Your Favourite 3D Modeling Tools—Now Even Faster

Published on: Jun 07, 2018 Updated on: Nov 09, 2023 2 minutes read

If you’ve installed the latest updates to Slide3 and RS3, we hope you’ve noticed dramatically faster response and processing times. That’s because you told us you weren’t happy with how the programs were performing, and we listened.

Here’s a summary of the improvements we’ve made to your favourite 3D modeling tools to make them not just better, but faster:

Improved UI response times in Slide3 and RS3

  • Opening and saving projects with complex geometries now takes seconds instead of minutes
  • Rotating model views is noticeably smoother and faster
  • Near-simultaneous display of Data Tips in the Viewport
  • No detectable delay when switching between Workflow tabs
  • Geometry selection/deletion in both the Viewport and Visibility Tree uses 30-50% less memory
  • Faster Geometry creation overall and with selectable faces, edges, and vertices
  • Divide All Geometry operation is 25% faster
Improved 3D model rotation in Slide3
Improved 3D rotation in Slide3

Faster meshing and staging in RS3

  • More efficient mesh generation, refinement, and removal (up to 17% less processing time and 30% less memory usage)
  • Improved mesh loading and saving; significantly faster Mesh Plane viewing
  • Noticeably faster stage creation and editing for multi-stage models
  • Dramatically reduced response times when toggling between Stage tabs in complex models
  • Visualization of Results for each stage takes 20% less time
Efficient mesh generation, refinement, and removal in RS3
Efficient mesh refinement in RS3

How to get the latest Slide3 and RS3 updates

If you haven’t yet installed the latest updates to Slide3 and RS3, just click the button for each product below to start the download.

Download Slide3

Download RS3

We want your feedback

At Rocscience, the inspiration for our software has always been you, your work, and the tools you use to get it done. Which is why we recommit every day to listening to you and what you care about so we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

If you would like to suggest any features, enhancements, or improvements for Slide3 or RS3 (or any of our other products), feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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