Rocscience International Conference 2023 Transcript

The video fades in showing the Rocscience office on screen and pans down followed by a montage of Thamer Yacoub walking up the steps in a stylish blue suit and entering the front door.

Transitions to Thamer walking outside addressing the camera.

Thamer: Hello everyone, this is Thamer Yacoub. I can’t believe that our first Rocscience International Conference took place more than a year ago. Looking back, the contributions that were made were truly amazing. The feedback we received has been very encouraging.

Briefly transitions to the RIC2021 branding with text reading “The Evolution of Geotech: 25 Years of Innovation” and then shows a collage of 25 screens of participants from RIC2021. After a few seconds, it goes back to Thamer speaking.

Thamer: Over 500 participants from around the world joined us at the conference, making it a huge success.

Thamer: On behalf of the Rocscience team, I would like to invite you to join us for our 2nd Rocscience International Conference in 2023.

A slow pan from Rocscience office showing the CN tower between buildings with the Rocscience conference logo and text April 24th-26th 2023. Transitions back to Thamer speaking in office.

Thamer: The conference will be in person, here in our hometown of Toronto, Canada from April 24-26th. All the details will be posted on the Rocscience website shortly. I’m looking forward to welcoming you in person at RIC2023. See you then!

A black graphic sequence starts highlighting different areas of the Rocscience logo. The RIC2023 symbol of two boxes are outlined and cubes move towards the center before the RIC2023 conference logo and theme is shown on screen. Text reads: Synergy in geotechnical engineering: Success beyond individual technologies. The Rocscience International Conference 2023 is shown at the bottom. The cube continues to rotate behind the text until the video fades to black.

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