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What's New

The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest release of RSLog.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of RSLog, see the RSLog Updates History page.

Version 1.006

  • Import from gINT is now available as beta version.
  • The entire data of a project can now be exported to JSON format.
  • Miscellaneous Data tab added. If the project data is imported from other database files (e.g. gINT, DIGGS, AGS), the tab provides the miscellaneous data that could not be mapped into the RSLog data entry pages.

Version 1.005

  • User can specify the minimum, maximum and interval for the field test graphs in the borehole log
  • Added a field to the log template to allow defining the height of borehole log column header area
  • Added some validation rules to the CSV import feature for stratigraphy tab of borehole edit page
  • Added the borehole log print scale to show the scale of log page (e.g. 1 cm: 1.5 m)
  • Added a dropdown to Settings page so user can show/hide all product tour pages. Added a product tour to the template edit page.
  • Added a new tab on borehole edit page > Instrumentation tab for Borehole Survey. This allows assigning any dataset (verticality log, sonar caliper, inclinometer, etc.) to a borehole.
  • User can now customize the lists for sample types, drill methods, field tests, and borehole survey.

Version 1.004

  • Added a feature to duplicate a borehole (copy)
  • Allow user to change the column header text for depth scale log column
  • Sample length will be shown in the borehole log as a rectangle, showing top and bottom depths of a sample
  • Added a feature to GIS Map page to allow user importing the list of their old projects to RSLog GIS map by importing from CSV file
  • Added a feature to GIS Map page to allow searching the map for a city, project title or project number

Version 1.003

  • Added a feature to duplicate a log template (copy)
  • Added product tour pages to log column edit modal
  • Added a feature to allow tab customization on borehole edit page. User can hide/show certain tabs, and can change the order in which tabs are displayed.

Version 1.002

  • Added drill run log column to the borehole log when a borehole is drilled in rock
  • Added CSV import capability to stratigraphy tab of borehole edit page
  • Added a new borehole log column to present discontinuities data
  • Completion of the User Guide website for RSLog, and adding help links to all pages\
  • Added a feature to allow assigning users to a specific project (other users won't be able to see the project)
  • Adding a capability to role permissions, to create read-only permissions for a role
  • Adding a format dropdown to Settings page to allow user select the date format used to display dates across the application.
  • In Drill Run and Discontinuities tabs, added links to Rock Classification tabs so user can customize the lists
  • Added a Discontinuities tab to borehole edit page. This allows user to record all defects observed in a borehole

Version 1.001

  • RSLog launches
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