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Program Updates


Program Updates

RocPlane v3.0 Update History

Version 3.009 - May 9 2019 [Download]

  1. Added Total Probability of Sliding plotting feature to Bench Analyses.
  2. Fixed a FS legend display bug for scatter plot.

Version 3.008 - March 19 2019

  1. Now supports new website context sensitive help.
  2. Fixed a button drawing issue on Windows 10.

Version 3.007 - August 24 2017

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 3.006 - July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 3.005 - June 1 2016

  1. Info Viewer bug fix. Bolt forces weren't being displayed properly if no external forces present.

Version 3.004 - November 25 2015

  1. Fix for histogram edge condition.
  2. Fix for data input dialogs, sometimes a -0 error would occur.
  3. Windows 8.1 detection in techsupport dialog.
  4. Software now looks for all usable licenses on all usable license servers.

Version 3.003 - May 29 2014

  1. Incorrect units were being displayed in the 2D view and the infoviewer for some of the unit systems.

Version 3.002 - April 16 2014

  1. New help system.
  2. Improved bench and persistence analysis. Now can account for ubiquitous joints.
  3. Added correlation of beta and triangular variables for probabilistic analyses.

Version 3.001 - March 25 2014

  1. First Commercial Release.

Version 3.000 - February 07 2014

  1. Beta release.
RocPlane v2.0 Update History

Version 2.045 - September 20 2013

  1. Updated Help system to support Google Chrome and IE10.

Version 2.043 - April 1 2013

  1. Export image now works under Windows 7.
  2. Copy to the clipboard now works under Windows 7.
  3. Changing file tabs now properly draws the view.
  4. The default color of the background is now white (use to be black).
  5. Updated install.

Version 2.042 - October 28 2011

  1. Online Help would now launch in Internet Explorer if Google Chrome is the default browser. The online help does not properly work in Google Chrome.
  2. Fixed a bug with the display of passive bolts in the Info Viewer.

Version 2.041 - February 8 2010

  1. Probabilistic models with invalid wedges would plot incorrect cumulative distribution plots.

Version 2.040 - October 14 2009

  1. Active bolts with capacity greater than driving force would report a 0 factor of safety. Now they report 100 as the factor of safety.
  2. The 2d cross section view would sometimes incorrectly write 0 as the active or passive bolt load.
  3. The program will now compute probability of failure for a slope whose mean failure plane angle is greater than the slope angle.
  4. Probability of failure is now computed the same as Swedge #failed/#simulations. Probability of Sliding has been added which is the same as the old probability of failure #failed/#valid simulations. There is a new section in the help describing this. This will change files where the failure plane angle has a finite probability of exceeding the slope angle.

Version 2.038 - September 29 2009

  1. Tension crack distance would not get updated correctly when using the minimize location option.
  2. The infoviewer would sometimes not see the addition of a tension crack.
  3. Added the ability to add grid lines to graphs.
  4. If the the factor of safety is constant for all tension crack locations, the program will now display the wedge with the largest volume.

Version 2.037 - July 7 2009

  1. Under rare circumstances the clipboard would be corrupted. Fixed.
  2. Excel charting of multiple datasets would sometimes not work with Excel 2007.
  3. Security system update to allow for educational updates and improve commercial network version.

Version 2.036 - May 4 2009

  1. When removing all external loads in a probabilistic analysis, the program would not save the changes. Fixed.

Version 2.035

  1. Converted help system from winhelp to webhelp to be compatible with Windows Vista.
  2. Re-organized start menu folders and links.
  3. Updated technical support dialog.

Version 2.034

  1. Fixed a bug in the display of sensitivity data when some of the data is invalid due to invalid geometry.
  2. Improved the color scheme of the charts (like our Slide and Phase2 products).
  3. Improved printing code.
  4. Improved help menu which includes tutorials.

Version 2.033

  1. Program incorrectly calculated the intersection between a bolt and a tension crack. Fixed.

Version 2.032

  1. Now supports multiple HASPHL locks on the same USB hub.

Version 2.031

  1. External loads with negative plunge did not work correctly. It treated them as if it was a positive plunge.

Version 2.030

  1. New Hasp-HL hardlock support. Removed support for old beige hardlocks.

Version 2.029

  1. The random variable tension crack distance from the crest was broken in 2.025.

Version 2.028

  1. The Barton-Bandis strength criterion has been updated to include the 70 degree maximum at low confining stresses (Barton and Choubey 1976). Phib has also been changed to Phir to better represent the current criterion. The help has been updated as well.

Version 2.027

  1. Bench analyses would quote the wrong dimension (the slope height) for the wedge height in the cross-section view.
  2. The tension crack distance was not being reported correctly in the infoviewer.
  3. Support for new Educational system. Also update dll's to latest microsoft versions.

Version 2.024

  1. Better error checking of data entered for probability distributions.
  2. Fixed truncation of tension crack text in probability dialog.

Version 2.023

  1. Cumulative plot exported to excel with the wrong axis label.
  2. Updated hardlock and nodelock software.

Version 2.022

  1. Improved performance for beige hardlocks.
  2. Update to auto-update code and nodelock code.
  3. Bug fix for network version and path path dialog.
  4. Fixed a registry version bug introduced in the last update.
  5. Updated hardlock api for new hardware.

Version 2.02

  1. Added the new Generalized Hoek-Brown strength equations which includes damage due to blasting.
  2. A new preferences dialog has been added to the file menu. Using the preferences dialog you can choose the new XP menu style and tabbed views. Tabbed views allow you to quickly change the view through tabs at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Improved license management for network versions.
  4. Improved look under WinXP.