysteretic damping model,etc)
  • Relief Well
  • Properties table setting
  • Batch printing
  • New Dynamic Boundary Conditions (Hydro Mass, Nodal Mass)
  • Report Generator
  • Improve Joint Convergence
  • Finn-Martin Model
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