RSLog Makes User Management Easy

Published on: Apr 11, 2024 Updated on: Apr 23, 2024 2 minutes read
  • Alireza Afkhami, Senior Manager, Web Applications at Rocscience

RSLog, our web-based borehole data management software, offers web lease licensing that gives you the flexibility to use the program across multiple devices and internet browsers. Login credentials are provided for each user, so they can use the software anytime, anywhere.

Below is an overview of how users are managed in RSLog.

Role-Based User Management

In RSLog, roles are defined by sets of permissions for actions within the software like creating projects, deleting boreholes, or generating borehole logs. A role can be assigned to one or several users, and you can create as many roles as you need and fully customize the role names and permissions.

For example, an Administrator role could have more access than a Project Manager role, which itself could have more access than a Data Entry Engineer role, and so on.

RSLog admins can easily manage the user list by going to the User Management > Users page. In addition to manually editing the list, users may be imported from a CSV file. The maximum number of users added to your RSLog account is determined by your license.

Figure 1: User Management
Figure 1: User Management

Assigning a Project to Select Users

In addition to roles, RSLog offers access control at the project level. For each project, your RSLog admin can determine which users in your account can access that project. For further details please see documentation.

Free ‘Viewer’ Users

RSLog now offers a free ‘Viewer’ user for every paid user you purchase. Viewers can access RSLog, view raw data, and generate borehole logs, but they won’t be able to add, edit, or delete data. This type of access is best for managers, contractors, or clients who do not typically contribute to data entry and design.

How it works: If your license includes 5 RSLog users, you will also receive 5 Viewer users for a total of 10 users (if you need more, please contact us).

Overall, RSLog’s user management makes it easy to stay on top of your projects, no matter what device you use. Contact us today to purchase your licenses and learn how we can help you migrate historic borehole data.

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