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Distance Column

A Distance column is required if you wish to use any of the following options:

  • Curved Boreholes (Oriented Core or Televiewer)
  • Joint Spacing
  • RQD Analysis
  • Joint Frequency

The values in the Distance column should correspond to measurements recorded along a Linear or Borehole Traverse. For Curved Boreholes, the Distance values should correspond to the Distance values entered in the survey file for the Curved Traverses. The Distance values should be within the range of Distance measurements in the survey file (i.e., Survey Data tab of the Traverse Information dialog.).

The Distance column can be enabled manually by selecting the Distance Column checkbox in the Project Settings dialog. It may also be added automatically, for example when you define Curved Borehole Traverses in the Traverse Information dialog.

If you have Distance values recorded in an Extra Column, this will not be recognized as a Distance column for the purposes of using the above analysis options (e.g., Joint Spacing, or RQD). If this is the case, then you must enable the Distance Column option in Project Settings, and copy the data from the extra column into the Distance column, before you can use any applicable options which require a Distance column.

Distance Column Values

  • For a given Traverse, the Distance values should be entered in order of increasing distance.
  • Distance units should correspond to the Units selected in Project Settings (meters or feet).

Distance Column Position

The Distance column is always added after the Orientation, Quantity , Traverse and Set columns, and before any Extra Columns. Therefore the Distance column may be either the fourth, fifth or sixth column in the spreadsheet, depending on whether Quantity and / or Set columns exist. A Traverse column should exist since the Distance column requires Traverses in order to use the relevant analysis options.

Adding / Removing the Distance Column

  • The Distance column can be added or removed from the spreadsheet through the Project Settings dialog.
  • It may be automatically created when you define Curved Borehole Traverses in the Traverse Information dialog.
  • The Add Column add column icon / Remove Column delete column icon options cannot be used to create or remove the Distance column.
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