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Import Wizard Overview

To populate data into Dips Traverse Information and/or Grid Data, the user can either:

  1. Manually enter each entry one by one;
  2. Manually copy columns or rows of data from an Excel spreadsheet; or
  3. Use the Dips Import Wizard to specifying the format and columns for mass import from an Excel spreadsheet.

The Dips Import Wizard allows users to import columnized data from Excel spreadsheets into Traverse Information and/or Grid Data.

To allow the most generalized/customizable import of data, Dips Import Wizard allows users to:

  • Import any Traverse Type(s), along with Grid Data;
  • Import a single or several Excel files at once (e.g. 6 Excel files, with 1 Linear Traverse per file);
  • Import Excel files with any order of column headers;
  • Import Excel files with any starting data row (e.g., header is on first row, and data starts on second row);
  • Overwrite or append to the existing data with the import data; and,
  • Start from an Import Settings Template which specifies the import settings for all the selected import data (optional).

To start the import process:

  1. Open a Dips document (whether a new Dips document or working document).
  2. Select Import > Import Wizard from the File menu.

The Dips Import Wizard dialog consists of a series of pages which guides the user through the process of selecting data types for import, adding import files, and specifying the various import settings.

Navigate through the process by clicking on the Next/ Back buttons.

Import Data Types

Import Data Types is the first page of the Dips Import Wizard dialog and contains selections for Import Settings Template and Data Types.


The Import Settings Template allows users to start from a predefined template or user-defined template. Any predefined or user-defined templates saved on your local machine will be available in the Template dropdown. Click the Open button in the Import Settings Template groupbox to import a template (and add it to the Template dropdown).

After selecting an Import Settings Template from the Template dropdown, Dips Import Wizard dialog controls will be automatically selected/populated based on the template settings. All the user has to do from here is add the import files for each Data Type.

NOTE: Use of the Import Settings Template is optional. By default, Template is set to None, which means that the user will need to start the import process from scratch.


Select any of the Traverse Type checkboxes, for importing Traverse Data (and Collar Data, and Survey Data for oriented core), into the Traverse Information dialog:

  • Linear
  • Planar
  • Linear BH Oriented Core
  • Linear BH Televiewer
  • Curved BH Oriented Core
  • Curved BH Televiewer
  • Clinorule

Select the Grid Data checkbox for importing Orientation, Quantity, Traverse, Set, Distance, and any Extra Columns into Dips' main Grid Data view.

For every Data Type selected, a corresponding Dips Import Wizard dialog page will appear after this page, which allows users to select the specific row and column formats of the import file for each Data Type.

Traverse Information Import

The Traverse Information Import page(s) allows users to select the import file for reading and the format of the import data for each Traverse Type checkbox selected in Import Data Types.

Grid Data Import

The Grid Data Import page allows users to select the import file for reading and the format of the import data into Grid Data if Grid Data check box is selected in Import Data Types.

Import Summary

Import Summary is the last page of the Dips Import Wizard dialog and contains a summary of Data Types being imported and their corresponding Status (Overwrite or Append).

The Warnings box will contain a listing of any errors which Dips detects in the import data. At this point, you will need to click Back to fix any issues. If "No errors found", then you may proceed to importing the data into Dips by selecting Finish.


Prior to selecting Finish, you may save the current set of selections in all the previous pages of the D ips Import Wizard dialog as a template. Select the Save Current Import Settings as a Template checkbox and enter a Template Name.

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