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Copying to the Clipboard

The Copy option in the Edit menu or the toolbar, allows you to copy the contents of the active view to the Windows clipboard. This can then be pasted into word-processing or paint programs, for further editing, report writing, etc.


  • If the Wedge View is the current view, only the Active View WITHIN the Wedge view (Top, Front, Side or Perspective) will be copied to the clipboard. You must first click the mouse in the desired view (Top, Front, Side or Perspective) to make it the active view.
  • If you wish to copy the entire Wedge View (i.e. all four views within the Wedge View) to the clipboard, you will have to capture the entire application window. To do this, you can use the Print Screen or Alt + Print Screen keys on your keyboard. See the Exporting Images topic for details.
  • If the Info Viewer is the active view, then the Copy option will copy the Info Viewer text to the clipboard. By default, ALL text in the Info Viewer will be copied to the clipboard. If you only want selected text, then first highlight the desired text with the mouse, and then select Copy.

The Copy View to Clipboard option is also available in the right-click menu on all views.

The Copy Data to Clipboard option is available in the Edit menu, or by right-clicking on a Histogram, Cumulative, Scatter or Sensitivity Plot.

Copy Data to Clipboard will copy the raw data used to generate a plot to the Windows Clipboard. For Histograms and Cumulative Distributions, the data is automatically sorted (lowest to highest) before it is placed on the Clipboard.

It can then be pasted into a spreadsheet program (Excel, for example), for further processing by the user.

Also, note the following options:

  • With the Export Dataset option in the Statistics menu, any or all data from a Probabilistic Analysis can be copied to the clipboard, saved to a file, or exported to Excel
  • The Chart In Excel option allows you to export data and automatically create a graph in Microsoft Excel, with a single mouse click.
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