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Set Column

A Set column is automatically added to the spreadsheet when the first Set is created by the user with the Add Set Window option.

Set Column Values

The Set column records the Set ID number of data belonging to Sets. The Set ID is always an integer, and is defined by the user in the Add Set Window dialog, when a Set is created.

NOTE: The Set column cannot be directly edited by the user. The creation of Sets is based on the graphic selection of data with the Add Set Window options. This is the only method currently allowed in Dips for the creation of Sets.

Set Column Position

The Set column is always added after the Orientation, Quantity and Traverse columns, and before any Extra Columns. Therefore the Set column may be either the third, fourth or fifth column in the spreadsheet, depending on whether Quantity and/or Traverse columns exist.

Adding / Removing the Set Column

  • The Set column is automatically added as soon as the first Set has been created.
  • The Set column is automatically removed only if all Sets are deleted.
  • The Add Column add column icon / Remove Column remove column icon options cannot be used to create or remove the Set column.

Saving the Set Column

There are two ways of saving Set information in Dips:

  1. To re-create the Set Windows and Mean Set Plane calculations, you must save the Set Windows to a . dipsvs file. If you save the Set Windows to a . dipsvs file, then the Set Windows, Mean Set Planes and Set column will be re-created each time you open the . dipsvs file for a Dips file. This is the recommended, and only way to preserve all Set information for a Dips file. See the Import Planes, Sets, and Tools topic for more information.
  2. You may also save the Set Column as an Extra Column. In this case, only the Set ID numbers in the Set Column are preserved. Whenever a Dips file is saved or created, through ANY of the following options:
    • Save
    • Save As
    • Save Processed
    • Rotate Data
    • Query Data

The active Set Column can be saved as an Extra Column. After saving, the title of the column will be " SETID" ( rather than " Set" ), to indicate that it is an Extra Column, and is no longer an active Set column.


  • For the Process Data option, the Set column will only be saved if the Set ID checkbox is selected in the Processed Dips File dialog. If this checkbox is NOT selected, then the Set column will not be saved to the new file which is created after using the Process Data.
  • For the Create New File option in the Filter Data dialog, the Set column will be saved to the new file which is created after using the Create New File.
  • Versions of Dips prior to version 5.1, used the UPPERCASE column title " SET", when the Set column was saved as an Extra Column. As of version 5.1, the title " SETID" is now used to distinguish a Set column which has been saved as an Extra Column.

Multiple Set Columns

Finally, a word of caution – if you are saving the Set column as an Extra Column, as described above, it is possible that you can create Dips files with multiple Set columns.


  • Your Dips file will never contain more than one active Set column (corresponding to the Set Windows currently defined on the stereonet).
  • However, your Dips file may contain one (or more) "Extra" SETID Columns (depending on how many times you have re-saved a Dips file after creating Sets).

If you see multiple Set columns in a Dips file, just remember that all Set Columns which have an UPPERCASE TITLE – " SETID" – have been saved as Extra Columns, and are no longer active Set columns. The active Set column, corresponding to your currently defined Set Windows on the stereonet, will always have the title " Set", and will always be positioned to the left of any "extra" SetID columns.

To avoid confusion, you may wish to delete any "extra" SETID columns.

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