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The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest Maintenance + release of Slide3.

Note: for a list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of Slide3, see the Slide3 Update History page.

Version (3.025)

    Version (3.024)

    • Creating 2D section through the middle of the global minimum automatically.
    • Adding Intercolumn Force Diagram dialog to Column Data Viewer.
    • Converting Anisotropic Strength material exported from Slide3 to equivalent Generalized Anisotropic in Slide2.
    • Intelligent Search surface generation method.
    • Creating 2D section for export from polylines.
    • Draw polyline - plane origin selection tool.

    Version (3.023)

      Version (3.022)

      • Mapping Function options added to Generalized Anisotropic.
      • Update to Add Water by Location: ability to import Sysdam data.
      • Advanced option in Generalized Anisotropic dialog.

      Version (3.021)

      • Integration with Slide2 when exporting Generalized Anisotropic materials
      • Heuristic: New, faster weak layer handling option (available with Particle Swarm only)
      • Water options added to tension cracks
      • File > Open File Location option
      • New button to reset viewport layout

      Version (3.020)

      • Spline Search Method
      • Metaheuristic search methods improvement
      • Terrain Generator
      • MMO feature for Wedge or Multiplanar surface search methods
      • Synteen Manufacturer to the support manufacturer library
      • Contour display option improvement to match RS3

      Version (3.019)

      • Reporting the volume of each material for the critical slip surface in the report generator
      • User defined option for geosynthetic manufacturer library

      Version (3.018)

      • Different options to conduct more interactions between Slide3 and Slide2
      • Search limits integration Slide3-Slide2
      • Texture Mapping
      • Exported geosynthetic support properties from Slide3 to Slide2
      • Turbo color hot to cold
      • Sliding Direction Arrow
      • Contour for column depth
      • Reverse Colors Option for Contours
      • Show user defined surface in the 3D view of the 2D section creator

      Version (3.017)

      New Tutorial

      Version (3.011)

      New tutorials

      Version (3.009)

      New tutorials

      More Version 3 Updates

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