At Rocscience, our engineering team is constantly working to make software work better for you. This means that we are regularly adding new features to the software, so you are equipped to take on the most complex geotechnical challenges.

Why Maintenance+?

With an active Maintenance+ subscription, you get access to:
All the latest features
Technical support
License services
Exclusive discounts

Your Maintenance+ subscription will ensure that you are always at the forefront of geotechnical innovation while getting the highest value for your investment.

Explore the benefits of Maintenance+

Maintenance+ No Maintenance+ No M+
Continuous Software
Access to all the latest features
Ongoing enhancements and performance improvements
Access to previous versions
License Services
License migration
License protection
License checkout
Technical Support
Access to technical support
Priority feedback submission
Online help & tutorials
Exclusive Discounts
Expert Modeling

Some of our most popular features that Maintenance+ subscribers have access to:

Maintenance+ Subscription Fees

The annual Maintenance+ subscription fee is calculated as 20% of the current license cost.

Perpetual License
1st year of purchase
A new Perpetual License comes with a complimentary 1-year subscription
Subsequent years
20% of license cost
Maintenance+ subscription renewals for subsequent years
Lease License
A Lease License includes a Maintenance+ subscription for as long as the lease remains active.


License Migration gives you the option to migrate a computer license from one device to another. You can migrate a Personal license up to three times per year.

License Protection ensures you can easily recover and reinstall your Personal license in cases where you lose your laptop or computer, or it's stolen.

There may be times when you do not have access to your license server. In such a situation, you can use License Checkout to temporarily transfer the license to your personal computer for standalone use without access to the license server.

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