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Wedge View


The user may change the colours used for the Slope, Wedge, Background, Bolts, Shotcrete, and Forces.

The "Selection" colour refers to the colour of selected bolts while using the Delete Bolt and Edit Bolt options.


Arrows representing Water, Seismic and External Forces are displayed by default but can be turned off if desired.


  • If multiple External Forces are used, the External option will display arrows representing the direction of each individual External Force. The External Resultant option will display only a single arrow, representing the direction of the resultant External Force.
  • Note that ALL Force arrows represent only the DIRECTION of a given force. Arrow sizes are NOT scaled for magnitude, they only represent the presence and direction of a given force.
  • Shotcrete is represented by a gray shading of the Slope Face, rather than an arrow.
  • Water extents are represented by Wetted Area or Water Contours.


  • The North Symbol option can be used to display a North pointing arrow in the Top orthogonal view.
  • The Joint Labels option can be used to display the labels "J1" and "J2" on the model, so that Joint Set 1 and Joint Set 2 can be correctly identified.
  • The Legend option can be used to display the water pressure contour legend, and minimum and maximum water pressures. The legend is set to display by default when water pressure exists.

Drawing Mode

In most cases the user will want to use the default Shaded Drawing Mode, however, Wireframe mode is also available.

Factor of Safety and Probability of Failure Text

By default, the Factor of Safety (or Probability of Failure for a Probabilistic Analysis) is shown in the Perspective pane of the Wedge View. The user may toggle on/off the display of this text, and change the size, and colour.

The user can optionally select Show PF as a Percentage, which will report the Probability of Failure as a percentage (i.e., number of wedges failed / number of samples * 100) instead of a fraction (i.e., number of wedges failed / number of samples).

The Show PF as a Percentage option applies to the Probability of Failure label in the Perspective pane of the Wedge View, Wedge Information in the Sidebar, Info Viewer results, Cumulative Plot y-axis, Bench Design Plot y-axis. By default, the Probability of Failure (and Probability of Sliding, Probability of Occurrence) are reported as fractions.
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