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Technical Specifications

Project Settings

  • Select from Lumped Mass and Rigid Body Methods
  • Scale normal coefficient of restitution by rock mass or impact velocity
  • Psuedo-random number generation for repeatable results
  • Advanced simulation settings

Lumped Mass Method

  • Models each rock as a particle with only mass
  • Models impacts using both normal and tangential coefficients of restitution
  • Models pseudo-rotation
  • Models sliding using friction angle

Rigid Body Method

  • Define rock shape, size, and mass:
    • Polygonal rock shapes and smooth shapes
    • Custom Polygon rock shapes
  • Models sliding and rolling with dynamic coefficients of friction and rolling friction
  • Variable friction with sliding distance
  • Viscoplastic ground drag
  • Forest damping for vegetated slopes
  • Variable slope roughness


  • Specify rock source locations using point seeders, point seeder series, and line seeders
  • Unlimited number of rock source locations
  • Probability settings for seeder starting velocities and rotations
  • Pseudo-random number generation


  • No restrictions on slope geometry (e.g., overhanging sections)
  • Statistically defined material properties
  • Model crest loss
  • Statistically defined slope vertices
  • Import/export material properties
  • Import .dxf, .crsp (version 3 & 4) files
  • Define slope based on segment lengths and angles

Enhanced Barrier Analysis

  • Unlimited number of barriers
  • Single variable barrier sensitivity analysis
  • Double variable barrier sensitivity analysis
  • Reusable barrier properties
  • Built-in library includes Maccaferri, Trumer-Schutzbauten, Geobrugg, PFEIFER Protective Structures and RISP barriers
  • Custom barriers
  • Check barrier designs per Italian, Austrian codes or Non-factored method

Earthen Berms

  • Triangular, trapezoidal, or custom berm shapes
  • Calculate impact with berms or specify berms with infinite capacities

Data Collectors

  • Gather information/statistics at any location


  • Define advanced filters based on combinations of criteria
  • Filter rock paths to create statistics/graphs

Graphs Produced

  • Histogram of rock endpoint locations
  • Plot max, mean, and/or percentile graphs (energy, velocity, bounce height, etc.) along slope
  • Distribution graphs show the distribution of bounce heights, energies, etc. at specific locations (same data as envelope graphs)
  • Create histograms or cumulative distributions for specific locations (impact locations, energy, etc.)
  • Toggle end reasons, seeders, rock types, and rock shapes added to Endpoint location, envelope, and distribution graphs
  • Group plots of runout distances and barrier impacts for slope sections batch exported from RocFall3


  • Copy graphs/plots to clipboard
  • Transfer plots to Excel with one click
  • Add property tables to the model view
  • Export slope, rock paths, barriers, collectors, and berms to .dxf format
  • Copy geometry/parameters to clipboard
  • Advanced report generation
  • Save screen to image file or capture to clipboard
  • Slope and slope/chart views are easily added
  • Animate rockfall trajectories
  • Display contact points
  • Save computed paths

Report Generator

  • Adding views to your Report
  • Adding barrier design reports to your Report
  • Print report or export to PDF's

Common Material Type Libraries

  • Table of coefficients of restitution included
  • Table of coefficients of friction included
  • Table of rock densities


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