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Technical Specifications


  • Non-horizontal soil layers
  • Multiple boreholes
  • Horizontal soil layers
  • Multiple layers/soil types
  • Multiple loads
  • Multi-stage analysis
  • Time-dependent consolidation based on Terzaghi theory
  • Immediate, primary and secondary consolidation (creep)
  • Hydro-consolidation
  • Ground improvement sensitivity


  • Field point grid
  • Line query
  • Point query
  • Back analysis using preload or time
  • Point query

Contour Data

  • Settlement
  • Secondary consolidation
  • Stress
  • Pore pressure and excess pore pressure
  • Modulus of subgrade reaction
  • Virgin and recompression consolidation settlements
  • Horizontal stresses

CPT Data Interpretation

  • CPT analysis based on qc, fs, and u2
  • Determine soil profile
  • Over 25 parameters calculated
  • Five SBT options

Empirical Methods

  • Burland and Burbidge
  • Schmertmann
  • Peck, Hanson, Thornburn
  • Schultze and Sherif
  • D’Appolonia


  • One click export to Excel
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Export image files
  • Info Viewer
  • Drawing, annotation, and dimensioning toolkit
  • Customize/save view options


  • Define multiple water grids
  • Define multiple piezo lines
  • Staged water table elevation
  • Horizontal drainage
  • Wick drain regions


  • Post-triggering LDI and settlement
  • Pre-defined SPT calculation methods
  • Ground profile for LDI
  • SPT, CPT, VST data
  • Dry ground settlement using SPT or CPT
  • Multiple analysis methods
  • Comprehensive results


  • Different shape load
  • Staged loading, pre-load
  • Embankment
  • Excavation
  • Uniform or variable
  • Flexible or rigid
  • Staged loading
  • Horizontal loading

Material Types

  • Linear elastic
  • Non-linear
  • Janbu
  • Koppejan
  • Collapsible soil
  • Variable with depth
  • Database of typical properties


  • Interactive editing
  • Right-click shortcuts
  • Easily define arcs and circles
  • Import/export .dxf files
  • Grid/vertex/object snapping
  • Interactive sidebar
  • Depth control
  • Undo/redo
  • Metric or imperial units
  • Data tips
  • Ground improvement: Stone Columns, Vibro-Compaction
  • Embankment Designer

Non-Horizontal Ground Surface

  • Define using boreholes and CPT points
  • 3D surface contour
  • Define soil profile by depth or elevation

Stress Computation Method

  • Westergaard
  • Vertical ratio (2:1, angle)
  • Multiple Layer
  • Boussinesq


  • Plan view/3D view
  • Plot contours on horizontal, vertical or user-defined planes
  • Plot results on vertical or horizontal lines
  • Plot multiple stages, times or locations on one graph
  • Animate/rotate 3D view
  • Isosurfaces
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