RocFall2 2019: New Earth Berms, Enhanced Barrier Analysis, and More

Published on: Sept 13, 2018 Updated on: Nov 09, 2023 2 minutes read

Rocscience is excited to release RocFall2 2019, with a whole host of new features that build on the product’s already powerful rockfall analysis capabilities and improve the accuracy of its rockfall mitigation tools.

New Earth Berms

At the top of the list is the addition of earthen berms as a new rockfall mitigation tool that can be used in conjunction with barriers in analyzing rockfall risk. With the new Berm Designer, users can add triangular and trapezoidal berms to their slope models as well as create custom berms by specifying coordinates or importing them from .csv or .dxf files.

Designing earthen berms in RocFall 2019.
Design triangular (a), trapezoidal, and custom (b) earthen berms in RocFall2 2019.

The new berms behave similarly to slope materials with normal and tangential restitutions and friction angles or like barriers with infinite capacity.

Enhanced Barrier Analysis

Overall barrier analysis has been enhanced with the following additions and improvements:

Added Geobrugg Barriers. Geobrugg pre-defined rockfall barriers have been added to the Barrier Design Library with associated properties and MEL/SEL test data. All Geobrugg barriers have met the testing and certification requirements of ETAG 027, the most widely implemented and only internationally recognized certification for rockfall catchment fences. You can learn more about Geobrugg barriers here.

New Design Guidelines/Checks. Two new design guidelines/checks have been added—ONR 24810 Austrian guidelines and a new series of unfactored checks.

New Impact Angle Plotting. Impact angle plotting has been added to barriers and collectors to further improve analysis functionality.

Improved Geometry Import/Export Functionality. All geometry can now be imported (not just slopes) and rock paths can now be exported in .dxf files.

New Design Guidelines and Checks in RocFall 2019
New design guidelines have been added in RocFall2 2019

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