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Published on: Aug 01, 2021 Updated on: Jul 19, 2022 less than 1 minute read

RocSupport is a dynamic analysis tool designed to help you estimate support requirements of tunnels in weak rock. RocSupport can be used for both mining and and tunneling projects.

Stay up to date with the latest features and integrations that you can incorporate into your geotechnical projects.

December 2019

Large-Strain Generalized Hoek-Brown Solution Method

The latest in RocSupport is the addition of the Large-Strain Generalized Hoek-Brown Solution Method.

The new RocSupport features a new solution method by Vrakas (2016). This new method provides a rigorous closed-form solution for cases with large-strain, non-linear Generalized Hoek-Brown criterion with dilation. The method is suitable for modelling tunnels where very large deformations are observed or expected.

Large-strain Generalized Hoek-Brown solution method in RocSupport

For more information on the method, see the paper published by Apostolos Vrakas in 2016, A finite strain closed-form solution for the elastoplastic ground response curve in tunneling.

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