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Display Options

The Display Settings options in the Sidebar allow you to customize the following color and display options for Stereonet, Rosette and 3D views:

  • Stereonet Options
  • Stereonet Fonts
  • Stereonet Colors
  • Default Tool Colors
  • 3D Display Options

The default tool colors option is also available in the Display Options display options icon dialog in the View menu.

NOTE: Display Settings can be customized on a per view basis, so if multiple plot views are open, each view can be independently customized.

Stereonet Options

The Stereonet Options allow you to choose Equal Angle or Equal Area Projection, Upper or Lower Hemisphere and other options. See the Stereonet Options topic for more information.

  • Projection – C hoose Equal Angle or Equal Area projection for the Stereonet
  • Hemisphere – C hoose to view the projection on the Upper or Lower Hemisphere
  • Labels – Labels on the stereonet perimeter you can display direction labels NSEW, North, degrees, or None (no labels)
  • Exterior Ticks – Show or hide the display of degree measurement ticks on the Stereonetperimeter
  • Perimeter Circle – Show or hide the perimeter circle of the Stereonet
  • Center Cross – S how or hide the display of a small cross at the center of the Stereonet
  • Cross Hairs – Show or hide the display of cross hair axes on the Stereonet
  • Tick Spacing – The degree spacing of the exterior ticks on the perimeter
  • Outer Grid Width – Controls the line width of the perimeter circle and the exterior ticks
  • Inner Grid Width – Controls the line width of the center cross and cross hairs
  • Overlay Width – Controls the line width of the Stereonet Overlay grid
  • Legend Scale – Controls the display size of the Stereonet Legend

The Stereonet Fonts allow you to change the legend font and text size and the label text size.

3D Display Options

The 3D Display Options are only available for the 3D Stereonet View. See the 3D Stereonet topic for details.

Stereonet Fonts

  • Legend Font
  • Legend Text Size
  • Label Text Size

Stereonet Colors

  • Stereonet – The background colour INSIDE the Stereonet perimeter. Applies to Pole, Scatter and Rosette Plots, and Contour Plots only if the Contour mode is Lines.
  • Background – The background colour OUTSIDE the Stereonet
  • Grid Outer – The colour of the Stereonet perimeter circle and exterior tick marks
  • Grid Inner – The colour of the Stereonet center cross, cross-hair grid, and rosette circles
  • Label Text – The colour of the perimeter labels (NSEW direction letters or degrees)
  • Overlay – The colour of the Stereonet grid overlay applied with the Stereonet Overlay option
  • Global Mean – The colour of the Global Mean Vector display
  • Global Best Fit – The colour of the Global Best Fit plane display
  • Rosette Labels – The colour of the scale numbers on a Rosette Plot.
  • Rosette Wedge – The colour of the Rosette wedges

Default Tool Colors

The Default Tool Color options allow you to customize the default colours used for the following options. The default colours apply only to newly created objects. The colour of existing objects will not change when you change the default.

  • Set Windows – The colour of the Set Windows created with the Add Set Window option
  • User Plane – The colour of user-defined planes added with the Add User Plane option
  • Mean Set Plane – The colour of Mean Set Planes calculated from Sets
  • Variability – The colour of Variability Cones displayed with the Edit Sets dialog
  • Confidence – The colour of Confidence Cones displayed with the Edit Sets dialog
  • Arrow – The colour of Arrows added with the Add Arrow option
  • Cone – The colour of Cones added with the Add Cone option
  • Pitch Grid – The colour of Pitch Grids added with the Add Pitch Grid option
  • Text – The colour of text added with the Add Text option
  • Trend Line – The colour of Lines added with the Add Trend Line option
  • Ellipse – The colour of Ellipse or Circle objects added with the Add Ellipse option
  • Line Segment – The colour of Line Segments added with the Add Line option
  • Polygon – The colour of Polygons added with the Add Polygon option
  • Polyline – The colour of Polylines added with the Add Polyline option
  • Rectangle – The colour of Rectangles or Squares added with the Add Rectangle option
  • Fold Analysis – The colour of Planes calculated from the Fold Analysis option
  • Intersection – The colour of Planes and points calculated from the Intersection Calculator option


  • After a tool object has been added to a view, the properties of individual objects can be customized by clicking on the object and changing the colour or other properties in the Sidebar.
  • The colour of User Planes ( Add User Plane option) and Mean Set Planes ( Add Set Window option) can also be customized in the Edit User Planes and Edit Sets dialogs.
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