RS3 Verification

The following verification examples have been prepared for RS3. To view the PDF documents click the links below. The corresponding RS3 model files can be found by selecting File > Recent Folders > Examples Folder from the RS3 main menu, and opening the Verification folder.

RS3 Verification Examples (PDF files)

001 Cylindrical Hole in an Infinite Elastic Medium

002 Boussinesq Problem Point Load on Half Space

003 Cylindrical Hole in an Infinite Mohr-Coulomb Medium

004 Strip Footing on Surface of Mohr-Coulomb Material

005 Pull-Out Tests for Cable Bolt

006 Axially Loaded Piles in Cohesionless Soil

007 Circular Footing on an Associated Mohr-Coulomb Material

008 Circular Tunnel Reinforced by Rock Bolts

009 Stress Distribution Along a Grouted Rock Bolt

010 Cylindrical Hole in an Infinite Hoek-Brown Medium

011 Dam with Unconfined Groundwater Flow (Muskat's Problem)

012 Plane Strain and Axially Symmetric Consolidation of Clay Stratum (McNamee's Problem)

013 Non-Linear Analysis of Strip Footing in Sand

014 Ubiquitous Joints in a Mohr-Coulomb Material

015 Simply Supported Rectangular Plate

016 Transient Groundwater Flow

017 Triaxial Compression Tests on Duncan Chang Material

018 Triaxial Compression Tests on Modified Cam Clay Material

RS3 Slope Stability Verification Examples

RS3 Slope Stability Verification