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Search Results

Results Set

The Results Set option allows users to quickly toggle block colouring between all valid blocks or blocks which belong to the subset of removable blocks or failed blocks. The Result Set includes:

  • All Valid Blocks - a block is considered "valid" if it does not touch the non-terrain surface or intersect any search limits. This includes the entire collection of blocks being computed.
  • Removable Blocks - valid blocks are considered "removable" if there exists at least one valid translating direction to geometrically remove the block out of its socket. This is a subset of All Valid Blocks.
  • Failed Blocks (FS < Design FS) - valid and removable blocks are considered "failed" if its factor of safety is less than the Design Factor of Safety specific in Project Settings. This is a subset of Removable Blocks (since a block cannot possibly fail without being removable).

The selected Results Set affects:

  • Block Colors: Only blocks belonging to the Results Set are coloured according to the Block Coloring mode (e.g., Random Colors, Active Contour). All other blocks are coloured according to the Material Property colours.
  • Block Information: Only blocks belonging to the Results Set are listed.
Results Set acts like a filter, but unlike Edit Filter in Block Information, only block colour is affected, not its visibility.

Compute Blocks

After Compute Blocks, the All Valid Blocks Results Set is shown.

Compute Kinematics

After Compute Kinematics, the selected Results Set is shown. The default Results Set is Removable Blocks. The Results Set options can be located in either of two ways:

  1. Select: View > Display Options and select the Results display options results icon tab.
  2. In the Visibility Tree, select the Results node to display the Results Set options in the Properties Pane.

Probabilistic Results Set

In a Probabilistic Analysis, the definitions of the Results Set is modified slightly since not all sample runs for a given block will results in the same Removable flag or Factor of Safety.

  • All Valid Blocks - same definition as Deterministic Analysis.
  • Removable Blocks - at least one sample run results in the block becoming "removable".
If Successive Failure is OFF, then this subset of blocks will be the same as a Deterministic Analysis (i.e., key blocks are not affected). If Successive Failure is ON, then the resulting Factor of Safety for each sample run can affect the removability of subsequent blocks beyond the key blocks.
  • Failed Blocks (FS < Design FS) - at least one sample run results in the block becoming "failed".
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