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Technical Specifications


  • Define/Edit opening section
  • Import/Export .dxf fi les
  • Axis trend/plunge
  • Analyze tunnels, caverns, shafts, and intersections


  • Orientation (dip/dip direction)
  • Import from Dips
  • Stereonet view
  • Multiple joint combinations
  • Joint combination analyzer
  • Shear strength (Mohr-Coulomb, Barton-Bandis, Power Curve)
  • Waviness
  • Joint structure continuity
  • Water pressure


  • Seismic loading
  • Field stress
  • Pressure
  • Bolt force
  • Water pressure

Probabilistic Analysis

  • Statistical distributions—normal, uniform, triangular, beta, exponential, lognormal, gamma
  • Fisher distribution for joint orientations
  • Histogram, cumulative, and scatter plots
  • Import joint set statistics from Dips
  • Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube simulation
  • Random or pseduo-random sampling
  • Highlight failed wedges on plots
  • View all results from multiple joint combinations of three different joints at once

Stress Analysis

  • Constant field stress
  • Gravity field stress
  • Advanced analysis options
  • View stress contours


  • 2D design views
  • Pattern bolting, shotcrete, pressure, and spot bolting
  • Bolt models – Anchored, Grouted Dowel, Cables, Swellex, Split Sets, and user-defined
  • Bolt orientation efficiency
  • Interactive editing
  • Bolt force diagrams

Tunnel Axis Plots

  • Optimize axis orientation
  • Vary trend and/or plunge
  • Contour plots or 3D charts
  • 2D charts with secondary data
  • User-defined data

Viewing Options

  • 3D wedge view (orthogonal and perspective views)
  • Multi-perspective view
  • End-wedge view
  • Probability view
  • Wedge visibility
  • Move wedges
  • Easily rotate, zoom, and pan
  • Animation
  • Display options


  • Tetrahedral or prismatic wedges using Goodman/Shi block theory
  • Perimeter wedges
  • End wedges
  • Failure modes—falling, sliding, lifting, stable
  • Scale wedge size
  • Ground surface wedge truncation
  • Failure mode filter
  • Minimum wedge size filter
  • EC7 design standards
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