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Barrier Design Library

The Barrier Design Library is available in the Barriers menu. In this dialog, the barrier types are displayed in a list on the left side of the dialog. The barrier properties are displayed on the right. The barrier properties are specified in two sections, Barrier Design and Barrier Properties.

The Barrier Design Library in RocFall2 contains pre-defined barrier types with EOTA (formerly ETAG 027), WLV, or WSL certificates. The data for these barriers cannot be changed.

Manufacturers currently available:

  • Geobrugg
  • Maccaferri
  • PFEIFER Protective Structures
  • Trumer Schutzbauten
Some barriers have dual certifications. Different certifications allow for different maximum heights from the tests. The Barrier Design Library shows only the maximum range of allowed heights. Please contact the manufacturer for more detailed information.

You can also create your own User Defined barrier types by selecting the Add Barrier Definition Add barrier Definition icon icon. User Defined barriers can be deleted by selecting the Delete Barrier Definition Delete Barrier Definition icon icon.

Barrier Design

In this section, the barrier Name, Manufacturer, Certification, Minimum Height, Maximum Height, rated Capacity, and Unit system are specified.

The barrier name doesn't matter in terms of barrier functionality, however, it is a good idea to pick a unique name so you can differentiate between barriers when graphing or viewing a data tip. It is also recommended (but not required) that the name be different than the names of any data collectors. The certification field cannot be edited. User Defined barriers have a "User Defined" certification. It is not used in barrier design checks.

Barrier Properties

EOTA (formerly ETAG 027), WLV, and WSL ( FOEN, tested vertically) tested barriers are pre-defined in RocFall2. All of the barriers are tested at Maximum Energy Level (MEL). EOTA requires additional tests at Service Energy Level ( SEL), except for systems with only 100 kJ nominal capacity. Hybrid systems are excluded from the previously mentioned testing or certification guidelines. Systems without SEL data can only be checked at MEL.

Maximum Energy Level

This is the kinetic energy of a regular block impacting the barrier with a velocity greater than or equal to 25m/s. The stopped block cannot touch the ground before the barrier reaches maximum elongation.

Service Energy Level

The kinetic energy of a regular block impacting the barrier with a velocity greater than or equal to 25m/s, and equal to 1/3 of the MEL. The SEL test consists of two consecutive launches. After the initial test, the residual height must be greater than 70% of the nominal height, and there can be no ruptures to the barrier. The second test is carried out without any repair to the barrier, and the barrier only needs to withstand the impact.

You can also define your own custom barriers.

Description of Tested Values

The following properties are specified for each pre-defined barrier, and can be defined for custom barriers:

  • Capacity - The kinetic energy of the impact that the barrier can absorb while satisfying the elongation and residual height constraints.
  • Elongation - Elongation is defined as the maximum displacement of the barrier, measured parallel to the reference slope.
  • Residual Height - Residual height is defined as the minimum distance between the lower rope and the upper one measured orthogonally to the reference slope without removing the impacted block.

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