Licensing FAQ

License Options FAQ's

With both of these Flexible licenses, the software can be installe on any number of client machines. The users access the license file on the server, but the software runs on the client computer.

A Flexible Perpetual license is purchased outright. The server product key will expire after one year, at which point a new product key is sent by our office.

The Flexible Lease license is an annual subscription. In order to have continued access to the program, the subscription must be renewed each year.
No. With the Flexible Perpetual license, you need to choose between the server-based license OR the hardlock. If you decide to go with a hardlock, instead of a server-based license, there is an additional hardlock fee of $200 USD.
Technical support is included with the purchase of any license of the following programs, since they are not yet part of our Maintenance program:
  • Examine3D v4.0
  • RocTopple v1.0
For all other programs, technical support is included with the Lease licenses only. In order to receive technical support for Perpetual licenses, you must be subscribed to Maintenance.

RocWiper / Hardlock Cancellation FAQ's

After cancelling your hardlock, you will receive a flexible perpetual server-based license.
No. Our Lease and Perpetual licenses are two separate entities. You can only cancel your hardlock (perpetual license) for a server-based perpetual license.
The cost structure for hardlock cancellation is as follows:
  • 1 to 3 dongles - $250 USD
  • 4 to 7 dongles - $500
  • 8+ dongles - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note that this pricing is per order, and does not include any costs associated with upgrading to the current versions of each program.
A server-based license will be provided for the currently distributed version of each program only. You will lose access to the previous versions of the program.

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