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What's New

The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest Maintenance + release of RocPlane.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of RocPlane, see the RocPlane Update History page on our website.

Version 4.010


  • Added option to populate Excel Template from existing model parameters in Automate from Excel using the Create Excel Template from Current option.
  • Added option to Save As RocPlane File(s) in Automate from Excel dialog.


  • Added option to report Probability of Failure as either fraction or percent in Display Options dialog.

Version 4.008

  • Added active and passive bolt forces to the list of sensitivity analysis options
  • Added bolt property probabilistic analysis functionality
  • Updated Export Dataset dialog. Fixed problem with Save and Copy buttons not working correct before.
  • Updated icons
  • Fixed bug with Pressure Distribution Model dropdown box not disabled correctly when Plane Water Pressure is unchecked (in probabilistic analysis mode)
  • Fixed bug with Edit Footer Block dlg not opening up correctly
  • Added Tutorial 11 - Back Analysis of Bolt Property
  • Updated Batch Compute and Automated Compute dialog layout and buttons. Added a Warnings box summarizing any warnings or errors that may have occurred during reading or writing. Added a check for overwriting old results. Moved Automated Compute from File to Analysis menu.
  • Updated deterministic Input Data dialog UI
  • Added user defined bolt type to bolt properties
  • Fixed bug of import bolt properties file selection dialog incorrectly filtering for SWedge file types.

Version 4.005


  • Compute several Deterministic, and/or Probabilistic analysis models using saved RocPlane model files. Quickly generate results for several RocPlane model files (.pln, .pln4) through Batch Compute feature.
  • Option to add RocPlane model files to File Queue individually and/or from a folder.
  • Option to output results as text file (.txt) or Excel (.xlsx) format for viewing and data postprocessing.


  • Compute several Deterministic, or Probabilistic analysis cases using preprocessed Excel input data. Quickly generate results for several RocPlane inputs through Automate from Excel feature.
  • Option to add Excel input files to File Queue individually and/or from a folder.
  • Option to output results as text file (.txt) or Excel (.xlsx) format for viewing and data postprocessing.

Version 4.001


  • Define Bolt Properties from the following types: Mechanically Anchored, Grouted Dowel, Cable Bolt, Split Set, Swellex, and Simple Bolt Force
  • Option to use bolt Shear Strength instead when the bolt is in the right deformation mode
  • Option to apply Bolt Orientation Efficiency factor calculated from the Cosine Tension/Shear or Linear Tension/Shear method
  • Bolt Model (Active/Passive bolts) is now associated with Bolt Property instead of each individual bolt


  • Apply Ponded Water Pressure to the Slope and/or Upper Face by specifying the depth of ponded water
  • Define Slope Face Type from the following types: Pervious and Impervious
  • Model Plane Water in conjunction with Ponded Water


  • Option to Form Only Valid Tension Cracks for Deterministic analysis
  • When Specify Location puts the Tension Crack outside of the wedge extents, the analysis computes Factor of Safety without Tension Crack
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