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Reinforced Concrete Sections

Here we'll explore the Concrete Designer dialog. We'll first quickly set up the basics of the model, then specify the reinforced concrete section.

1.0 Setting up the initial model

  1. In the Project Settings project settings icon make sure:
    1. Units = Imperial.
    2. Pile Analysis Type = Laterally Loaded.
  2. In the Soil Properties dialog (Soils > Soil Properties soil properties icon), define the following:
  3. #



    Soil Type

    Unit Weight (lbs/ft3)

    Strain Factor

    Undrained Shear Strength (psf)



    Yellow Square

    Soft Clay Soil




  4. In the Edit Boreholes dialog (Soils > Borehole Editor borehole editor icon), define the following soil profile. We are using only a single borehole for this example.




Top Elevation

Bottom Elevation






2.0 Defining the pile section material properties and reinforced concrete section

  1. Open the Define Pile Section Properties dialog by selecting Piles > Pile Section Properties define pile section properties icon. Here we'll define a circular reinforced concrete section.
  2. From the Cross Section dropdown, select Circle. Set the Diameter to 3.42 ft.
  3. From the Section Type dropdown, select Reinforced Concrete.
    Note that the Design button is now available.
  4. Set the Compressive Strength to 34,000 psf.
    Pile Section Properties dialog
    Pile Section Properties dialog - Reinforced Concrete Section
  5. Click on the Design button.

2.1 Concrete Designer

The Concrete Designer has 4 tabs, allowing users to fully define a reinforced concrete section. For more detailed information, we have the following help topics:

By default, the concrete section is not reinforced.

  1. In the Reinforcement tab, click on the Add add icon icon to add a reinforcement and define the following pattern:
    • Rebar Size = US Std. #9
    • Pattern type = Radial
    • Number of Bars = 14
    • Angle from X Axis = 0
    • Distance from Center (in) = 13
    Reinforcement tab of the Concrete Designer
    Reinforcement tab of the Concrete Designer

    We will now add a casing in the Casing tab. This tab allows the user to add a casing and to specify the necessary parameters.

  2. Check the Add Casing box and enter the below properties:
    • Casing Thickness (in) = 0.5
    • Yield Stress of Casing (psf) = 420,000
    • Elastic Modulus of Casing (psf) = 200,000,000

    Casing tab of the Concrete Designer

    Casing tab of the Concrete Designer
  3. Finally, we'll add an I-beam to the center of the pile using the I-beam tab. Define the I-beam as shown in the figure below:
    • Type = American Steel
    • W 12x72

    I-beam tab of the Concrete Designer

    I-beam tab of the Concrete Designer
  4. Click OK to close the dialog and save your changes. Click OK to exit the Define Pile Section Properties dialog and save your changes.

3.0 Defining the pile type and loading

We can now specify the pile loading.

  1. Select Piles > Add Pile add pile to open the Add Single Pile dialog.
  2. Add single pile
    Add Pile - Geometry

  3. In the Geometry tab, click on the Edit Edit icon icon for Pile Type 1 and specify a Length of 50 ft.
  4. Click OK to return to the Geometry tab. Leave everything else as the default values.
    Add pile - loading
    Add Pile - Loading
  5. In the Loading tab, add only a Moment Y of 50,000 lb-ft.
  6. Click OK to exit the dialog and save your changes.
  7. You'll now be prompted to place the pile. Enter 0,0 in the command prompt in the bottom right of the screen and then press Enter.
  8. You have now defined a reinforced concrete pile.


  9. Save and Compute Compute icon to see the results.

Model with results

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