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Technical Specifications

Additional Output Parameters

  • Hoek-Brown: rock mass tensile strength, compressive strength, deformation modulus
  • Mohr-Coulomb: uniaxial compressive strength, alpha angle
  • Power Curve: uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength

Analysis of Test Data

  • Triaxial or direct shear test data
  • Lab or field (rock mass) data
  • Curve fitting methods: Modified Cuckoo, Levenberg-Marquardt, Simplex, Linear Regression, user-defined
  • Error summation: vertical, basic, parabolic tensile, Generalized Fairhurst
  • Absolute and relative best fit residuals
  • Data entry—in spreadsheet, from clipboard, import fi le (.roc, .rlb, .txt., .csv)
  • Tensile cut-off options
  • Data uncertainty analysis

Estimating Input Parameters

  • GSI calculator
  • Estimation of input parameters from built-in charts and tables: GSI, mi, sigci, D, C, phi, JRC, JCS, phir

Equivalent Mohr-Coulomb Parameters

  • Equivalent cohesion and friction angle for non-linear criteria
  • User-defined stress range
  • Instantaneous (tangential)
  • Cohesion and friction angle

Exporting Results

  • One click export to Excel
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Export image fi le (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png)
  • Export Slide2 shear-normal function

Failure Envelope Plots

  • Principal stress plot (sigma1, sigma3)
  • Shear-normal plot (tau, sigmaN)
  • Linearized principal stress plot ((sigma1-sigma3)/2 , sigma3)
  • Interactive plot display
  • Stress sampler
  • Instantaneous Mohr-Coulomb sampler
  • Equivalent Mohr-Coulomb envelope for non-linear criteria
  • Display test data on plots
  • Multiple materials
  • Formatting and customization of plots

Info Viewer

  • Save as HTML
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Open in Browser

RocProp Database

  • Primary database of intact rock properties (600+ records)search and filter by rock type, data type, geographical coordinates etc.
  • Charting and statistics
  • User database
  • Link to Google Maps
  • Export to Excel

Strength Criteria

  • Mohr-Coulomb
  • Generalized Hoek-Brown
  • Barton-Bandis
  • Power Curve

Stress Units

  • Metric (MPa, kPa, tonnes/m2)
  • Imperial (psi, psf, ksi, ksf, tons/ft2)
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