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RS3 v2.0 Update History

RS3 2.003 – February 6 2017 [Download]

  1. Commercial release.

RS3 2.002 - December 20 2016

  1. Beta 2 release.

RS3 2.001 - November 8 2016

  1. Beta 1 release.

RS3 v1.0 Update History

RS3 1.022 – February 6 2017 [Download]

  1. Bolts were not correctly interacting with structural interfaces. Fixed.
  2. Improved accuracy of pile multilinear traction function (piece-wise linear interpolation).

RS3 1.021 – August 17 2016

  1. The system default browser now opens the Help.
  2. Minor unit changes (bolt constant shear stiffness now in force/length, spring units now force and force/length).
  3. Sequence designer updates.

RS3 1.020 – May 26 2016

  1. Fix for launching RocData v5.0 from material properties dialog.
  2. Sequence designer was creating thin geometry for certain spacing values. Fixed.

RS3 1.019 – May 2 2016

  1. The force on a pile spring element was incorrectly incorporated into the minimum and maximum values for the pile interface data. Fixed.
  2. The liner data was using inconsistent coordinate system. Fixed.
  3. A very small beam element was inconsistently assumed to be too small. Fixed.
  4. The liner displacements were incorrectly using the reference stage. Fixed.
  5. Epsilon issues for sequenced support. Fixed.
  6. Slice depth calculation in sequence designer was causing epsilon error. Fixed.
  7. Bug fix for sequence designer creating very thin slice (epsilon check).
  8. Fixed error in water grid node query.
  9. Fix for groundwater units not changing defaults appropriately when units changed.

RS3 1.018 – January 21 2016

  1. Export Data at All Nodes now allows export to xlsx files, to overcome the limit of 65000 rows in xls files.
  2. Fixed bug with deleting multiple tools by selection.
  3. Default fluid bulk modulus now updates properly on unit change.

RS3 1.017 – November 25 2015

  1. The Strength Factor was not being computed properly in certain situations. Fixed.
  2. Initial stress was not being computed correctly in certain situations. Fixed.
  3. Delete tool bug fix.
  4. Added consistent clipping of Strength Factor values.
  5. The software now looks for all usable licenses on all usable license servers.

RS3 1.016 – September 14 2015

  1. Fixed a bug in forming the stiffness matrix of Jointed Material models. The bug affected simulations that have more than 2 stages.
  2. Minor fix in display options dialog.
  3. Fix for orthogonal vectors in field stress dialog. If the vectors were not exactly orthogonal a warning would pop up. Now a 5 degree tolerance is in place.

RS3 1.015 – August 7 2015

  1. Fix for sequencer designer support - on 'undo/redo', duplicate support items were sometimes being created.

RS3 1.014 – July 31 2015

  1. Minor fix in the plasticity algorithm and the return of the stress state on the yield surface.
  2. Bug fix in creating initial state for distribution of pore water pressure.
  3. Bug fix in copying solid materials in the engine.
  4. Structural interface correction which affects 10-noded mesh. Mid-side nodes in adjacent slices are connected properly.
  5. Liner displacement orientation correction. Sign is flipped.
  6. Liner and Structural Interface intersection is handled. Liner gets nodes from Structural Interface's liner.
  7. Structural Interface's liner is never removed, even if both joint are.
  8. Composite element correction. If composite is removed, composite's joint is removed as well.
  9. The yield surface was fixed. It was incorrect in the presence of structural interfaces.
  10. When importing Phase2 files, some properties were not being reset properly if the units were different from the default.
  11. Graphed data did not use reference stage. Fixed.

RS3 1.013 – June 15 2015

  1. Structural interface - Node numbering correction.
  2. Sequence designer - GW, loads, displacements, and restraints were added.
  3. Phase2 import - Some properties' defaults weren't being set correctly with different default unit systems. Fixed.
  4. Yield Surface with Structural Interfaces – was incorrect with structural interfaces. Fixed.
  5. Piles min/max direction vector wasn't being set properly if it was set to 'Normal to Orientation'. Fixed.
  6. Setting default for sequenced end bolts, piles, liners on back instead of front.
  7. Fix for inconsistent interpolation of sample values in graph and 3D view.
  8. Bug fix for display bug with support manually added in sequenced slices.
  9. Fix for reference stage data defaulting to Zero

RS3 1.012 – April 10 2015

  1. Added structural interfaces.
  2. Convention sign of normal joint stress is now positive if the joint is in compression and negative if the joint is in tension.
  3. Improved stability of accelerated stiffness with bolts.
  4. Bug in datum material. Fixed.
  5. Pre-meshing geometry bug caused meshing to fail. Fixed.
  6. "Show yielded elements" only enabled for plastic or jointed solid materials; it incorrectly ignored the presence of supports. Fixed.
  7. Mesh was incorrectly not being invalidated after some operations. Fixed.
  8. Graded meshing crashed after Geometry Cleanup. Fixed.
  9. Negative sign not fully visible in value labels on query lines. Fixed.
  10. Reversing the orientation on multiple liners did not work. Fixed.
  11. Meshed model can now be exported as an .ex3 file for Examine3D. (File > Export).
  12. Results data on all nodes and elements can now be exported to a .xls file. (File > Export).
  13. The hoop and longitudinal directions on liner contours can now be drawn. (Display Options > 3D View).
  14. Updated Generalized Hoek Brown parameter calculator dialog to match the latest from RS2.
  15. Added export mesh to a text file option.

RS3 1.011 – October 3 2014

  1. Spring element direction for Kx, Ky, Kz was not correct in the compute file. Fixed.
  2. Clicking "Show Yield Surface" after it has been turned on does not remove the yield surface. Fixed.
  3. Improved performance of bolt with composite liner when excessive failure occurs in the model.
  4. Convergence type always set to absolute force and energy. Fixed.
  5. Stress trajectories are visible as in Examine3D.

RS3 1.010 – August 12 2014

  1. In the case of constant field stresses and gravitational field stresses using total stress ratios, defined using trend and plunge, shear stresses in the XZ and YZ extrusion direction had the wrong sign. Fixed. Files need to be resaved and recomputed.
  2. Undo and Redo buttons in Results mode gave false impression that Interpret operations cannot be undone. Fixed.
  3. Geometry cleanup fails when piezo line defined. Fixed.

RS3 1.009 – July 22 2014

  1. Right-clicking in a dialog chart (ie. Hydraulic Properties) crashed the program. Fixed.
  2. Remove option to “Auto-remove in excavated volume” in Add Bolt Pattern dialog. Fixed.
  3. Not able to draw excavated regions in Results. Fixed.
  4. Initial Pore Pressure incorrectly non-zero. Fixed.
  5. When importing Phase2 models, groundwater material method is now set to Transversely Isotropic if K2/K1 ratio is not 1.
  6. Tetrahedral mesh elements alignment causing initial stress computation crash in some cases. Fixed.
  7. Plane-hidden contours hide the mesh. Fixed.
  8. Adaptive load control is only applied when the model does not have any excessive failure.

RS3 1.008 – March 28 2014

  1. Joint tension failure symbol: decreased in size, symbols put in contour legend.
  2. Materials mesh crashing under certain conditions. Fixed.
  3. End liner put of back of slice when automatic uninstallation option was selected. Fixed.
  4. Displacement vectors colored using the legend. Changed.
  5. Sequenced end liners not automatically uninstalled, even with option checked. Fixed.
  6. End Liner/Bolt in Sequence Designer with custom sequence or multiple backfill were all installed in stage 1. Fixed.
  7. Bug with liner results display. Fixed.
  8. Liner selection and viewing bug with all 3D slices turned off. Fixed.
  9. Added camera-dependent sorting after user interaction.

RS3 1.007 – December 4 2013

  1. Isosurfaces Progress Bar - a progress bar while creating isosurfaces.
  2. Contours & Vectors - It should be possible to see contours and vectors at the same time.
  3. Cutting Plane Should Cut More - A contour plane that hides results on one side should also hide yield points, isosurfaces, and vectors.
  4. Reset Displacement - The user can now reset the displacements at a set of stages.
  5. Material Contour Options Mode - When the Contour Options Mode is Off, draw the material colour.
  6. Inconvenient Mesh Quality Icons - The Show / Hide Bad Elements icon is inconveniently placed.
  7. Custom Mesh Icon Alignment - The custom mesh parameters icons are not lined up.
  8. Cutting Deformed Mesh - A contour plane that cuts other contours now also cuts the deformed mesh.
  9. Turning Off Contour Plane Outlines - The user is now able to turn off contour plane outlines.
  10. Yielded Element / Surface Buttons with Elastic Material - The Yielded Elements and Yield Surface buttons should be disabled when there are no plastic materials
  11. Connected Beam Data - Beams are being connected incorrectly to display results. See Tutorial 4.
  12. End & Extruded Liners Together - Bug when end and extruded liners occur in the same model.
  13. Slow Interpret Context Menu - The context menu takes a long time to pop up in Results mode.
  14. Query Liner From Contour Plane - Contour planes are incorrectly unselectable in Liner / Interface mode, so the user can not create line queries from the intersection of the plane with liners or interfaces.
  15. Not able to customize mesh on Sequencer generated geometry
  16. Material Colours on Deformed Mesh - The colours on the deformed mesh should be a combination of the material on either side.
  17. Contours on XY-Regions and Extruded Polylines - After showing the solid contour on an xy-region or extruded polyline, the context menu no longer becomes available on these objects.
  18. Rotation restraints - restrain x,y,z should be different symbols (or colors).
  19. End Supports in 2D View - Switching between Front and Back doesn't seem to change the 2D view, even when only one side has end bolts or end liners.
  20. Exterior Contour Blocking Contour Planes - Sometimes the exterior contour prevents contour planes from being selected.
  21. Edit Displacements – if stage factors was checked but not defined in the ‘Edit Displacements’ dialog, the program would crash.
  22. GSI calculator – in the material properties dialog, you residual Young’s modulus wasn’t being pasted from the GSI calculator.

RS3 1.006 – November 6 2013

  1. Slice Thickness & Check Model - Include a slice thickness check in Check Model. Run Check Model, instead of the geometry cleanup check, before meshing.
  2. Mesh View Plane Toolbar Dropdown - The three mesh view planes are now available from a drop-down menu in the toolbar.
  3. When entering a grid, add an option to pick points in 3D and define the total head at those points.
  4. Parallelize RecreateMaterialsMesh so as to improve speed.
  5. Dip/Dip Direction for Jointed Materials - Added option to define joints with dip and dip direction, rather than just a vector.
  6. Speed improvements, optimization - Miscellaneous updates to drawing and interaction to speed up entire program.
  7. Yield Points on Plane Always Displaced - Yield points on a contour plane are always displaced, regardless of whether the contours are deformed.
  8. Fixed bug in elevation status bar text in vertical mode when hovering in 3D.
  9. Fixed bug in copy material properties.
  10. Add ability to assign end patterns with a 'relative' offset.
  11. Add ability to move end patterns (piles, bolts) after they are installed.
  12. Ponded water drawing issues.
  13. Advanced groundwater dialog wasn't handling the 'auto' case properly for time steps.

RS3 1.005 – October 9 2013

  1. Customer Release.

RS3 1.0 – May 5 2013

  1. Beta release.

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