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Divide/Un-Divide All Geometry

Divide All Geometry

You can divide your material volume by all possible intersecting surfaces and volumes to generate multiple volume regions.

Divide all allows you to create a working model from geometry you have created using 3D primitive geometry tool or you have imported geometry from external file. To elaborate, it is process of converting any drawn / imported geometry to working volume model (i.e. assigning a 3D cylinder to be set as excavation volume) for calculation. This is a necessary step before proceeding to computation as it allows you to create geology and excavation geometry. Follow these steps for dividing all:

  1. Select the Geometry Geometry workflow tab.
  2. Ensure that you have at least one material volume.
  3. Select the Divide All Geometry Divide all option from Geometry > Divide All Geometry. You can only use this operation once per model.
  4. All possible divisions of the material volume will be generated with excavation geometry.

There are four options in the Divide All dialog:

  • Quality: High, Default, Low and Custom
Discard UnresolvedStrict ConstraintFeature Preservation
CustomUser definedUser definedUser defined

The High, Default and Low quality settings are presets, each automatically sets the three options “Discard Unresolved”, “Strict Constraint” and “Feature Preservation” when chosen.

With custom setting, these options are enabled for user input:

  • Discard Unresolved (ON/OFF)
    • When checked, difficult intersections between geometry pieces are neglected during Divide All. Consequently, geometry features or boundaries could disappear if these intersections are bypassed.
  • Strict Constraint (ON/OFF)
    • Very small gaps can appear between geometries. Sometimes the nearly touching surfaces are not close enough to be merged and leaving a gap in between. These are bad geometric features and sometimes critical to compute. If checked, Divide All process will keep iterating a repair process until the small gap is removed.
  • Feature Preservation: High, Medium Low
    • Divide All runs a repair process to condition the geometries. The options are the same as the ones Re-Triangulate function:
      • High: Strict detail preservation, regardless of quality (e.g. can preserve near degenerate, sliver triangles)
      • Medium: The processed geometry may lose some details as it attempts to reduce the amount of bad triangles
      • Low: Re-triangulate with little constraints, which can result in obvious alteration, usually for simplifying geometry
  • Remove Volume Less than
    • Combines any divided piece that has a volume less than the user-specified value to a larger one. It is identical to collapse small volume command, where it finds all volumes below the threshold and glue them together. The unit of the volume is consistent with the defined units in project settings.
  • Merge Tolerance
    • User defines the tolerance for merging the volumes of the geometry. Set the value <=0 for the program to automatically set the tolerance. Otherwise, any value >0, the user-defined tolerance will be applied to merge the geometry. The unit of the tolerance volume is consistent with the defined units in project settings.

Un-Divide All Geometry

You can revert the divided volume that you created using the Undivide All Geometry. You will obtain back the original volumes before it was divided.

  1. Select the Geometry workflow tab.
  2. Ensure that you have at least one material volume. Only geometries with a geology or excavation role will be used to divide the volume.
  3. Select the Un-Divide All Geometry option from Geometry > Un-Divide All Geometry.
  4. The original volume before Divide All Geometry option was used should re-appear in your model.
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