How the RocPortal Simplifies License Management for IT Departments

Published on: Oct 20, 2023 Updated on: Oct 26, 2023 4 minutes read
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The RocPortal was developed to streamline the management of cloud-hosted licenses and will be accessible through our website on November 15th.

Hosting licenses on the cloud provides several advantages over existing server-based licenses, especially when it comes to the time and resources of your IT team. There are several licensing challenges that can be simplified or in some cases, completely eliminated by having cloud-hosted licenses through the RocPortal.

We asked our IT & Licensing Specialist what the major technical support questions are that the RocPortal can solve and what additional benefits IT departments can take advantage of.

For the companies considering cloud-hosted licensing, this article is for you.

1. No need for Annual Product Keys

The RocPortal eliminates the need for annual license activation using renewal product keys. Previously, and is the case with existing perpetual licenses, each year you would need to update each product key one at a time. Plus, IT departments will no longer need to deal with the complexities of online or offline activation, which can be particularly challenging for organizations with strict security measures.

2. License Migration is Simpler

Because of cloud-hosted licenses, you don’t need to worry about machine upgrades, failures, swapping, or repairs impacting access to the software. You also won't have to worry about accidentally deleting the licenses or losing access during these processes.

Companies performing annual server upgrades will particularly benefit, as there's no need for cumbersome cancellation and confirmation files, saving time and minimizing any disruptions.

3. License Upgrades and Maintenance Renewals

RocPortal simplifies the process by eliminating the need for v2c upgrades, making it easier for IT to keep their software up to date.

4. Say Goodbye to Cloning Errors

Cloning errors are common, particularly on virtual machines due to Sentinel's protection scheme, which can happen when a virtual machine switches from one host to another. With the RocPortal, your licenses will be hosted on our licensing server, ensuring your licenses remain intact during internal virtual machine transitions.

5. Server Activation Tool Management

No more juggling server activation tools and dealing with licensing runtime issues. RocPortal takes the complexity out of managing these components, giving IT teams more time to focus on critical tasks.

6. Network Compatibility

You’ll face less issues dealing with timeout and firewalls between different subnets and offices. RocPortal simplifies your network configuration, reducing concerns about port management during network setup.

7. User License Assignment

RocPortal facilitates the detachment and assignment of users to licenses for offline use without the need for .h2r or r2h files.

8. License Usage Tracking (Coming in 2024)

In the future, the RocPortal will have the ability for you to track license usage. This feature will be invaluable, allowing you to make informed decisions on your license usage and planning for license renewals.

The Future of Licensing

The RocPortal represents a significant leap forward in software licensing management. With its approach to addressing the complexities traditionally faced by IT personnel, it provides a more efficient method for software licensing administration by providing the users with more visibility, and control over their licenses.

How to benefit from Cloud-Hosted Licensing?

After the RocPortal launches November 15th, when you purchase new lease licenses or renew your existing lease licenses, these licenses will automatically transition to cloud-hosted licenses and have access to manage them through the RocPortal. Should you have lease licenses renewing after November 15th, we will be reaching out to you in advance with additional information and support to ensure that your company successfully transitions to cloud-based licensing without facing any disruptions to your software access. As always, our team will be here to support you through the entire process.

For organizations that require server-based licensing, you can reach out to your sales representative or contact us prior to your renewal.

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