Solve challenging, three-dimensional models in minutes, not hours or days.

Slide3 2017 is a brand new 3-dimensional limit equilibrium slope stability program created by Rocscience. With Slide3 most of the analysis features found in our very popular 2D program Slide are now available in full 3D, including complex geology, anisotropic materials, loading and support.

Key features include:

  1. An easy-to-use modeling tool for fully three-dimensional geometry construction
  2. Calculate any failure direction without user definition
  3. Incorporates nonlinear and anisotropic material models
  4. Uses superior methods for locating critical slip surfaces of any shape
  5. Over 10x faster than competitors, using parallel processing for fast computing

For civil engineers

Whether you work with landslides, MSE walls, supported slopes, or other civil applications, Slide3 helps you to build and analyze models that 2D programs cannot fully simulate. Achieve a more accurate Factor of Safety than you would with 2D simulations.
Read more about civil applications for Slide3 in our article from the Summer 2017 edition of RocNews.

For mining engineers

Slide3 can calculate the Factor of Safety of complex three-dimensional geometries, like bullnoses, large open pit excavations, and the effects of buttressing. Calculate the FS in Slide3 just as easily as you do in Slide, no additional inputs required!
Read more about mining applications for Slide3 in our article from the Summer 2017 edition of RocNews.

3D open pit model with complex geology

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