RocFall3 Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 1.005 - September 14 2022 [Download]

  1. FIXED Disabled Vegetation Tab in RB Material Properties Dialog
  2. FIXED Crashing issue with computers without OpenGL support
  3. FIXED Broken link in the Software Update dialog

Version 1.004 - June 7 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Export All Results option added in main menu
  2. NEW Button to export Rock Path Info data to a CSV file
  3. NEW Added option for 'imprinting slope' when adding line/plane seeder
  4. FIXED Assign Texture doesn't work with imported Slide3 surface geometry
  5. FIXED Vanishing Slope after Clearing/Resetting Slope
  6. FIXED Slope Geometry is Translated When Cleared
  7. FIXED Adding seeders/barriers to volumes caused double lines to appear
  8. FIXED RF3 to RF2 Section Export Bugs
  9. FIXED Fix for crash when trying to view results in a file with all 'error' paths
  10. FIXED Fix for plane seeders with EdgeModel error and compute terminating early

Version 1.003 - May 3 2022 [Download]

  1. CHANGED 'Edit Texture' option added for selected nodes
  2. CHANGED Show error message when all paths return errors
  3. FIXED Fix for crash when trying to view results in a file with all 'error' paths
  4. FIXED Compute could get stuck in an infinite loop in rare instances
  5. FIXED Issue with no barrier properties being present when importing Rocfall2 files with no barriers defined
  6. FIXED Filter selection issues
  7. FIXED Removed 'End Reason Developer' result type (not intended for users)
  8. FIXED Transparency slider showing for entities that don't do transparency
  9. FIXED Default for topographic lines Colors changed to 'True'
  10. FIXED Improper units when importing from some Slide3/RS3 files (display issue)
  11. FIXED Crash when clicking certain reference links in the barrier manufacturer library
  12. FIXED 'Save as' with results properly keeps results loaded
  13. FIXED Only try to extract 'top surface' when an imported RS3/Slide3 model has an external defined
  14. FIXED Slope partitioning removed from project settings dialog (always 3D Grid)

Version 1.002 - April 19 2022 [Download]

  1. Commercial Release

Version 1.001 - March 31 2022

  1. Beta Release
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