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Edit Sets

To edit Sets:

  • Select Edit Sets Edit Sets Icon option from the Sets menu or toolbar. The Edit Sets dialog will appear.
  • Click on the desired set(s) using the checkboxes in the grid, to the left of the dialog.

    NOTE: You can select multiple sets at once, by selecting multiple checkboxes in the grid. Select All Select All Icon / Deselect All Select None Icon options are also available to check/uncheck all sets at once.
  • Edit the desired Visibility, Display, and Lineations settings to the right of the dialog.

The Edit Sets dialog allows you to:

  • Customize Visibility of Mean Planes belonging to Sets.
  • Display Confidence Cone and Variability Cone for Sets.
  • Edit the Label.
  • Delete Sets.

NOTE : To change the Visibility settings, display Confidence Cone or Variability Cone, or to Delete Sets, you must first select the plane(s) by selecting the row checkboxes at the left of the dialog. You can select multiple planes at once, by dragging with the mouse, or by using the SHIFT and/or CTRL keys while selecting with the mouse.

The colour or Label of planes can be edited directly. The Set ID and Mean Set Plane orientations cannot be edited. Note that the format of the Mean Set Plane orientations will correspond to the current Convention.


The visibility of Mean Planes, and associated Set ID and label can be customized. Note that when Mean Planes are displayed on the stereonet:

  • The letter " m" beside the Set ID indicates the UNWEIGHTED mean pole/plane.
  • The letter " w" beside the Set ID indicates the WEIGHTED mean pole/plane.

A Daylight Envelope can also be displayed for any Mean Set Plane.

NOTE: The Planes option must be toggled ON for a given view in the Sidebar Plot Options, in order for Mean Planes to be displayed on that view. If Planes is toggled OFF, no planes will be displayed, regardless of the Visibility settings in the Edit Sets dialog.

Confidence and Variability Cones

Confidence Cone and / or Variability Cone can be displayed for each Set, at one, two or three standard deviations, or a custom percentage, for both WEIGHTED or UNWEIGHTED data, by selecting the appropriate planes and check boxes. See the Set Statistics topic for more information.

NOTE: The Object Visibility > Sets option in the Sidebar plot options, will show or hide the Confidence and Variability cones, along with the Set Windows, on each view.

Deleting Sets

Sets are deleted by selecting the corresponding Mean Set Plane(s) in the Edit Sets dialog, and selecting the Delete Delete Iconbutton.


  • When you select Delete, you are deleting the Set, and not just the planes. All information associated with a Set (i.e., Mean Set Planes, Set Windows, etc.) will be deleted, and the Set Column will be updated accordingly.
  • You may select either the UNWEIGHTED or WEIGHTED Mean Plane to Delete the corresponding Set. It is not necessary to select both planes.
  • To delete all Sets, you can use the Delete All Sets option in the Sets menu.
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