RSLog OnSite is the Field Data Collection App You Need

Published on: Apr 12, 2024 Updated on: Apr 17, 2024 3 minutes read
  • Alireza Afkhami, Senior Manager, Web Applications at Rocscience

RSLog OnSite is a free iOS/Android app designed to streamline field data collection during site investigation. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface and it seamlessly connects with your RSLog account, which saves the time you would have spent uploading field data.

OnSite can record anything from borehole locations to samples, field tests and stratigraphy, and all data is transferred to your RSLog account. You can also take and upload photos during site investigation and generate borehole logs while on site.

Internet connection is not necessary during data collection, but you can sync with RSLog when you’re connected again to share data with your colleagues.

Here’s an overview of how OnSite improves your workflow:

Team Collaboration

Whether one or multiple drill rig/excavators are mobilized for your site investigation, OnSite provides real-time collaboration between field engineers and the office. Using OnSite you can share data with your colleagues during site investigation in real-time, so that everyone, in the office or in the field, has access to the most up-to-date borehole data.

Minimizing Data Entry Errors

Transferring field notes to borehole logging software can typically cause data entry errors. With OnSite, these errors are minimized by inputting field notes directly into the software, and by selecting input parameters from various dropdown lists.

Project Tracking

RSLog uses the borehole’s Status to monitor each borehole during subsurface investigation, which helps project managers continuously track the overall progress of the site investigations.

As a test hole moves through different phases, field engineers can update the Status of the borehole from “Planned”, to “Utility Locating”, to “Drilling”, to “Backfilling”, and finally to “Completed”.

Easy Data Entry

OnSite’s user interface is designed for easy data entry. The tabbed design of the pages allows an efficient organization of data entry fields, and helpful features such as device GPS, map, and photo have been integrated into the app. Once your borehole data is in, generating a borehole log is just one tap away.

OnSite’s data entry interface is very similar to RSLog to make data entry as intuitive as possible. All your data is automatically saved so you never have to worry about accidentally losing your data.

Generate Draft Logs

Once your data is entered, reviewing the data and generating draft borehole logs is one tap away.

Syncing Data

OnSite allows dual-direction sync, so you can push your field data to RSLog and pull new changes from RSLog to your device. You can select specific changes you want to sync on both sides. This flexible process allows for easy communication between the field and office, and between different field engineers working on the same site investigation.

You can also turn on the Auto Sync feature, which automatically pushes your changes to RSLog every 5 minutes so that your colleagues in the office can see field data as soon as possible.

Data Backup

OnSite makes sure your data is safe and secure by backing up data to the device regularly and allowing you to restore or share the backup files at any time.

Make field data collection easier and more intuitive by using RSLog OnSite. Contact us today to learn more about how RSLog will improve your workflow and start your free trial.

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