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Settle3 Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 5.024 - May 9, 2024 [Download]

  1. NEW: Surface Point Cloud Import
    1. Updated Tutorial 16 with additional exercise
  2. CHANGED: Improved groundwater property assignment to soil layers
  3. FIXED: Program crash when attempting to add a CPT in extruded section layers mode
  4. FIXED: Program crash when attempting to export to Excel from right-click option for query point
  5. FIXED: First project info displayed in the Import RSLog Data dialog is blank
  6. FIXED: RSLog denying authentication if first project did not contain boreholes
  7. FIXED: Right-click menu options not appearing for RSLog boreholes in files before v5.023

Version 5.023 - January 5, 2024 [Download]

  1. NEW CPT simulation and CPT settlement
  2. CHANGED RSLog integration improvement
  3. CHANGED Removed ‘show old menus’ in toolbar
  4. CHANGED Liquefaction analysis computes when the user changes the settings in results view
  5. FIXED Issue where borehole edit was only allowed by thickness, not elevation
  6. FIXED Graph liquefaction when find FS using probability of liquefaction
  7. FIXED Issue where applying differential settlement resets the results
  8. FIXED Load state for vertical + horizontal loads not saved
  9. FIXED Issue where ground improvement sensitivity option was enabled when it doesn’t exist
  10. FIXED Issue with displaying elevation / depth for copy data in plot query point

Version 5.022 - September 7 2023 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Improved message for Maintenance+ subscription

Version 5.021 - July 7 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Loads and excavation with variable elevation/depth
  2. NEW Unit selection to CPT input dialog
  3. NEW Edit borehole coordinates have top elevation/depth
  4. FIXED Excavation issues with section creator in some cases
  5. FIXED Magnify vertical scaling not affecting surface grids
  6. FIXED Undo/redo happening twice
  7. FIXED Section creator line in 3D view (vertical line and moving the section line)

Version 5.020 - March 15 2023 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Add multiple borehole option now has elevation / depth
  2. FIXED RSLog log-in issue when the users were missing information on the boreholes

Version 5.019 - March 2 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Advanced staging with different stone column properties in ground improvement
  2. NEW Added transparency setting for soil layers in chart options for graphs
  3. CHANGED Updated Cetin 2004 to Cetin 2018 in Liquefaction analysis
  4. FIXED Cross section embankment for different stress methods
  5. FIXED Title block not showing when printing
  6. FIXED Ground improvement sensitivity analysis values when elevation method is used
  7. FIXED CPT analysis with groundwater table lower than the first depth data value
  8. FIXED issue with excel data export when sheet name has invalid excel exceptions
  9. FIXED Improved warning message while opening corrupted file
  10. FIXED Borehole log label icon not showing in print output

Version 5.018 - November 23 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW CPT classification and CPT soil profile
  2. NEW Improved UI design
  3. NEW RSLog view boreholes and new symbols for RSLog boreholes and CPT boreholes
  4. CHANGED RSLog website for stable connection
  5. FIXED Cross-section embankment with multilayer method/ vertical ratio method
  6. FIXED Invalid overhangs not allowed and user is now warned about it in cross section embankment designer
  7. FIXED Issue where fill load appears at wrong elevation using section creator
  8. FIXED Cross section embankment with section creator fixed for grid points and query lines.
  9. FIXED Inability to Edit Soil Properties from Right-Click Menu in 3D View for Extruded Section Layers
  10. FIXED Cone Factor for CPT options under soil classification not getting saved
  11. FIXED Issue with field grid point properties changes for some models
  12. FIXED Issue with time query point with secondary consolidation settlement for some models

Version 5.017 - September 1 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Improved section creator with vertical boundaries
  2. NEW Ability to move all entities coordinates
  3. FIXED Fixed Rigid load with query point issue
  4. FIXED Updated error message on Vertical ration stress computation method (2:1, and angle) for non-uniform loads
  5. FIXED Updated warming message with rigid loads and time-consolidation analysis
  6. FIXED Fixed drainage condition not being saved with model for extruded section layers
  7. FIXED Soil property stage factor display in report generator

Version 5.016 - July 6 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Report generator updates for project settings
  2. NEW Cross Section Embankment dialog improvements (move, delete vertices, UI updates)
  3. NEW Section Creator dialog improvements (move, delete vertices, UI updates)
  4. NEW Improved chart colors
  5. FIXED Time vs Total Settlement plots not drawing lines at particular locations
  6. FIXED Chart Sampler can change the size of the plot area.
  7. FIXED Better layered embankment validation
  8. FIXED Editing unit weight for cross section embankment caused incorrect error message
  9. FIXED 3D soil block no longer disappears after deleting all loads.
  10. FIXED Program crashed when opening stage factor in soil properties window
  11. FIXED Pradel (1998) was not being selected with 'Select All' options in Liquefaction Analysis dialog
  12. FIXED Bug where imported loads may have zero or incorrect height in 3D View.
  13. FIXED Fill load dialog validation
  14. FIXED Some files were automatically recomputing on open. This will no longer happen.
  15. FIXED Fixed unit conversion for suggested values of volume compressibility, mv
  16. FIXED Edit CPT Data dialog improvements
  17. FIXED Create 3D Copy freezes the program
  18. FIXED Drawing issues with Legend and Soil Image when 'Copying to Clipboard'
  19. FIXED Incorrect disabling of depth from Ground Surface Option for Vertical Axis in project settings
  20. FIXED Allow single path drainage option shown enabled while allow drainage is disabled.
  21. FIXED Fixed elevation / depth issue while plotting liquefaction graph
  22. FIXED Fixed export Excel with surface data to show the correct output
  23. FIXED Some chart display settings weren't hooked up properly
  24. FIXED Moving 'CPT' point visually still leaves old coordinates in edit dialog
  25. FIXED Improving visibility of text for boreholes
  26. FIXED CPT Data elevation issues with elevation mode
  27. FIXED Issue where section creator doesn't show soil profile in 3D viewer

Version 5.015 - April 25 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Add accessible colour options in Contour Options.
  2. NEW Add Drainage Conditions to Section Creator for defining drainage in extruded section layers.
  3. CHANGED Unify Auto-compute with a single check. Auto-compute setting is saved with the document. New document Auto-compute setting in Preferences dialog.
  4. FIXED Sidebar View Control window not sized correctly (vertically).
  5. FIXED Fixed the Use CPT Data Set option not populating data from CPT data in Liquefaction Options dialog.
  6. FIXED Fixed report generator missing query line information.
  7. FIXED Fixed adding multiple images for report view.
  8. FIXED Fixed rigid/flexible toggle in the Load Editor dialog.
  9. FIXED Crash when using Section Creator for models with Borehole(s) defined.
  10. FIXED Fixed issue where the program crashes on Add Pre-Load when Auto-compute is turned off.
  11. FIXED Sidebar scrollbars were not showing correctly after resizing application window.
  12. FIXED Query point selection for editing Query Properties is now limited to single selection.
  13. FIXED Crash after Edit in Load Editor for Loads added after Pre-Load.
  14. FIXED Incorrect selection of corresponding Load object in 2D and 3D views when row is selected in Load Editor dialog.
  15. FIXED Query Planes were not saved with the file.
  16. FIXED Fixed Tokimatsu & Seed (1984) settlement in liquefaction analysis with water table above soil model

Version 5.014 - February 25 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Importing boreholes from RSLog
  2. CHANGED Changed help menus to display online web helps only. Updated online help links
  3. FIXED Fixed filter data issue in CPT analysis
  4. FIXED Fixed crash while importing CPT data without auto detect data option
  5. FIXED Fixed Shifting Toolbar Icons
  6. FIXED Fixed visualization of units for X , Y location in imperial unit system in borehole dialog
  7. FIXED User is presented with a clear and concise confirmation message for section creator dialog
  8. FIXED Fixed a mislabeled title in empirical method when exporting to excel
  9. FIXED Fixed a unit conversion issue detected in CPT import
  10. FIXED Added more error messages while importing loads from SAFE

Version 5.013 – November 5 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Single drainage path option for stone column drainage
  2. CHANGED Project summary moved out of project settings dialog and into it's own
  3. CHANGED Empirical method dialogs now always use thickness instead of depth
  4. CHANGED Ground improvement sensitivity charts now show depth/elevation indication in the footer
  5. CHANGED Edit borehole dialog layout improved
  6. CHANGED Misleading text in advanced project settings
  7. FIXED Bug causing borehole soil layer rows to be very short in the list after being added
  8. FIXED Bug in liquefaction analysis caused by incorrect unit conversions
  9. FIXED Bug where graph ground improvement sensitivity option was always enabled, even when there was no ground improvement defined
  10. FIXED Crash when trying to export query line data to excel
  11. FIXED Crash when a time point is set at the bottom of the lowest soil layer
  12. FIXED Bug causing embankments loaded from a saved to be reset to ground surface when opening the edit dialog
  13. FIXED Crash when importing loads with excavations in some cases
  14. FIXED 3D rendering issue that could cause a selected query outline to be displayed in the wrong direction
  15. FIXED Contour depth/elevation label could be set inconsistently in some cases
  16. FIXED Bug causing changes in the depth/elevation on the sidebar to remove all points in currently opened charts
  17. FIXED Some inconsistent depth/elevation labels when switching between depth and elevation
  18. FIXED Rare bugs that could occur in the results of time point consolidation and liquefaction analysis
  19. FIXED Bug causing the default values for new layers in the ground improvement grid to be set incorrectly
  20. FIXED Bug causing material colors to not be set properly in query point graphs in some cases
  21. FIXED Bug which could cause depth/elevation values to appear as negative zero
  22. FIXED Inaccurate labels in the empirical methods dialogs
  23. FIXED Bug where empirical methods could use incorrect piezometric elevations in some cases
  24. FIXED Inconsistency of ground improvement sensitivity analysis dialog in elevation mode
  25. FIXED Bugs when exporting elevation data to excel
  26. FIXED Bug where invalid values would be output to excel inside of excavations
  27. FIXED Bug where pore water pressure would invert elevation values incorrectly
  28. FIXED Typo when requiring users to select a borehole to use as their ground surface elevation
  29. FIXED Invalid coordinates shown for coordinate display when in elevation mode
  30. FIXED Incorrect axis indicator shown for elevation mode
  31. FIXED Bug where entering elevation values in the command line would yield incorrect results
  32. FIXED Bug where copying ground improvement region would not show stone columns of region correctly
  33. FIXED Crash when trying to create 3D copies of some annotations
  34. FIXED Help Topics link not directing to the correct page
  35. FIXED Bug where the SBT zone could show different results from chart results in some cases

Version 5.012 – August 13 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Range for Liquefaction Option FC correctly set to 0 - 50 to prevent issues in the engine
  2. FIXED Bug when exporting query points that would cause the depth of the first point to be export for all points
  3. FIXED Bug causing the material property colours to be incorrect in the report generator when there are unused materials
  4. FIXED Bug causing in dialog help links to all redirect to the 'Getting Started' page

Version 5.011 – June 30 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Section Creator, allowing users to define soil layers using an extruded 2D section
  2. NEW Stone column drainage
  3. CHANGED Performance improvements to the engine
  4. CHANGED Now warning users that custom views added to the report generator do not persist after saving their file
  5. CHANGED View controls layout to be better spaced out
  6. CHANGED Moon(2016) to Moon(2018) with the new equation from the paper
  7. CHANGED Dialogs for adding loads will now have a more reasonable default elevation
  8. FIXED Bug causing combo box icons to render incorrectly when the combo is disabled
  9. FIXED Bug where embankment preview would not resize correctly with the rest of the dialog
  10. FIXED Bug where query names would be removed after certain actions
  11. FIXED Bug where auto-compute would sometimes run despite being disabled by the user
  12. FIXED Issues with the accuracy of progress reporting
  13. FIXED Crashes when interacting with queries that had been added without auto-compute enabled
  14. FIXED Bug where the report generator would display the wrong colours for soils when there were many soils in the model
  15. FIXED Crash that could occur when trying to view charts with only a single borehole defined
  16. FIXED Bug causing Burland & Burbidge method to not calculate when opening some old files
  17. FIXED Bug when adding new soil layers, where the new row in the grid would not be formatted correctly
  18. FIXED Very slow performance when exporting data to excel with large data sets
  19. FIXED Crash that would occur after adding stage factors and reopening the material dialog
  20. FIXED Bug causing newly added queries to not render in the 3D view if auto-compute was disabled
  21. FIXED Crashes that could occur when using the sampler in the chart views
  22. FIXED Bug where chart lines and series labels would disappear after a user recomputed
  23. FIXED Bug where copying a chart view to the clipboard would yield a blank image
  24. FIXED Bug in various dialogs that would cause names containing the '&' character to not display correctly
  25. FIXED Bug causing data tips to flicker in some cases
  26. FIXED Crash when opening some old files which contained custom images in their report
  27. FIXED Bug where sometimes embankment preview would not zoom-fit contents correctly
  28. FIXED Bug where some spinners would not be correctly set in the embankment dialog
  29. FIXED Crash when trying to add a time query with negative depth in elevation model

Version 5.010 – March 8 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Legends for all graphs now use query names rather than indices
  2. FIXED Bug where graphs would sometimes render very slowly
  3. FIXED Bug where incorrect values for depth would be used when generating graphs

Version 5.009 – February 10 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Fixed a crashing issue in CPT import.
  2. FIXED Fixed the virtual embankment zones initialized and displayed in the report generator.
  3. FIXED Fixed a bug related to embankment stresses, 3D mean stresses and excess pore water pressure calculation.
  4. FIXED Fixed multiple issues in chart plotting under elevation mode.
  5. FIXED Fixed a bug where the report generator displays Elevation when the project is under Depth mode.
  6. CHANGED Soil Property dialog will now prohibit any saturated unit weight that is less than unsaturated unit weight.

Version 5.008 – November 25 2020 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Updated report generator cover page information (date created = the date the report is created)
  2. CHANGED Negative time no longer appears in graph query
  3. FIXED Multiple CPT Data in edit CPT dialog
  4. FIXED Issues related to embankment (near angle and depth/elevation with cross section embankment)
  5. FIXED Removed negative sign appearing with default depth when graphing query points
  6. FIXED Right click on Rapid CPT and select Soil profile

Version 5.007 – October 31 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Multiple load import
  2. NEW Rapid CPT data import
  3. NEW Report generator
  4. CHANGED CPT to soil profile feature – the soil profile is no longer added as a borehole
  5. FIXED Fixed cross section embankment editor with depth/elevation issue.
  6. FIXED Wrong elevation for rectangular/circular/polygonal loads with advanced staging.
  7. FIXED Polygonal load import with txt file.
  8. FIXED Soil parameter calculations for CPT analysis (friction angle, preconsolidation stress, and horizontal permeability).
  9. FIXED Progress bar for not displaying real time progress
  10. FIXED Reduced memory footprint during computation of multiple query points and loads
  11. FIXED Issue where new files may set reference stage to stage 1

Version 5.006 – August 17 2020 [Download]

  1. Fix for cross section embankment editor crash
  2. Fix for cone load applied in wrong elevation
  3. Fix for zoom options canceling other operation while they are toggled off
  4. Fix for query line / point name not updated when graphed.
  5. Fix for Info Viewer showing wrong information for ground improvement region
  6. If model was being viewed with a reference stage turned on and new document opened it will start with Stage 1 also being reference stage

Version 5.005 – July 21 2020 [Download]

  1. Fix for cross-section embankments showing stresses outside the embankment boundary.

Version 5.004 – June 9 2020 [Download]

  1. When adding/editing loads and switching to advanced staging, bottom elevation is now properly initialized.
  2. Copying layered or section embankment would result in a crash; fixed.
  3. When editing soil layers changing top elevation would result in wrong thickness and bottom elevation being set; fixed.
  4. Info Viewer would crash when certain combination of empirical analysis was used; fixed.

Version 5.003 – May 7 2020 [Download]

  1. CPT analysis import data crash; fixed.
  2. CPT multichart option is not working properly; fixed.

Version 5.002 – April 22 2020 [Download]

  1. Fix for Settle3 v4.0 Update (bug fixes from version 4.018 to 4.023) which has been verified and implemented to the latest version.
  2. Fix for crash on query point when auto-compute was off.
  3. Fix for ground improvement with depth/elevation.

Version 5.001 – December 19 2019 [Download]

  1. Maintenance+ version released.

Version 4.023 - April 12 2019 [Download]

  1. Fix for Schmertmann empirical method calculation of Iz factors in case of strip load.

Version 4.022 - April 3 2019

  1. Added check for loads at the bottom of excavations, to prevent them being installed before the excavation.
  2. Fix for rigid loading for soils with multiple layers. In some cases, settlement values were increasing disproportionately with small increases in soil depths.
  3. Bug fix for liquefaction related to file corruption.

Version 4.021 - February 27 2019

  1. New SafeNet security update.

Version 4.020 - February 21 2019

  1. Fix for Burland empirical settlement crash.
  2. Fix for stage factors and rigid loads defined as Force and Moment.
  3. Fix for floating point issue that affected pore pressure distribution in some cases.
  4. Fix for "settlement cutoff" advanced option not working with virgin and recompression consonsolidation.

Version 4.019 - February 5 2019

  1. Fix for excavations with advanced staging.
  2. Fix for Schmertman empirical method not recognizing material layer in certain cases.
  3. In rare cases, load ID would get duplicated. Fixed.
  4. Fix for initial excess pressure calculation with negative OCM.

Version 4.018 - December 5 2018

  1. Bug fix for graphs with infinite value data points.
  2. Allow negative depths in Time Point Query.
  3. Fix for VST liquefaction and imperial units.
  4. Fix for staging fill loads with ground surface not at 0.

Version 4.017 - September 27 2018

  1. Fix for load editor and fill loads resetting.
  2. Fill load drawing fix.
  3. Update to surface interpolation.
  4. Bug fix for embankment calculation when embankment removed.
  5. Updated help links.

Version 4.016 - April 17 2018

  1. Query lines not showing interpolated soil profile. Fixed.
  2. Added minimum scale factor when drawing symbols.
  3. Fix for crash in rare circumstances with contour values outside of range.

Version 4.015 - March 21 2018

  1. Fix for Info Viewer not updating properly.
  2. Fix for geostress calculation in certain cases.
  3. Fix for image load failure causing crashing.
  4. Fix for unit conversion of mv typical values.
  5. Fix for export of non-horizontal data.

Version 4.014 - January 24 2018

  1. Fix for time point query with "update cv" option.
  2. Top elevation wasn't being remembered in some cases of multiple boreholes. Fixed.
  3. Fix for CPT crashing with no pore pressure defined.

Version 4.013 - November 24 2017

  1. Change boundary condition for net area ratio in CPT Project Settings.
  2. File not loading fill height properly for fill load. Fixed.
  3. Update to stage factors when stages deleted.
  4. Added scroll bar to combo box in graph query.
  5. Added Robertson 2010 to CPT output.
  6. Added a couple of checks for CPT data if top value qc=0.
  7. Bug fix for wrong calculation of ground surface.
  8. Fix for rigid loads defined below the ground surface.
  9. Bug fix for proper assignment of drainage conditions to all boreholes.
  10. Update to Burland empirical method to prevent crashing in a specific case.

Version 4.012 - August 24 2017

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.
  2. Change cpt dialog raw font size and changed dialog title.

Version 4.011 - July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.
  4. Fix for scaling to 3D measure tools.
  5. Bug fix for Janbu calculations for imperial unit systems.
  6. Improvements to graphing: longer "data to plot" combo box, change expansion factor for charts.
  7. Update units in soil layer legend tool.
  8. Add decimal output limit in Interpreter.

Version 4.010 - May 16 2017

  1. Added rigid load smoothing for virgin and recompression consolidation settlement.
  2. Added higher resolution option for line queries.
  3. Fix for unit issues in Qc1 graph for CPT liquefaction.
  4. Fix for SBT zone graphs Robertson 1990 and Schneider 2008 B.
  5. Fix for Yoshimine lateral and vertical strains. Capped strains at 100%.

Version 4.009 - March 27 2017

  1. Added CPT data import dialog for liquefaction, and made unit systems consistent between CPT analysis tool and liquefaction. Note: If you are using CPT liquefaction, you may need to change your input data in existing files to match the updated unit system.
  2. Fix for liquefaction crashing in some cases of changing CPT input data.
  3. Minor interface updates.
  4. Update liquefaction settlement charts for CPT to reflect correct imperial units.
  5. Enabled Vs120 option for CPT liquefaction.
  6. Fix for OCR staging.
  7. Improvements to exporting of non-horizontal data.
  8. Added Show All Loads / Excavation Names option to Display Options.
  9. Bug fix for isosurface crashing.

Version 4.008 - February 6 2017

  1. Added ability to specify columns for CPT import.
  2. Added friction angle to CPT interpretation output.
  3. Improved interpolation for multiple boreholes.
  4. Updates to undrained shear strength calculation.
  5. Fix for calculation of virgin and recompression settlement strains with buoyancy and/or compaction advanced project settings options selected.
  6. Updates to soil property movement when switching from non-horizontal to horizontal soil layers.
  7. Fix for differential settlement calculation.
  8. Fix for embankment end loads and preloads for models with embankments defined at non-zero elevations.
  9. Fix for Burland empirical settlement crashing with water table.
  10. Fix for datum dependency staying on after being disabled.
  11. Fix for "improper arguement" error message with moving load vertices.
  12. Fix for pore water pressure calculations in files with high negative/positive base ground surface elevations.
  13. Fix for mean stress calculation for negative loads and loads beneath ground surface.
  14. Various fixes for displaying of files with non-zero ground surface.
  15. Fix for calculation of loading stress with Multiple Layer option. Under certain combinations of negative loading / excavations and positive loads, loading stress was not correct.
  16. Fix for crashing when exporting VST liquefaction results to Excel.
  17. Fixes for calculation of excavation loading stress for models with non-horizontal ground surface or models with large negative base elevations.
  18. Allow for negative depth selection in chart picker.

Version 4.007 - December 14 2016

  1. Improvements to viewing CPT boreholes in tree view.
  2. Minor fix for excavations with ground surface above zero.
  3. Expanded undrained shear strength feature.
  4. Added option to specify poisson ratio for x and y loading stress calculations (for polygonal, rectangular, and circular loads) for Boussinesq in Advanced tab of Project Settings.
  5. Bug fix for mean stress calculation.

Version 4.006 - November 21 2016

  1. Minor interface improvements bug fixes.
  2. Fix for display issue with time plots exported to Excel.
  3. Fix for rigid smoothing for models with material properties varying with depth.
  4. Fix for CPT calculations with fs=0.

Version 4.005 - November 10 2016

  1. Commercial release.

Version 4.003 - November 1 2016

  1. Beta 2 release.

Version 4.002 - October 5 2016

  1. Beta 1 release.

Version 3.020 - November 1 2016 [Download]

  1. Fixed bug in rigid load smoothing.
  2. Fixed bug in Cetin 2009 SPT liquefaction settlement calculation.
  3. Fixed display bug in Interpret for drainage conditions in multiple boreholes mode.

Version 3.019 - August 17 2016

  1. Changed rigid load smoothing in models with varying soil material properties.
  2. Fixed a bug in computing loading stress for embankment loads in stages that load is removed.
  3. Epsilon issue in preconsolidation stress check caused numerical issues when a very fine query point was used. Fixed.
  4. System browser now opens the Help.
  5. Fix for Ishihara and Yoshimi reconsolidation strain calculation for SPT liquefaction settlement.

Version 3.018 - June 1 2016

  1. Fix for print crashing issues.
  2. Fix for rotation animation not working in certain cases.
  3. Fix for user_data equations dividing by zero.
  4. Changing the pre-load “calculate height from settlement stage” was resetting the “removal stage” in the dialog. Fixed.
  5. PWP functions were not being considered correctly in all cases. Fixed.
  6. Change in water pressure was considered in calculation of immediate settlement when piezo changed. Fixed.
  7. Added “ignore negative effective stresses” checkbox in Project Settings.
  8. Program was crashing in certain cases of consolidating materials being excavated. Fixed.

Version 3.017 - January 21 2016

  1. Added "Improve consolidation accuracy" checkbox in Project Settings.

Version 3.016 - November 25 2015

  1. Fixed a potential memory leak problem.
  2. Fixed a bug with preload computation.
  3. Fixed a bug in Westergaard analysis.
  4. Fix for piezo staging bug.
  5. Drainage conditions for boreholes were incorrect in certain cases. Fixed.
  6. Fixed a bug with Queries.
  7. Stress computation under embankments in a multiple layer scenario now uses the correct poisson ratio.
  8. Changed interpolation method in non-uniform loads to Chugh method.
  9. Unified the meshing method for embankment and normal loads.
  10. Improved the computation of embankment loads.
  11. Software now looks for all usable licenses on all usable license servers.

Version 3.015 - July 31 2015

  1. Made "Thin Plate Spline" the new default borehole interpolation method.
  2. Export to Excel wasn't naming query points / lines properly. Fixed.

Version 3.014 - June 15 2015

  1. Fix for conical load tooltip 3d bug (crashing)
  2. Added continuous time graphs for consolidated shear strength.
  3. Performance improvement of reading files with large number of boreholes.
  4. Fixed a bug regarding incorrect assignment of Poisson ratio when “Use vertical stress only” option selected in Advanced menu of Project Settings.
  5. Improved stability of ground water computations in models with multiple layered soil.
  6. Fixed a bug regarding settlement computation of query points in models with multiple rigid loads.
  7. Improved computation accuracy of multi-layered embankment loads with end faces.
  8. Fixed a bug in computing settlement within end face region of embankment loads under water table.
  9. Fix for edit borehole coordinates dialog - wasn't showing correct number of boreholes.
  10. User data wasn't being recomputed properly on undo/redo when a user data function was deleted. The correct user data wouldn't be displayed correctly until a compute.
  11. Fix for log graph having issues with '0' value.
  12. Updated liquefaction.
  13. Fix for tin triangulation crash.
  14. Fix for incorrectly showing soil layers in graph.

Version 3.013 - January 28 2015

  1. Fixed a bug in computing undrained shear strength. This parameter can now be computed at different consolidation levels.
  2. Fixed a bug resulting in non-contiguous settlement graphs in the presence of rigid loads and soil layers not prone to immediate settlement.
  3. Liquefaction charts weren't dealing with discontinous data properly. Markers are now consistent, export to excel works properly, and the chart controls apply correctly.
  4. Fixed bug when x-min and -max were identical in a chart, the data wouldn't show up.
  5. Boreholes weren't behaving with "zoom all" correctly after editing their coordinates. Fixed.

Version 3.012 - January 20 2015

  1. Fixed bug in computing settlement in stages before installation of rigid loads.
  2. Fixed bug in embankment loads with end face.

Version 3.011 - November 25 2014

  1. Bug fixed in reading groundwater data generated in old versions of Settle3D (2.019 and before).
  2. Fixed displaying min/max value for legend in case there is no data present at the query point.
  3. Fixed bug of crash in certain cases due to string definition of query points.

Version 3.010 - November 6 2014

  1. Bug with consolidation settlement computation in presence of soil layers with zero depth. Fixed.
  2. Normal TIN Triangulation for boreholes was crashing when all boreholes were colinear. Fixed.
  3. Normal CaCC ratio in soil layer legend tool wasn't being displayed properly. Fixed.
  4. Normal Groundwater from v2 files wasn't being read properly for some files. Fixed.
  5. Improved accuracy in rigid foundation computation.

Version 3.009 - October 3 2014

  1. Bug in rigid load computation with advanced staging option enabled. Fixed.
  2. Bug in multiple boreholes models in which a borehole contains a zero thickness soil layer. Fixed.
  3. Bug in models with multiple soil layers in Westergaard method. Fixed.
  4. Bug related to groundwater analysis when no piezo-line is assigned. Fixed.
  5. Bug in multi-staged groundwater analysis with "Stage Piezo Line" option selected. Fixed.

Version 3.008 - July 24 2014

  1. Excavation loading stress with multiple boreholes. Fixed.
  2. "Use mean 3D stress" option disabled for Westergaard method. Fixed.
  3. Computing settlement using Multiple Layer analysis, with multiple loads and excavations was not accurate. Fixed.

Version 3.007 - June 3 2014

  1. Bug in calculating settlement and LDI for liquefaction analyses in cases where there were layers with no SPT data, and where the Prone to Liquefaction checkbox was selected. Fixed.

Version 3.006 - May 28 2014

  1. Multiple Layers option with embankment loading. Fixed.
  2. Improved speed for rigid loading.
  3. Legend not displayed when printing if 2D view is maximized. Fixed.
  4. Printing cut off right and bottom of charts. Fixed.
  5. Liquefaction graphing for VST crashed in some cases. Fixed.
  6. Parameters in Liquefaction dialog in Material Properties dialog not saving. Fixed.
  7. Small bug in drawing material on query point with magnified z-scaling. Fixed.

Version 3.005 - April 4 2014

  1. FS cutoff for liquefaction settlement and lateral displacement calculations.
  2. Updated online help.
  3. Issues in models with multiple rigid loads. Fixed.
  4. Probability of liquefaction graph not displayed. Fixed.
  5. Contour labels revert to “No Data” when viewing the graphics in Print Preview. Fixed.
  6. Issues editing the header and footer through Custom Designs command in Page Setup under Print Preview. Fixed.
  7. Crashes when using Print and Print Preview. Fixed.
  8. Problem extrapolating field point grid past boreholes. Fixed.

Version 3.004 - March 20 2014

  1. "Copy image" in charts not working. Fixed.
  2. Rigid load calculation improvements.
  3. Improvements to Help in dialogs.
  4. Minor dialog fixes.

Version 3.003 - March 6 2014

  1. Porewater pressure profile option for groundwater (new groundwater type).
  2. Borehole coordinate editor for all boreholes.
  3. Staged excavation with multiple boreholes not displaying properly. Fixed.
  4. Liquefaction not working properly with imperial units. Fixed.
  5. Editing/delete Piezo lines wasn't recalculating results properly. Fixed.

Version 3.002 - February 6 2014

  1. Online help added.
  2. Info viewer improvements.
  3. User data options added.
  4. ID of boreholes now displayed in 3D.
  5. Improved groundwater options for multiple boreholes.
  6. Formulas for Cn corrections added in liquefaction dialog.
  7. Reading old files with 32 bit build was causing problems. Fixed.
  8. Multiple bug fixes for liquefaction charting.
  9. Double clicking file in windows explorer wasn't opening the file in Settle3D properly. Fixed.
  10. Printing from a graph was causing crashes. Fixed.
  11. Contour labels weren't displaying properly on print. Fixed.
  12. Engine was crashing when multiple borehole interpolation caused an area with no soil. Fixed.
  13. Right clicking liquefaction graph and the tabs was causing crash. Fixed.
  14. Better labelling of liquefaction excel output.
  15. Dimension tools from old files weren't displaying correctly. Fixed.

Version 3.001 - January 14 2014

  1. Beta release.

Version 2.019 - April 16 2014

  1. Dependency of the meshing resolution to the number of geometry boundary points is eliminated.
  2. Fixed the crashing bug for rigid non-convex loads with centre of gravity outside of the load geometry.
  3. Fixed bugs in analysis of polygonal rigid loads.

Version 2.018 - November 12 2013

  1. A bug with stress calculation for the multiple layer formulation was fixed.
  2. A bug with the computation of consolidation settlement for rigid loads was fixed.

Version 2.017 - September 20 2013

  1. Updated Help system to support Google Chrome and IE10.
  2. Compute: Improved calculation of rigid load settlement to consider cases with thin layers in the model.
  3. Compute: Improved the accuracy of the rigid load algorithm for large area loads.
  4. Compute: An average modulus for all layers is used for the calculation of rigid load when Boussinesq analysis option is used.

Version 2.016 - July 20 2012

  1. Always allow ‘consider hydroconsolidation’ to be used.
  2. ‘Saturated unit weight’ is now disabled if ‘consider hydroconsolidation’ is not checked.
  3. ‘Strain based’ check is only enable if the material’s primary consolidation is considered and the method is non-linear – otherwise ‘strain based’ is set to true and the checkbox is disabled.
  4. You are now unable to turn ‘consider hydroconsolidation’ on in the hydroconsolidaiton properties dialog without also adding at least two points to the function.
  5. Changed the default ‘strain based’ check to be true for all materials.
  6. A warning pops up in the material properties dialog if a material who was previously set to ‘delta void ratio’ in the hydroconsolidation dialog is changed in the material properties dialog from a non-linear method to something else OR if ‘consider primary consolidation’ is unchecked. The warning states that ‘strain based’ is being turned on for that material.

Version 2.015 - May 14 2012

  1. Fixed error in image import dialog that would cause program to crash when clicking a shortcut in the file explorer.
  2. Changed excel exporter to export point, line and grid data more consistently in an excel-friendly format.

Version 2.014 - April 20 2012

  1. Compute. Improved calculation of rigid load settlement to consider the stiffness for only the material within one load diameter from the load.
  2. Compute. Fixed a bug for the calculation of degree of consolidation for very small settlements.
  3. Fixed a bug in the ‘Export Data To Excel’ option that didn’t allow ‘Surface Data’ to be exported correctly.
  4. Changed display option so that when a boundary’s coordinates are being edited, only those coordinates are shown on the CAD view, rather than showing all coordinates.
  5. Modeler. When using the Westergaard stress computation method, the advanced option of using 3D mean stress is not supported. However, this option was not being disabled. Fixed.

Version 2.013 - January 24 2012

  1. Fixed a bug in the soil property table tool format dialog that would cause the dialog to prompt the user for incorrect entry.
  2. Fixed a bug with the calculation of preload for multiple layer stress method. This bug caused the program to crash.
  3. Added better decimal control for query values display.
  4. Updated OS detection in technical support window.

Version 2.012 - November 19 2011

  1. Online Help would now launch in Internet Explorer if Google Chrome is the default browser. The online help does not properly work in Google Chrome.
  2. Fixed a bug with 2:1 stress ratio for polygon loads.
  3. Fixed a crash with printing to Adobe PDF from the main view.
  4. Program would hang opening Info Viewer if a material with Mesri type of secondary consolidation was used in the model.
  5. Fixed Windows Visual Styles which were accidentally removed in the previous build of Settle3D.

Version 2.011 - July 18 2011

  1. Fixed scaling bug which caused loads to display in the 3D view incorrectly compared to embankments.
  2. Added secondary consolidation type and associated properties in soil properties table tool.
  3. If you add a load and then go to Empirical and select any method. However mouse over a load. When you hover over an edge, the cursor turns from box to arrow and the program may crash. Fixed.
  4. Support for multiple monitors.
  5. Fixed a bug in the hydroconsolidation properties dialog which allowed you to enter information for materials that were not ‘Non-Linear” materials, even though hydoconsolidation settlement was only calculated for materials that used the ‘Non-Linear’ method.

Version 2.010 - November 25 2010

  1. Under rare circumstances Settle3D will fail to open a s3z file and will pop up a message: System Error Code 131 “An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file”.
  2. Reading files with hydroconsolidation regions would cause problems when opening and closing the project settings dialog. Fixed.
  3. Secondary consolidation for any material would be calculated if any material in the whole model had primary consolidation turned on. Now, a material will only undergo secondary consolidation if primary consolidation is turned on for that material.

Version 2.009 - August 5 2010

  1. Time query had a bug for multi-staged embankment. Fixed.
  2. A rare bug with the Boussinesiq stress calculation for rigid loads was fixed.
  3. Ch was being written incorrectly in the Infoviewer.
  4. Fixed bug in Mesri secondary consolidation for models with very fast primary consolidation.
  5. Increased tolerance when calculating if an element is normally consolidated in secondary consolidation calculations.
  6. All strains now limited to 100%.
  7. Fixed bug in secondary consolidation calculations when water table is at the surface and loads are applied at time > 0.
  8. Made change to prevent calculation of secondary consolidation when there is no primary.

Version 2.008 - March 29 2010

  1. Fixed bug in embankment load calculations for Westergaard stress method.
  2. Exporting consolidation time data to Excel, the program gave incorrect results when units were in inches.
  3. A rare bug with the calculation of embankment stresses was fixed.
  4. Fixed units in plotting of coefficient of consolidation and permeability.
  5. Fixed small bug in calculation of pore pressures above the water table.
  6. Sets secondary consolidation to 0 if there is no primary consolidation.

Version 2.007 - February 01 2010

  1. Fixed bug in calculation of effective spacing for wick drains.
  2. New Help System.

Version 2.006 - November 30 2009

  • Fixed bug that caused secondary consolidation parameters for overconsolidated material to be used when material was normally consolidated.
  • Added option in project settings to enable resetting of time for secondary consolidation calculations when loads change.
  • Added more point marker styles for charts.
  • Fixed vertical axis order when plotting point query or line query in Excel.
  • Fixed the horizontal / vertical axis swapping in Excel.

Version 2.005 - September 29 2009

  1. Westergaard with non-uniform loads didn’t work. Fixed.
  2. Rigid loads with 3 vertices didn’t work. Fixed.
  3. Fixed file reading problem that prevented some users from opening files with excavation loads.
  4. Grid lines can now be added to graphs.
  5. Fixed the pore pressure caclulation for excavations below the water table.
  6. Rigid loads no longer assume the soil column goes to negative infinity. This was done through the introduction of an extremely stiff layer at the bottom of the soil column. This prevents deformation below the bottom of the soil column.

Version 2.004 - September 17 2009

  • Fixed bug with rigid settlement calculations.
  • Fixed bug in embankment load calculations.
  • Introduced "Westergaard Solution" as new stress calculation method.
  • New option is added to average the elastic material properties for Westergaard and rigid load calculations.
  • Fixed both the hydroconsolidation and wick drain entities so that you can move and delete vertices , and edit coordinates as well.
  • Hydroconsolidation info is now in the Infoviewer.
  • The consolidation settlement due to saturation was being double counted for hydroconsolidation regions that overlapped. Fixed.

Version 2.003 - July 7 2009

  1. Under rare circumstances the clipboard would be corrupted. Fixed.
  2. Excel charting of multiple datasets would sometimes not work with Excel 2007.
  3. If a query point was very close to the boundary for non-uniform loads, results would be inaccurate.
  4. Stress calculation was updated/improved.
  5. Edit coordinates now properly orients the boundary counter-clockwise. If the coordinates were enterd clockwise, bad results would occur.
  6. 2:1 stress computation was improved.
  7. Multiple loads or excavations over a query, with different depths, would not discretize the query at the load depth. Fixed.
  8. If the stage name was greater than 31 characters, a warning would be generated when the data was exported to Excel. Fixed.
  9. Program would crash after canceling the excavation dialog then attempting to export query data to Excel or the clipboard. Fixed.
  10. When material type as 'Janbu' was selected, and primary consolidation is turned off, access to the 'mr' value text box still existed. Fixed.
  11. Saturated unit weights can now be used for hydroconsolidation regions.
  12. Security system update to allow for educational updates and improve commercial network version.

Version 2.002 - May 4 2009

  • Fixed bug with 2:1 stress calculation for polygonal loads.
  • Fixed bug with rigid footing settlement.
  • Improved accuracy of results for multiple material analysis.

Version 1.013 - November 30 2009

  1. Fixed bug in embankment load calculations.

Version 1.012 - May 4 2009

  1. Fixed bug with 2:1 stress calculation for polygonal loads.
  2. Fixed bug in calculation of secondary consolidation for loads that are added after time = 0.

Version 1.011 - February 2 2009

  1. Average unit weight calculation for end loads was not being done correctly. Fixed.
  2. Fixed bug in stress calculation for ramp-shaped embankments.

Version 1.010

  1. Using mean stress with 2:1 is now disabled. It didn't work.
  2. Fixed bug for calculation of degree of consolidation outside of loads when settlement cutoff is turned on.
  3. Embankment designer would crash for zero height layers with 90 degree end angles.

Version 1.009

  1. Fixed bug in buoyancy calculations for non-embankment loads.
  2. Removed error message when image tool cannot be loaded because a linked image file is missing. In some cases it caused program to crash. Instead image tools with missing files are just silently removed.
  3. Accuracy of queries and grids for materials that do not have consolidation turned on has been improved. Discretization of the strings is now the same for consolidating and non-consolidating materials.
  4. Fixed a menu drawing bug.

Version 1.008

  1. A problem with writing to external networked drives when the path had a dot in it has been fixed.
  2. In rare circumstances, a load would be applied outside it's boundary. Fixed.
  3. Added a message to report an error when an image cannot be exported or copied to clipboard.
  4. Fixed a bug with saving Settle3D files in compressed format (s3z) for users logged on with domain accounts.
  5. Fixed file reading problem that prevented some users from opening files.

Version 1.007

  1. In previous versions, applying a load to a material experiencing secondary consolidation would stop the secondary consolidation in the previous stage. This was a bug. The secondary consolidation now correctly stops when the load is applied.
  2. Added error checks when importing load geometry from DXF.
  3. The plain text copy of InfoViewer’s contents now does not have bullets and indentation so it can be easily imported in Excel or Word.
  4. The grid control associated with the "Project Settings--Groundwater-Groundwater Analysis - Depth varies with stage" option is improved to better handle long stage names.
  5. Improved graphics speed of 3D view for large models.
  6. Unit testing was added to improve reliability of future releases.

Version 1.006

  1. Fixed bug that was preventing secondary consolidation in some loading/unloading scenarios.
  2. The mean stress had a bug for materials with Poisson's ratio not equal to 0.2. Fixed.
  3. Separated buoyancy correction and compaction correction into two separate options.
  4. Created cutoff option. If the option is turned on, displacement is not observed when stress is below some user-specified threshold.
  5. Enabled stress/void ratio dependent permeability (for non-linear material only).
  6. Water table can now be specified above the ground surface.
  7. Improved scaling and resizing for Image tool. It can now be resized by dragging the edges or corners.
  8. Fixed bug in stress calculation for some embankments geometries
  9. Infoviewer fixes for updated soil property dialog.
  10. Updated technical support dialog.
  11. Updated help.

Version 1.005

  1. There was a bug with the calculation of embankment load for cases where some embankment coordinates are negative. Fixed.
  2. Changed string discretization so that there is always a point on the water table.
  3. Disallow excess pore pressures above the water table by default. An option was added to permit excess pore pressures above the water table if the user wishes.

Version 1.004

  1. A new option to account for buoyancy of materials that settle below the water table has been added. The option is turned on in the Advanced Analysis Settings dialog in the Project Settings.
  2. There was a bug for mean stress calculation for non-uniform loading. Fixed.
  3. Improved discretization of point line and grid queries. This will improve accuracy.

Version 1.003

  1. For Degree of Consolidation data type legend is now consistent with the rest and displays MAX values instead of MIN values.
  2. Auto Range for degree of consolidation is always 0 to 100% regardless of data.
  3. If you have multiple point queries or line queries, and then you delete query(s), and then export, it exports data for the deleted queries, as well as existing queries. Fixed.
  4. Autocompute has been improved. You can now specify not to autocompute when adding queries/grids. You can also save the default autocompute settings. A new autocompute settings dialog hass been added.
  5. You can now save the default grid number of points and expansion factor. This is done through a new defaults button in the grid properties dialog.
  6. Fixed the problem with Settle “Copy screen” function. Now OpenGL is drawn the same as on screen.
  7. The infoviewer now writes the correct time units for certain parameters.

Version 1.002

  1. Improved accuracy of pore pressure calculation for models that contain layers with no primary consolidation.
  2. Fixed bug in plotting of total strain .
  3. Program crashed if you switch to 2:1 stress analysis method for embankment with end face loadings. Fixed.
  4. There was a bug for stress calculation in end face embankment loadings. Fixed.
  5. Loading under embankment load for depth beyond 100 had a bug. Fixed.
  6. A new query point 3D drawing mode was added to the display options.
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