Slide 2018 is a powerful, user-friendly, 2D limit equilibrium slope stability analysis program for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. Slide includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis, probabilistic analysis, multi-scenario modeling, and support design.


  • Improved Scenario Manager enables navigating large, complex models in a single Slide file quickly and easily
  • 10-15x faster processing of advanced non-circular surface search algorithms with new Surface Altering Optimization
  • Spatial variability allows for advanced probabilistic analysis, accounting for variability within materials
  • New anisotropic material models as developed for Slide3
  • Newmark seismic analysis can now analyze rigid, coupled, and decoupled methods simultaneously


  • Create and edit complex model geometry with ease
  • Built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis
  • Probabilistic analysis allows assignment of statistical distributions to any input parameter, as well as advanced correlation of parameters
  • Option to define the soil profile first and “cut out” the slope geometry afterwards
  • Option to define the soil profile from borehole data
  • Over a dozen material strength models for soil and rock (e.g. Anisotropic, Generalized Hoek-Brown, SHANSEP)
  • Numerous support type options (e.g. tieback, soil nails, geotextiles, piles) including integration with RSPile 2018
  • Flexible geometry import options from various file formats, including DXF, RS2, Slide3, and many more

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