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September 2019

Support for Hybrid Block-Flexural Toppling Model

This new release introduces support for a Hybrid Block-Flexural Toppling model based on the limit equilibrium method presented by Amini, Majdi, and Veshadi in 2012. Block-flexure is the most common type of toppling failure in rock slopes, which occurs when some rock blocks fail due to tensile bending stresses and some overturn under their own weight.

3D view of Hybrid Block-Flexural Toppling model in RocTopple Toppling View

The addition of the new model allows the factor of safety to be calculated for a slope with the potential to fail under both block and flexural toppling. This has the effect of widening RocTopple’s range of applications for analyzing toppling failure of rock slopes.

As part of the new feature, user controls have been added to where the normal force from the failing block above is applied for more flexibility. Users can now enter different ratios for cases when the above block is sliding, shearing, or undergoing flexural bending.

Point of Force Application entry in RocTopple
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