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EX3 model

Announcing the new and improved EX3

Rocscience is excited to announce the release of the newly redesigned EX3 software (formerly Examine3D). With EX3 you can easily create and analyze large and complicated 3D underground models in a fraction of the time compared to the 3D Finite Element approach.

The program includes modules for 3D modeling, surface meshing, elastic stress analysis based on the boundary element method, and data visualization/interpretation. To give EX3 its speed, it uses the Boundary Element Method, and requires fewer material input parameters, and far simpler discretization and meshing since only surface meshes are implemented.

With its superior speed and elegant simplicity, EX3 is the ideal tool for performing complex stress analyses of underground mines.

With the redesign of EX3 comes the addition of several exciting new features. Multiple staging, for example, is now embedded so users can excavate and backfill domains of interest. Additionally, we’ve now included the ability to model joints with three different failure criteria.

Like all Roscience programs, EX3 is incredibly easy to use. Just import your geometry, apply forces, define the field points and press compute! The program automatically creates the mesh in the background, which users can define more precisely around areas of interest. Once you’ve computed your results, displacement vectors and deformation/stress contours will help users to better interpret the results.

EX3 will be available this February, 2020. Be one of the first to try it! Fill out the form below to register for the beta.

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